Descendants of Florent Bisson

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Descendants of Florent Bisson

The movements between France, Canada and Jersey which are essential to this tree, which was sent to us along with others, by a confused Bisson researcher, for our advice, were finally admitted in 2018 by those responsible for much of what appears in this and other similar trees, to be inaccurate. The tree is being left here for the time being, with the detailed notes below, as an example of what can be found to be highly inaccurate in online trees.

This is a much longer tree than Descendants of Clement Bisson, Descendants of Clement Bisson - 2 and Descendants of Clement Bisson - 3, which all show similar but confused descendancies in the 18th and 19th centuries. This tree takes the line back to France in the 16th century, and suggests that the Bissons shown as born in St Brelade in Jersey came to the island via Quebec in Canada.

It does not explain what to us it the greatest conundrum, given that some critical baptism and marriage records are missing, if the lineage is accurate. Why would a Bisson couple, both born in Quebec and of French rather than Jersey ancesry, move to Jersey, have a son there, leave him behind at the age of 19 and return to Canada, where they both died? The son would then marry a Canadian wife in Jersey and go on to create a new branch of the family there.

Not only are Clement and Marie Anne Raymond at generation 6 shown moving to Jersey and having a son in 1788, but they are shown as having another son in the same year in Quebec.

The submitted tree shows two simultaneous marriages for Clement (gen 8) with some children shown under both mothers. Among those shown twice is a son, George Philippe Le Gros Bisson. The Le Gros Bissons were an entirely separate family from the Bissons and George Philippe cannot possibly fit here. We have shown a single marriage and included only the children shown in baptism records.

Jerripedia's editor Mike Bisson is a descendant of the Le Gros Bisson line, which cannot be traced back far enough in Jersey to say when early generations may have moved to the island from France. He says: From the earliest Le Gros Bissons to the many descendants still living in Jersey, there is no known further connection with France and none at all with Canada. Looking at other Bisson lines, which I have been studying for many, many years, because they are also present in my tree many generations back, I can find nothing to support a link with French Bissons after the 15th century, and probably much earlier, and while some Jersey Bissons may have emigrated to Canada, there is no evidence that they returned. I find it very hard to believe the suggestions that Bissons with no previous connection with Jersey, having arrived in Canada direct from France, then emigrated to Jersey, left children there, and returned to Canada. There are undoubtedly some Bisson records missing from Jersey parish registers, and it seems to me that researchers have plucked at records for Bissons with the same name and within the same timeframe to fill those gaps, rather than accepting that there are simply missing records.

'It simply does not add up, but until we can unravel all the inconsistencies, we are including all the submitted trees and leaving researchers to make up their own minds.'

