Descendants of Etienne La Cloche

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Descendants of Etienne La Cloche


This tree was added to the site in 2012, enlarged in 2014 and reviewed in 2019. Unless stated otherwise, the reviewed and updated tree is based upon that shown for La Cloche in The Armorial of Jersey. This latter work, however, contained few dates but many of these have been added in 2021 and 2022 reviews. Early dates are, as with those of other trees, should be treated as approximate

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  • 1 Etienne La Cloche (liv 1320) - from whom descends
    • 2 Etienne La Cloche (1440-by 1528) [1] (St H) m Jeanne de Lecq
      • 3 Thomas (Thomelin) La Cloche (1465-1552) m Mabel Falle ( -1554) daughter of Laurens (St S) [2]
        • 4 Etienne La Cloche (1488- ) m Unknown daughter of Jean de Ste Croix [3]
        • 4 Thomas La Cloche (1490- ) m Jeanette unknown
          • 5 Etienne La Cloche (1520- ) m Blanche Le Bastard, daughter of Clement [4]
            • 6 Edouard La Cloche (1550- ) living 1607 [5] m 1 Jeanne Le Geyt (dit Le Maillier), daughter of Noé; 2 Elizabeth Le Gallais, [6] daughter of Matthieu (St H)
              • 7 Thomas La Cloche (1585-1649) unmarried
              • 7 Etienne La Cloche (1590- ) Rector of St Ouen 1621-48 m Ester de la Planche
                • 8 Jean La Cloche (1625-1700) [7] m (1656) Margaret de Carteret, daughter of the Seigneur of Trinity
                  • 9 Jean La Cloche (1657-1730) [8] m (1696) Maria Classina, daughter of Admiral Van Gangelt, of the Dutch Navy
                    • 10 Jean La Cloche, living 1735
                    • 10 Matthieu Jean La Cloche (1698-1775) [9] m (1734) Debora Le Breton (1712- ), daughter of Jean (St H) but christened (Tr) and Francoise Dumaresq
                      • 11 Jeanne La Cloche (1735- )
                      • 11 Debora La Cloche (1736-by 1739) [10]
                      • 11 Jean La Cloche (1737-by 1740)
                      • 11 Debora La Cloche (1739- )
                      • 11 Jean La Cloche (1740-1811) [11] m (1766, St Mt) Esther Patriarche daughter and co-h of David, Jurat
                        • 12 Jean La Cloche (1768- ) living, aged 92 [12]
                        • 12 George La Cloche (1770?- ) [13] m Marie Le Montais
                          • 13 Marie La Cloche (1825-1854)
                        • 12 Philip La Cloche (1772-1824) [14] m Esther Noel
                          • 13 Philip La Cloche (1797-1847) [15] m (1830, St H) Jane Laugée daughter of Edward (St H)
                            • 14 John La Cloche (1831-1891) [16] m (1859, St H) Jane Le Cronier (1831-1919) daughter of John
                              • 15 Elvina Jane La Cloche (1860-1894)
                              • 15 Louisa Maria Esther La Cloche (1862-1954)
                              • 15 Matilda Anne La Cloche (1864-1937)
                              • 15 John Philip La Cloche (1866-1924) [17] m (1903, St H) Emily Reynel, daughter of Louis
                                • 16 Ivy Clementine La Cloche (1905- ) m (1929, St H) Charles Sharman Laurens [18]
                                • 16 Beryl Louise La Cloche (1908- )
                              • 15 Florence La Cloche (1871-1927)
                              • 15 Clara Rosa La Cloche ( -1894) died aged 25
                              • 15 George Francis La Cloche (1873-1941) [19] m (1896, St S) Bertha Annie Beck (1874- ), daughter of Harry [20]
                                • 16 de Beauvoir La Cloche (1897- ) [21] m (1920, St S) Kathleen Sinclair
                                  • 17 Collette La Cloche (1922- ) m Arthur Riches
                                • 16 Bevis La Cloche (1901-1946) OV m Alice Heytman
                                  • 17 Hugh La Cloche (1926- ) m 1 Joan Clift; 2 Patricia Black
                              • 15 Charles Edward La Cloche (1875-1968) [22] m (1900, St Lk) Clara May Gruchy, daughter of Peter
                                • 16 Frederick M La Cloche m Adeline Foreman
                                • 16 Eric La Cloche (1909-1925)
                                • 16 Prudence La Cloche (1913- )
                                • 16 Darell La Cloche (1914- )
                            • 14 Thomas de Beauvoir La Cloche ( -1849)
                            • 14 Matilda Jane La Cloche ( -1856) m John Francis de Carteret [23]
                          • 13 Esther Jeanne La Cloche (1802- )
                          • 13 Jane La Cloche (1808- ) [24]
                          • 13 Julia Maria La Cloche (1812-1857)
                          • 13 Harriet Elizabeth La Cloche (1819-1865) m (1845, St S) George Snell, [25] son of John [26]
                        • 12 Thomas La Cloche, M.D. (1774?-1864) [27] m Margaret Le Breton ( -1857, Lond.)
