Descendants of Guillemin Touzel

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Descendants of Guillemyn Touzel

This tree was first added to the site in 2011. Following the receipt of further details it was updated in June 2018, with many dates and additional information added. The tree was revised again in 2019 and uncertainties surrounding the early generations were overcome, and an extra generation was added at the top.

The first eight generations were confirmed by that review, but a link through a Thomas previously shown in generation 8 appeared to have been disproved from church records and that section of the tree was removed to Descendants of Thomas Touzel - 2. However, a further review in 2021 and a reappraisal of church records led to Thomas being reinstated in this tree with a link to the new tree

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  • 1 Guillemyn Touzel (1480- ) [1] m unknown Adverty
    • 2 Guille Touzel (1515- ) priest [2]
    • 2 Clement Touzel (1520-1607) [3]
    • 2 George Touzel (1520- ) [4] m unknown
      • 3 Jean Touzel (1543-by 1607) [5] m unknown
        • 4 Clement Touzel (1570-1630) [6] (St C) m Marguerite Amy daughter of Helier
          • 5 Jean Touzel (1593- ) of Le Hocq m (1617) Judith Dolbel (1591?-1662) daughter of Richard (St J) and Marguerite Grossier
            • 6 Jean Touzel (1620-1675) m (1646, St H) Marthe Anquetil (1624-1676) daughter of Jean (St C) and Marie Godfray daughter of Bernabey [7]
              • 7 Richard Touzel (1647-1647) [8]
              • 7 Helier Touzel (1648-by 1726) [9] m (1676, St C) Judith Le Sebirel (1658?-1726) [10] daughter of Richard [11] and Elizabeth Dolbel [12]
                • 8 Pierre Touzel (1677- ) [13] m (1710, St L) Jeanne Le Sebirel (1682- ) daughter of Josué and Marie Mauger (St J)
                • 8 Helier Touzel (1678- ) m (1714, St My) Sara Néel (St C)
                • 8 Marie Touzel (1682- ) [16]
                • 8 Elizabeth Touzel (1684- ) [17] m (1713, Gr) Josué Le Sebirel (1685- ) son of Josué and Marie Mauger
                • 8 Jean Touzel (1687- )
                • 8 Thomas Touzel (1694- ) m (1719, St C) Sara Le Rougetel (1698-1773)
              • 7 Marthe Touzel (1651- ) [18] m (1684) Jean Poingdestre
              • 7 Judith Touzel (1653-by 1697) no issue
              • 7 Jean Touzel (1657- ) [19] (St C) m (1684) Marie Le Templier ( -1686) (St C)
                • 8 Jean Touzel (1686- )
              • 7 Isabel Touzel (1660-by 1697) [20] m Jean Le Febvre
              • 7 Philippe Touzel (1664- ) (Gr) m (1694, St C) Rachel Horman
                • 8 Jean Touzel (1695- )
                • 8 Rachel Touzel (1700- ) [21]
              • 7 Marie Touzel (1667-1742) m Josué Le Brocq (St P)
            • 6 Clement Touzel (1624>-1658) [22] m (1654, St H) Guillemine Touzel daughter of François
              • 7 Elizabeth Touzel (1655-1703) m Hostes Le Moignan
              • 7 Judith Touzel (1657-1717) m (1679) Jean Le Gros
            • 6 Marguerite Touzel (1628-by 1709) [23] m (1655, St C) Daniel Touzel son of Daniel
      • 3 Clement Touzel (1545-by 1606/7) [24]
      • 3 George Touzel (1547- ) [25] m Daughter de Veulle d of Philippe (1495-1542) and Rauline Averty, d of Guillaume [26]