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  • 1 Florent Bisson (1554-1630) (Maine, France)
    • 2 Gervais Bisson (1601-1674 (Contres, France) to Canada m (1635) Marie Lereau (1623-1687)
      • 3 Rene Gervais Bisson (1637-1707) (Maine) m (1666) Marie Madeleine Boutet (1644-1712)
        • 4 Joseph Bisson (1666-1666) (Quebec)
        • 4 Joseph Martin Bisson (1667-1711) (Quebec)
        • 4 Marie Catherine Bisson (1668- ) (Quebec)
        • 4 Romaine Simone Bisson (1670-1735) (Quebec)
        • 4 Karie Anne Bisson (1672-1727) (Quebec)
        • 4 Jean Francois Bisson (1674-1696) (Quebec)
        • 4 Antoine Bisson (1676-1745) (Quebec) m (1701) Elisabeth Isabelle Marie Labadie (1678-1749), d of Francois (1644-1727) and Jeanne Hebert (1658-1727) (Quebec)
          • 5 Angelique Bisson (1702-1753) (Quebec)
          • 5 Joseph Bisson (1703-1771) (Quebec)
          • 5 Marie Louise Bisson (1706-1708) (Quebec)
          • 5 Jean Francois Bisson (1708-1780) (Quebec)
          • 5 Marie Charles Bisson (1709- ) (Quebec)
          • 5 Louis Bisson (1711- ) (Quebec)
          • 5 Clement Urbain Bisson (1713-1783) (Quebec) m (1734, Quebec) Marie Therese Boucher (1713-1797), d of Francois (1684-1760) and Therese LeMarie (1689-1760)
            • 6 Elisabeth Bisson (1735-749- ))
            • 6 Augustin Urbain Bisson (1736-1766)
            • 6 Marie Louise Bisson (1739-1745)
            • 6 Clement Bisson (1740-1807) m Marie Anne Raymond (1750-1807), d of Etienne (1708-1788) and Marie Cecile Migneault (1709-1783) born and died in Quebec, but son born in Jersey.
              • 7 Clement Bisson (1788-1855) (St Brelade, Jersey) m Charlotte Bilodeau (1782- ) (Canada)
                • 8 Clement Bisson (1816-1891) (St B) m Esther Helleur (1812-1880) (also shown as married to Betsy Divers, of St Peter.
                  • 9 Esther Mary Bisson (1834- ) (St B)
                  • 9 Esther Elizabeth Bisson (1835- ) (St B)
                  • 9 Ann Elizabeth Bisson (1836- ) (St B)
                  • 9 Philippe Jean Bisson (1839- ) (St B) m (Canada) Mary Ann Helleur (1851- )
                    • 10 Philip Helleur Bisson (1865-1943) (Gaspe, Canada) m (Jersey) Elizabeth Mary Ann Quenault (1872-1937)
                      • 11 Philip Quenault Bisson (1897-1938)
                      • 11 John Bisson (1899- )
                      • 11 Alfred George Bisson (1911- ) m Cecile Luce (1913- )
                        • 12 Michael George Bisson (1943-2009)
                      • 11 Dora Bisson (1906- )
                    • 10 Dinah Bisson (1867- ) (Canada)
                    • 10 William Bisson (1870- ) (Canada)
                    • 10 John Philip Bisson (1876- ) (Jersey)
                    • 10 Mary Bisson (1878- ) (Jersey)
                    • 10 Laura Jane Bisson (1880- ) (Jersey)
                  • 9 Clement Bisson (1842- ) (St B)
                • 8 Esther Eliza Bisson (1836- )
              • 7 Jean Baptiste Bisson (1788-1860) (Quebec) two sons in the same year on different sides of the Atlantic in the same year does not add up
            • 6 Joseph Bisson (1742-1786)
            • 6 Marie Francoise Bisson (1744- )
            • 6 Marie Joseph Bisson (1747-1804)
            • 6 Marie Marguerite Bisson (1749- )
            • 6 Jean Francois Bisson (1750-1796)
            • 6 Charles Bisson (1750- )
            • 6 Francois Bisson (1753- )
            • 6 Marie Marguerite Bisson (1755- )
          • 5 Francoise Angelique Bisson (1715-1716) (Quebec)
          • 5 Marie Louise Bisson (1717-1765) (Quebec)
          • 5 Michelle Dorothee Bisson (1719-1725) (Quebec)
          • 5 Joseph Bisson (1719- ) (Quebec)
          • 5 Antoine Bisson (1721-1725) (Quebec)
          • 5 Felicite Bisson (1722-1787)
        • 4 Simon Bisson (1677-1721) (Quebec)
        • 4 Romain Gervais Bisson (1679- ) (Quebec)
        • 4 Marie Anne Bisson (1681-1714) (Quebec)
        • 4 Marie Genevieve Bisson (1684-1702) (Quebec)
        • 4 Etienne Bisson (1687- ) (Quebec)
      • 3 Antoine Bisson (1646-1705) (Maine)
      • 3 Jean Bisson (1651-1666) (Maine)
      • 3 Simone-Barbe Bisson (1654-1722) (Quebec)
      • 3 Marie Bisson (1657-1722) (Quebec)
      • 3 Jean Francois Bisson (1660-1712) (Quebec)
      • 3 Marie Anne Bisson (1672-1714) (Quebec)
    • 2 Fleurant Buisson de St Cosme (1616-1658) (Maine, France)
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