Descendants of Jean Jeune

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Descendants of Jean Jeune

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  • 1 Jean Jeune m [1] Marie Le Feuvre
    • 2 Francois Jeune (1696- ) [2]
      • 3 Francois Jeune (1719- ) m (1743, St B) Rachel de Carteret (1717- ) d of Jean and Jeanne de Lecq (St B)
        • 4 Catherine Jeune (1744-1783) m (1764, St B) Edouard Journeaux (St B)
          • 5 Catherine Journeaux (1765-1767) [3]
          • 5 Catherine Journeaux (1768- ) [4]
        • 4 Rachel Jeune (1747- ) [5] m (1772, St B) Elie Le Manquais (St B)
        • 4 Jean Jeune (1753- )
        • 4 Francois Jeune ( -1800) [6] m (1775, St B) Marie Louise Carcos daughter of Jean [7] and Judith, née Cartault [8]
          • 5 Francois Jeune (1776- ) died an infant
          • 5 Marie Jeune (1779- ) m (1797, St S) Edouard Le Feuvre (St B)
          • 5 Francois Jeune (1781-1836) [9] m (1805, St H) Elizabeth Le Capelain ( -1851) [10]
            • 6 Francois Jeune (1806-1868) M. A. (Oxon), D.C.L. [11] m (1836, Axminster) Margaret Dyne Symons d and h of Henry, of Axbridge, Esq
              • 7 Lydia Frances Jeune (1841- ) m (1873, Kensington) Thomas Douglas Page ( -1880) MA (Oxon) [12]
              • 7 Francis Henry, see Francis Jeune(1843-1905) [13] m (1881, Strand) Susan Mary Stewart-Mackenzie [14] daughter of Keith William Stewart-Mackenzie and Hannah Charlotte Hope-Vere
                • 8 Christian Francis Seaforth Jeune (1882-1904) [15]
              • 7 Helier Garbett Jeune (1847-1848)
              • 7 John Frederick Jeune (1849- ) m (1873, Kensington) Frances Susannah Bunbury
              • 7 Evan Browell Jeune (1852- ) J.P. m 1 (1878, Oxford) Caroline Mary Lawless d of Paul of Cloyne, Co. Cork and of Boonbyian, Queensland; 2 Ada Medland Lock-Roe d of Robert, J.P. of The Manor House, Lynmouth, Devon
                • 8 Robert Dyne Jeune (1892- )
                • 8 Caroline Margaret Jeune
            • 6 Daniel George Jeune (1808- )
            • 6 William Daniel Jeune (1810-1813)
            • 6 Henrietta Jeune (1812-1890) [16]
            • 6 Louisa Jeune (1814-1816)
            • 6 William Jeune (1815- )
            • 6 Amelia Jeune (1818- ) m (1839, St H) James Thoume Esq. of (Gsy) [17]
            • 6 Edouard Jeune (1820- )
            • 6 Elizabeth Jeune ( -1821) [18]
            • 6 Frederick Augustus Jeune (1824-1856) [19] m (Ind.) Augusta Cerjat Weston [20] d of Henry Weston, C.B., Colonel, Bengal Army
              • 7 Henrietta Amelia Jeune m (1880, Glos.) William Blundell Willans MRCS [21]
          • 5 Francoise Jeune (1785- ) [22] m Jean Le Brocq (St B)
          • 5 Daniel George Jeune (1789- ) alive 1799 [23]
          • 5 Jean Jeune (1793-by 1799)