Notes and references

  1. In the Extente (1528), "Guillemyn Touzel" [described in 1607 twice as "Guille" Touzel] owed the Crown 2 cabots of wheat (for St Germains). The sum was paid in the 1607 Extente by Hostes Jacquet, heirs and assignees, "for Guille Touzell." Jacquet may have been a son-in-law
  2. It was unusual for an elder son to have then been in the priesthood. He was more likely a second son, whose elder brother had died prematurely. He is mentioned in cases before the Cour d`Héritage in 1537 and 1548; in the latter case claiming an inheritance from the Adverty family
  3. In the Extente (1607), 37, Clement Touzel owed the Crown 4 chickens "for Sire William [or Guille] Touzel". He also features, "Clement Touzell fils Guille," owing 17 1/2 cabots of wheat for the Priory of St Clement and with his co-heirs, as owing 5 cabots of the same, due in the parish of St Clement. Note: The 5 cabots of wheat and the 4 chicken or "poucin," were being paid annually in 1668 by "Jean Touzel fils Clement," the latter being his great-nephew, the 5 cabots being then shared, half by half, with Jacques Venement, who will have represented the 1607 co-heirs
  4. Le viel
  5. The deceased Jean Touzel will have been, by inference, the fils 1e nay, although not mentioned in this particular context, in the partage dated 11th February 1606/7, which is described below
  6. RP 2/123 (11/02/1607): "Clement Touzel eldest son of Jean Touzel, the said Clement, aisney a la representation de la succession collateralle [being the senior legal representative of the family] in the collateral succession to the inheritance of Clement Touzel, "fils second nay" de George Touzel le viel, of one part and George Touzel le..jeune, fils troysieme nay of the said George Touzel le viel, of the other part, have agreed regarding the inheritance lost to "the said" Clement Touzel le viel by his death, to the effect that the said George Touzel le jeune (sic) will inherit... and the said Clement Touzel le jeune … will possess two fields on le Mont Touzel in St Clement, on the Fief ès Baudains [to the north of St Clement`s Church], and a field.. on Le Val a Moigne [C.185 and C.186] in the said parish, Fief au Prieur"
  7. Constable of St Clement
  8. Baptised 20th October 1647, "Richard Touzel, fils Jean Touzel junr...died soon afterwards." He was not the Richard who married in 1668, (Grouville) Jeanne Duval
  9. Du Hocq
  10. Veufve
  11. RP24/114 (1687)
  12. Helier Touzel and his wife, Judith Le Sebirel, were 2nd cousins through the Dolbels
  13. Godparents: Pierre Le Sebirel and Jeanne Cabot, his wife. Pierre Touzel and his wife were 1st cousins, as were his sister Elizabeth and her husband. The home of this branch of Touzels was at Le Hocq, on the east side of Le Hocq Lane. The farmhouse and outbuildings were demolished in the 19th century to make way for the Jersey Eastern Railway Company`s Le Hocq Station
  14. Godparents: Josué Le Sebirel, father of Jeanne, and Judith, wife of Helier Touzel and mother of Pierre. Judith died aged 71 years 4 months. The genealogy of the Falle family by the Reverend J A Messervy, shows that Judith Touzel was "daughter and heiress" of her father: ABSJ, V, 222
  15. Messervy wrote: "probably the Philippe Falle mentioned in 1747 as Lieutenant of the South Bulwark of La Rocque Bay"
  16. Godparents: Jean Touzel and Marie Le Templier, his wife
  17. Godparents: Mr Jean Touzel and Mse Anne Payn, his wife. They were her father`s 3rd cousins and fellow-parishioners
  18. RP 26/161 (1697): Marthe Touzel`s three brothers, Helier Touzel, Jean Touzel and Philippe Touzel, and their sister Marie Touzel, sell to Marthe the collateral inheritance of their late sisters, Judith and Isabel
  19. Godparents: Daniel Touzel and Marguerite, his wife
  20. As her vacant inheritance was sold in 1697, if Isabel had indeed married Jean Le Feuvre, the marriage will have been without surviving issue
  21. Godparents: Josué Le Brocq and his wife
  22. RP 21/89 (1675): "Elizabeth Touzel, eldest daughter of Clement Touzel, who was younger son of Jean Touzel and of Judith Dolbel, his wife; the said Elizabeth wife of Hostes Le Moignan"
  23. Her Will is dated 4 September 1707 and was proved in September 1709
  24. RP 2/123 (above): "Clement Touzel", "fils second nay;" no issue
  25. RP 2/123 (1606/7): "George Touzel le .. jeune", "fils troysieme nay." Taken prisoner on 13 September 1585 by the Spaniards, with Jean Gruchy, in returning from St Malo. The ransom demanded was 200 crowns: Journal d`Edouard Payn, Connétable de St Martin (1597-1616), in which Payn records he paid 4 crowns; published in ABSJ, III, 193
  26. George Touzel, the son of this marriage, was suing for the share of the inheritance that would have fallen to his late mother "fille dudit Philippe de Veusles." The other party was Philippe de Veusles, elder son of Clement de Veusles, the said Clement the elder son of Philippe de Veusles; George Touzel acting "causa matris", in right of his mother: Cour d`Héritage (1600) folio 392. In July 1598, before the same court, Philippe de Veulle`s wife is named as Rauline, with George Touzel acting in right of his mother (folio 317r)
  27. "Le plus jeune"; RP 5/117 (1617) "George Touzel, fils George." In the Cour d`Héritage (1600), folio 397, a sale dated 19/11/1596 is mentioned, between Jean Journeaux and Ysabel, his wife, and George Touzel, son of George, the latter having bought 7 Quartiers of wheat rentes and a field adjoining "le maresq badier" for the price of 308 crowns
  28. In the Extente (1607) George Touzel owed the Crown 2 hens "for Jean Filleul", who was perhaps his father-in-law
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