                          • 13 Thomas La Cloche (1795-1871) [28] m (1815, St H) Elizabeth Sinel (1794-1878), daughter of Jean
                            • 14 Thomas Philippe La Cloche (1816-1877) [29] m (1855, St Dunstan-in-the West) Henrietta Jane de la Taste, daughter of Frederick
                              • 15 John La Cloche (1856-1856)
                              • 15 John Frederick La Cloche (1860-1867)
                            • 14 Eliza Jane La Cloche (1818- ) m (1841, St H) Henry Strong, [30] son of Robert, LLB. [31]
                        • 12 Esther La Cloche m Hugh de Carteret
                      • 11 Matthieu La Cloche (1742-1830) [32] m (1773, Tr) Jeanne Dumaresq (1752- ), daughter and co-h of George
                        • 12 Jeanne La Cloche m Edouard Ricard [33]
                        • 12 Elizabeth La Cloche m Edward Thompson Dickson, Surgeon
                        • 12 Ten children, died in their minority
                    • 10 Jeanne La Cloche m 1 Abraham Richardson (1701- ), Jurat (no issue); 2 Jean Dumaresq
                    • 10 Marthe La Cloche m E. Bishop [34]
                    • 10 Charles La Cloche (1705- ) (St H)
                  • 9 Edouard La Cloche (1660-1715) [35]
                  • 9 Amice La Cloche [36] m Unknown
                    • 10 Francis La Cloche, who settled in England, assuming the surname Bell
                    • 10 Another child
                  • 9 Marguerite La Cloche m 1 Hugh Lemprière; 2 Pierre Marett of La Haule [37]</ref> 3 Anthony Bishop, of England [38]
                  • 9 Jeanne de Carteret La Cloche m Lieut-General Peter Durand of East Barnet
                  • 9 Elizabeth La Cloche, died in England
                • 8 Louis La Cloche
                • 8 Douce La Cloche m (1641) Jacques Guillaume
                • 8 Jeanne La Cloche m Philippe Le Geyt
                • 8 Rachel La Cloche (1628- ) m Helier de Carteret (St S)
                • 8 Esther La Cloche (1620- )
              • 7 Ann La Cloche (1596- ) (St H) m Philippe Aubin
              • 7 Marie La Cloche m Jean Chevalier (1589-1675), Chronicler [39]
              • 7 Marthe La Cloche (1599- ) (St H) m Jean Le Goupil
              • 7 Jeanne La Cloche m 1, Philippe Lempriere; 2, Nicolas du Pont
              • 7 Edouard La Cloche (1603- ) (St H)
            • 6 Benjamin La Cloche (1552?- ) [40] m Collette Nicolle, daughter of Jean, Seigneur de Longueville [41]
              • 7 Benjamin La Cloche (1580?- ) Seigneur de Longueville [42] m 1 Jeanne Dumaresq, daughter of Helier, of La Haule
                • 8 Jeanne La Cloche m Richard Dumaresq
              • by the 2nd wife of Benjamin La Cloche m Rachel de Carteret, elder daughter of Sir Philip
                • 8 Carteret La Cloche [43] m Ann Poulett, daughter and h of Sir John [44]
                  • 9 George La Cloche (1649- )[45] m (1669, St O) Jeanne de Carteret, daughter of Philippe, Seigneur de Vinchelez de Haut
                    • 10 George La Cloche (1670-1712) (St S)[46] m Jane Le Couteur (no issue)
                    • 10 Philippe La Cloche (1672- ) (St S)
                    • 10 Benjamin La Cloche (1674-1703) [47]
                    • 10 Amice La Cloche (1689-1725)[48] m Anne Seale, daughter of the Seigneur of Samares, Pierre, and Marie, nee de Carteret
                      • 11 George La Cloche (1707-1713) (St S)
                      • 11 Anne La Cloche (1709- ) (St S) [49] m (1727) Jean Durell, Advocate-General