Notes and references

  1. Marriage record not found
  2. The first two generations of this family, as donated and shown, cannot be confirmed from Jersey church records. The Island Land Registry, at the Jersey Archive, needs to be consulted. It should be noted that Huguenot origins are frequently assumed for families bearing Jersey surnames, especially when their members are living outside the Island. The Jeunes may well be of indigenous Jersey stock, whose 17th century forbears merely need further research at the above mentioned Land Registry
  3. Her godparents were: Francois Jeune and Rachel de Carteret, Grandfather and Grandmother
  4. Her godparents were: Francois Jeune and Jeanne de Carteret, Grandfather and Grand-Aunt
  5. Godparents: Richard de Carteret and Jeanne, his sister, wife of Francois Bailhache
  6. Of West View Mont Les Vaux, St Aubin, Miller. G R Balleine writes in A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey, "In the lane off Mont Les Vaux, St Aubin, is a ruined house bearing the inscription FI ♥♥ MC 1776, the initials of the Bishop`s grandparents." Balleine also mentions that the grandparents were, in the Island, early converts to Methodism and that Francois Jeune, "furnished a shed in his yard as a Methodist meeting place, a shed often wrecked by the local roughs. He and his wife went later as Methodist missionaries to the French-speaking slaves in Grenada, Windward Islands." Francois Jeune was back in the Channel Islands in 1799, his will made in Guernsey on 12 December that year. It was proved nine months later, on 15 September 1800. He left his wife, Marie-Louise Carcos, the interest on money held in Bank of England funds, with the reversion, on her death, to be vested in his second son, Daniel George Jeune, who was, at the time , still a boy. The remainder of his goods were to be divided between his children, whom he named as Francois Jeune, the elder son; Daniel Jeune (sic), the second son; Marie Jeune, wife of Edouard Le Feuvre and Francoise Jeune, who was at the time unmarried. The Jean Jeune born into the family in 1793 will presumably have died in the meantime: D/Y/A/16/25, at the Jersey Archive
  7. Jean Carcos was the nephew of the Rev Rudolph Hue, son of the Seigneur of Langronne, Normandy. Hue, having come to Jersey as a result of religious persecution in France, was Rector of St Brelade
  8. Judith was the daughter of another god-fearing Huguenot minister, the Rev Jean Cartault, Rector of St Brelade, whose brother Thomas, was Rector of Trinity. Judith`s mother was Sarah Poingdestre, daughter of Jean, Seigneur of the Fief ès Poingdestres. The influence of these godly families is notable among their descendants in female lines. Marie Louise Carcos, wife of Francois Jeune, was the grandmother of Francois Jeune, Bishop of Peterborough. Another sister, Anne Carcos, married James Gallichan of St Peter. Their grandson was the Reverend James Gallichan. A third sister, Esther Carcos, wife of George Le Feuvre of St Brelade, was the grandmother of Esther Brine, whose husband was Philippe Le Maistre of the Ropewalk, St Aubin. All four of their sons were clergymen: J B Payne, An Armorial of Jersey, 226
  9. Miller, latterly of the Town Mills. An ardent Methodist, Francois was sentenced in 1800 to eight days solitary confinement on bread and water for refusing to do Militia drill on Sunday: ibid, 334
  10. Elizabeth Le Capelain`s thoughtful Will, mirrors that of her late husband [D/Y/A/23/82, proved in 1836]. She did, though, leave to her daughter-in-law, Margaret, the portrait of her son, Margaret`s husband, Francois Jeune. The Will otherwise made particular provision for her youngest son, Frederick Augustus Jeune, his sister Henrietta Jeune and for the children of the testatrix`s daughter Amelia, wife of James Thoume of Guernsey. Other than appointing her son, the Revd. Francois Jeune, Principal of Pembroke College, Oxford, joint executor, her remaining children are not specifically named, any more than they were in her late husband`s Will: D/Y/A/27/129
  11. Rector of St Helier and Dean of Jersey, 1838-1843; Rector of Taynton, Gloucestershire, 1844; Principal of Pembroke College, Oxford, 1851, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University, 1858-1862. Dean of Lincoln 1864, Bishop of Peterborough, 1864-1868
  12. Fellow of Pembroke College, 1861-1872, Proctor 1872, Junior Dean and Lecturer 1863, Dean 1864; afterwards Rector of Sibstone, Co. Leicester. He died leaving two daughters, Albinia Margaret Page (1875- ) and Margaret Blanche Page, or Hyde-Page (1877-1943), who married in 1908, (Westminster) Richard Edwin Stone, Stockbroker
  13. Educated at Harrow and Balliol College, Oxford
  14. Widow of Stanley
  15. Educated at Harrow; Lieutenant, Grenadier Guards, died at Poona, India, 1904
  16. Miss Jeune was in 1851 living in St Martin, Guernsey, with her widowed mother Elizabeth, née Le Capelain, and the Thoume family, see above: Guernsey 1851 Census. She died in Hampshire. She was unmarried
  17. Her brother, Francois Jeune, Rector of St Helier, and Dean of Jersey, conducted the service. It was witnessed by her sister Henrietta Jeune and by her cousin, Francois Hocquard
  18. Elizabeth, fille de Francois Jeune [et] Elizabeth Le Capelain, sa femme. Her christening, like those of her brothers William Daniel, William and Edward, does not feature in the Anglican register, and may have been a little earlier than shown
  19. "Frederick (otherwise known as Edward) Augustus Jeune" [National Probate Calendar, 1891] died on 31st March 1856 at Darjeeling, India. He was a Lieutenant, 25th Regiment, Bengal Native Infantry. He was, in absentia, godfather in 1843 of his nephew, the future Lord St Helier
  20. She married secondly, in 1872 (Surrey), John Charles Collins M.D., Surgeon-Major, Bengal Army (retd.)
  21. Physician and Surgeon
  22. Godparent in 1804, with her brother Francois Jeune, of their nephew, Francois Le Feuvre. Her wedding may have been conducted in the Methodist Church
  23. Godparents were Francois Jeune senior and Judith Carcos, wife of George Neel
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