Descendants of Daniel Gallichan (1620)

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Descendants of Daniel Gallichan


Gallichan of St Martin

This tree was created by Guy Dixon in 2022. There were two or three Gallichan families living in St Martin at about this time. This is a study of one of them

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  • 1 Daniel Gallichan (1620-1690) (Tr) m (1645, Tr) Sara Gruchy (Tr)
    • 2 Thomas Gallichan (1648-1725) (Tr > St Mt) [1] m (1670, St Mt) Anne Nicolle d of Pierre (St Mt)
      • 3 Thomas Gallichan (1672-1696) (St Mt) [2] m (12/1695, St Mt) Jeanne Coutanche daughter of Renault (Tr)
        • 4 Thomas Gallichan (1696- ) (St Mt) [3]
      • 3 Pierre Gallichan (1678-1690) (St Mt)
      • 3 Marie Gallichan (1681- ) m (1708, St Mt) Elie Le Maistre (St Mt) [4]
      • 3 Marguerite Gallichan (1683- ) (St Mt)
      • 3 Anne Gallichan (1683- ) (St Mt) m (1707, Gr) [5] Josue Le Quesne (St J)
      • 3 Jean Gallichan (1696- ) (St Mt) m (1720, Gr) Sara de Rue (Gr)
        • 4 Thomas Gallichan (1721-1757) (St Mt) [6] m (1744, Gr) Francoise Gaudin ( -1799) (St Mt)
          • 5 Anne Gallichan (1745- ) (St Mt)
          • 5 Thomas Gallichan (1748-1796) (St Mt) [7] m (1779, St S) Marie Pellier (Tr)
            • 6 Marie Gallichan (1780-1839) (St Mt) m (1800, St Mt) Philippe Godfray (1774-1843) (St Mt) [8]
            • 6 Thomas Gallichan (1782-1824) (St Mt)
            • 6 William Charles Gallichan (1785-1836) (St Mt) [9] m (1808, St C) Elizabeth Godfray (1792-1846) (St C) daughter of Helier and Elizabeth Labey (St C)
              • 7 Elizabeth Gallichan (1809-1834) (St Mt)
              • 7 William Gallichan (1811-1812) (St Mt)
              • 7 William Gallichan (1812-1821) (St Mt)
              • 7 Thomas Godfray Gallichan ( -1833) (St Mt)
              • 7 William Charles Gallichan (1823-1826) (St Mt)
              • 7 Charles Henry Gallichan (1828-1857) (St Mt) [10]
            • 6 Elizabeth Gallichan (1792-1846) (St Mt) m (1816, St Mt) Edouard Collas (St Mt) [11]
            • 6 Anne Gallichan (1795-1880) (St Mt) unmarried [12]
          • 5 Sara Gallichan (1751- ) (Mt) m (1782, St S) Edouard Le Maistre (St S)
          • 5 Marie Gallichan (1754-1803) (St Mt)
        • 4 Sara Gallichan (1722- ) (St Mt) [13] m (1741, St Mt) Philippe Aubin (St Mt)
        • 4 Jean Gallichan (1725- ) (St Mt) [14]
    • 2 Jean Gallichan (1650- ) (Tr)
    • 2 Vincent Gallichan (1653- ) (Tr) [15]
    • 2 Francois Gallichan (1657- ) (Tr)

Notes and references

  1. Described on marriage as “son of Daniel, of the parish of Trinity.” Mr Thomas Gallichan was in 1709 and 1710 one of the principal inhabitants of St Martin, whose signature can be seen, with others of the parish assembly, at the foot of two resolutions, reproduced within the back cover of Blackstone & Le Quesne (ed.), St Martin, Jersey, The Story of an Island Parish, (Chichester, Phillimore & Co., 1999). He was buried in 1725, in St Martin
  2. Described, on burial, as “He [his death] was regretted by all his relatives and friends.” On marriage, he was called “Thomas Gallichan, fils Thomas, of St Martin”
  3. Godparents: Me Thomas Gallichan snr and Rachel Machon
  4. Seigneur of Quetivel. They had issue three sons: Thomas (1710), whose godparents were “Mr Thomas Gallichan and Mse Anne Nicolle his wife, the child`s grandfather and grandmother; Abraham (1712) and Francois (1715). The latter was missed in J.B. Payne (ed.) An Armorial of Jersey, 225
  5. They married in Grouville, the wedding being also recorded that day in St Martin
  6. Thomas' godparents were Mr Thomas Gallichan, grandfather, and Mse Marie Gallichan, wife of Mons. Elie Le Maistre
  7. Lieutenant-Colonel in the Militia; Denonciateur of the Royal Court, 1782-1791; Deputy-Viscount, 1791-1796. The Revd. J.A. Messervy, in his supplementary list of Vicomtes [Viscounts, being Sheriffs] of Jersey, in ABSJ, VII, 51, mentions that Thomas Gallichan was Deputy-Viscount of Jersey, 1791-1796, the year of his death. He had been, he wrote, “in 1781, Captain of a company of the Regiment du Nord, and was, in 1794, Lieutenant-Colonel of this Regiment”. He will therefore have been serving at the time of the Battle of Jersey (1781). The following year, on 20th October 1782, he was one of two candidates for the office of Constable [Mayor] of St Martin. He had gained a majority of votes, but his opponent, Philippe Collas, who was incidentally his next door neighbour and had previously served six years as Constable, claimed that there had been electoral irregularities, and appealed against the result. Gallichan counter-claimed. On 10 December, the Royal Court ruled in Gallichan`s favour. However, Collas appealed then to the Privy Council! For two years, the parish was thus without a constable, from October 1782 until 27th August 1784. The Council finally decided in favour of Collas. It should be noted that elections at this period in time were based upon party politics, and not upon personalities: ABSJ, VI, 144-5. He was a Churchwarden of St Martin. From his tenure of the office of Denonciateur of the Royal Court, he will probably have been a Solicitor
  8. Of Anneville; Constable of St Martin, 1811-1814; 1825-1834
  9. Lieutenant in the Militia (1806-1815). He then trained for the ministry, being ordained in the Anglican Church in about 1818: Vicar of St Martin; Chaplain of the Jersey General Hospital, 1830-1836. He was named after his godfather, William Charles Lempriere, Seigneur of Rosel
  10. Charles Gallichan`s property, on the corner opposite the Collas`s Maison de St Martin, facing St Martin`s Church, bears his surname and initial, “C. Gallichan” on Hugh Godfray`s Map of Jersey, (1849). The land accompanying this substantial property was, in 1871, 40 vergées. Charles, however, in common with most of his family, was evidently dogged by ill-health (tuberculosis?). He, his mother and spinster aunt, Anne Gallichan, were thus living away from their property in Summerland Place, St Helier, in 1841: St Helier census. He established Philip Godfray his procureur in 1848, when of an age to do so: Procurations 32/183. His house and land was then sold to George Sohier of St Martin in 1855: L/C/112/B12/18, at the Jersey Archive. He died in 1857
  11. Merchant and shipowner
  12. Her Will , proved in 1880, is at the Jersey Archive. Her godparents had been her father and Mse Francoise Gaudin, his mother
  13. Christened as Sara, “daughter of Mr Jean Gallichan, fils Thomas, and Sara de Rue, his wife.” Her godparents were Philippe de Rue and his sister, Susanne de Rue
  14. Godparents were Mr Josue Le Quesne of St John and Mse Anne Gallichan, his wife
  15. Perrin Gallichan was his godfather. The Christian name Vincent was used, at this time, by the Gruchy family. Vincent`s brother Jean, had as godparents Francois Gruchy and his sister, Jeanne
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