                        • 12 Jean Thomas Durell [50] unmarried
                        • 12 Marie Durell, Dame de Longueville m George Burrard [51]
                    • 10 Jeanne La Cloche (1676-1680)
                  • 9 Charles La Cloche
                  • 9 Anne de Carteret La Cloche m Jacques Guillaume [52]
                • 8 Rachel La Cloche m Helier de Carteret, Seigneur of La Hougue
                • 8 Jeanne La Cloche m Philippe Falle (St S)
                • 8 Collette La Cloche m Maximilian Messervy, Jurat
              • 7 Rachel La Cloche
              • 7 Jeanne La Cloche m 1 Jean Dumaresq; 2 Thomas Durell
            • 6 Jeanne La Cloche m Thomas Poingdestre (St S)
            • 6 Marie La Cloche m François Gruchy (Tr) [53]
            • 6 Catherine La Cloche m Edmond de Quetteville [54]
            • 6 Thomasse La Cloche m Jean Le Breton (Tr)
            • 6 Blanche La Cloche
          • 5 Daughter La Cloche (1523- ) m Edmond Le Gallais
          • 5 Jeanne La Cloche (1525- ) m Jean Nicolle
          • 5 Thomasse La Cloche (1527- ) m Edouard de Soullemont
          • 5 Clement La Cloche (1530- ) [55]
        • 4 Guillaume La Cloche (1492- ) m Catherine Unknown
          • 5 Collette La Cloche (1515- ) m William Gosselin, Jurat, 1541-
        • 4 Sebastien La Cloche (1495-1554) priest [56]
        • 4 Pierre La Cloche (1498- ) m Catherine de la Rocque
          • 5 Thomasse La Cloche m Pierre Faultrat

Notes and references

  1. Extente (1528), 26: "The heires of Stevyn laclosche [owing to the Crown] 12 quartiers 4 capons [for the] Mylle Malass" [Mélèches]. It is stated in The Armorial of Jersey, no doubt with accuracy, that the La Cloche family owned in the 16th century all the mills in Vallée des Vaux
  2. In the ABSJ 6, 80, the Rev J A Messervy, in his genealogy of the Falle family, corrects one of several errors in Payne's Armorial of Jersey, relating to the La Cloche genealogy. He describes Mabel Falle`s husband as "Thomelin", Thomelin being the diminutive of Thomas. He is described as "père d`Etienne", who is not in this generation, otherwise known. Messervy`s personal copy of the Armorial also features this amendment
  3. Cour d`Héritage, Volume 3 (1527)
  4. Blanche Le Bastard, Dame de La Rondiole
  5. Extente of Jersey (1607), 60: "Edward La Cloche, fils Etienne, fils Thomelin" [owing the Crown] the 12 quartiers owed in 1528 by the heirs of "Stevyn laclosche" for the Mill of Mélèches; a further entry, [ibid 66] mentions Edouard owing the Crown the four annual capons in discharge of Etienne La Cloche [1528]. He also owed a total of 8½ cabots "in right of his mother, the daughter of Clement Bastard". He was a Captain in the Militia and Centenier of St Helier, 1597 (ABSJ 8, 86)
  6. Wrongly stated in J.B. Payne, An Armorial of Jersey, 189, as being "of Surville"
  7. Jurat, 1665-1689. As Jean de La Cloche; Colonel in the Militia. Philip Stevens, in his article entitled Philip Dumaresq, Seigneur of Samarès in ABSJ Vol 31 Pt 1 (2013), 161, writes: "Charles de Carteret [who had married the Dame de La Trinité] had used his influence with Lanier [Governor of Jersey] to get [his wife`s uncle-by-marriage] one La Cloche a colonelcy in the militia. [Philip] Dumaresq could not think of a fitter person than La Cloche." However, Dumaresq`s English brother-in-law, William Trumbull, described this same Jean La Cloche "in 1677 as so obscure before becoming Jurat [in 1665], `having never had any businesse but att his Mill, which occupation he retaines still, though something to the scandal of his office`" La Cloche, who at about this time started calling himself de la Cloche, was a clergyman`s son and a close cousin of the Seigneur of Longueville. The Island`s historical and social economic structures have always been, and remain, a mystery to English visitors and settlers, alike
  8. Captain in the Army. Served with the Army in the Low Countries, where he met his future wife. He was stationed in 1696 at Maastricht. The portraits of Jean (John) and his wife, Maria, survive: see pictures, La Cloche Family page
  9. Matthieu La Cloche owned in 1746 the property called De La Rocque in the "paroisse", as opposed to "La Ville", of St Helier
  10. Godparents: Me Philippe Le Breton, fils Jean, fils Philippe, Oncle et Mse Anne Le Breton, sa soeur, Tante de l'enfant
  11. Rector of Trinity
  12. His was probably the portrait miniature sold by Bonham`s in 2009, showing a young soldier of the Royal Jersey Militia, called La Cloche, with powdered hair. Wigs had become unfashionable during the French Revolutionary Wars, being replaced by powdered hair. Jean would have been of the right age, being twenty-seven years old in 1795
  13. Captain RJM
  14. According to The Armorial of Jersey, Philip La Cloche had served in the Royal Navy, as a midshipman
  15. Clergyman
  16. John La Cloche, with thousands of other Islanders, was adversely affected by the Jersey Bank crashes of 1886
  17. OV; Sold 83 and 85, Colomberie, St Helier; of Mont à L`Abbé Inn
  18. Dental Surgeon
  19. OV. Lieutenant RJM until 1897. He served in the Great War as a Captain, South Lancashire Regiment. He lived in Hastings Road, St Helier
  20. Master Mariner
  21. Pilot, Merchant Service (1928-)
  22. OV. He served in the RAMC in the Great War
  23. John Francis de Carteret`s grave with memorial inscription is on the east side of the path through Green Street Cemetery, St Helier. The inscription gives the young officer`s regiment, the 24th Fusiliers
  24. Her portrait is shown on the La Cloche Family page
  25. Of Simon Place, St Helier, Baker, employing in 1851, six men. The couple had three sons and one surviving daughter, Harriet Julia Snell, wife of Jonathan Robert Ward, Proprietor. The elder son was Francis William Snell (1848- ), OV, Lieutenant-Colonel, Bombay Staff Corps and then of the Bombay Political Department (1895). He was then Administrator of Rajpipla and Porbandar States and Political Agent in Cutch. He retired to Kensington. The second son was George Snell, OV, LRCP (Edinburgh), MRCS and LSA (England), MD (Aberdeen), having attended Aberdeen University. He entered the Colonial Medical Service. The third son was the Revd. Frederick La Cloche Snell, OV, Vicar of Pawlett, near Bridgewater, Somerset
  26. Of Exeter
  27. Dr de La Cloche owned the senior branch of the family`s ancestral residence, De La Rocque, in Mont à L`Abbé, St Helier, in the country- "la paroisse". His nephew, the Rev Philip La Cloche, was the owner of the family`s "Town House" comprising numbers 83 and 85 Colomberie. This latter property became in the 20th century, the Ritz Hotel: St Helier Censuses, Almanacs, Directories and information from the late Advocate and Judicial Greffier, Philip Le Couteur
  28. Schoolmaster, living in 1841 in Beresford Street, St Helier, with his mother, Margaret Le Breton, wife Elizabeth, son Thomas, aged 20, and his daughter Eliza. With the family was his newly-wedded son-in-law, Henry Strong, a Barrister-at-Law: St Helier Census 1841. By the 1850s, Thomas had moved to London, with his mother (who died there) and family. He features in the 1861 Census as a Schoolmaster living in Southwark. He retired to Jersey, where he died
  29. Captain, RJMA. He was of De La Rocque House, Trinity Road, St Helier, being a Landowner and Farmer. He (aged 44), his wife Henrietta Jane, and their 7 month old son, John Frederick, were living there with his grandfather, the surgeon Thomas La Cloche, in 1861. Henrietta Jane was, however, described, as was Thomas Philippe, as a grandchild--no doubt the census enumerator baulked at "grand-daughter-in-law"!: St Helier Census. Three photographs of him survive: see La Cloche Family page
  30. Barrister-at-Law (Middle Temple) and formerly of Magdalen Hall, Oxford
  31. Rector of Brampton Abbots, Co. Hereford
  32. Constable of St Helier, 1779-1782; Captain RJM
  33. Captain, H.M. 73rd Regiment
  34. Captain, H.M. Service
  35. Advocate
  36. Captain, H.E.I.C.S.
  37. Pierre Marett`s marriage to Marguerite La Cloche is largely credited by Robert Hugh Kirk Marett in The Maretts of La Haule (published privately, 1982), 79, with the acceptance of Marett and his immediate family into Jersey society. Pierre inherited from his mother, Susanne Dumaresq, both the Franc Fief in St Brelade, of which he became Seigneur, and the La Haule estate. He was a Jurat from 1675. Marguerite La Cloche`s brass-studded linen chest, called in Jersey a `baheur`, survives in the Marett family. It bears the date 1680 and her initials MDLC: ibid, citing ABSJ (1934), 319
  38. Robert Marett, ibid, 81 and accompanying genealogy, also clarifies the names of Marguerite`s first and third husbands, which corrects these details, as given in The Armorial of Jersey
  39. Author of Journal de Jean Chevalier, published by the Société Jersiaise, being a first-hand account of the Civil War period in Jersey
  40. Benjamin La Cloche was Constable of St Saviour, 1587-1591. In 1600, he became Seigneur of the Fief ès Debenaires. The placement of Benjamin, as given in The Armorial of Jersey, 189, is an error, as discovered by the genealogist Messervy and historian George Balleine: A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey, Staples Press (1948), 341
  41. Heiress of her brother, Hostes Nicolle, Bailiff of Jersey
  42. Constable of St Saviour, 1611-1624; Jurat, 1624
  43. Seigneur de Longueville and Jurat
  44. A striking memorial tablet dedicated to the Seigneurs of Longueville by the names of La Cloche, Durell and Burrard, near the altar in St Saviour`s Church, resembles more a genealogy than a memorial!
  45. Seigneur de Longueville, Constable of St Saviour, 1668-1676; Jurat, 1676-; Major RJM. Engraved at Longueville Manor: GLC IDC 1684, for George La Cloche and Jeanne de Carteret
  46. Jurat
  47. Constable of St Saviour, 1702-1703
  48. Seigneur de Longueville, heir of his brothers; Advocate; Constable of St Saviour, 1703-1714; Jurat, 1713-
  49. Dame de Longueville
  50. Seigneur de Longueville; Advocate-General
  51. Parents of General Sir Harry Burrard, Bart.
  52. Of Valléee des Vaux [RP. 26/175], St Helier
  53. Wrongly stated in The Armorial of Jersey, 189, as being a clergyman
  54. Constable of St Martin, 1587-1597
  55. Extente (1607), 3, 5: "Clement La Cloche fils Thomelin." Clement was not Advocate-General, as stated in the Armorial of Jersey
  56. Etienne La Cloche purchased in May 1553 inheritance that would accrue on the death of his uncle, Sire Sebastien La Cloche
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