Descendants of Jean Mallet

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Descendants of Jean Mallet


This tree has been created to feature, amongst others, those members of the Mallet family who were later known as Malet de Carteret. They became in 1848 the Island`s leading seigneurial family

The tree has also been revised and updated, as now shown, by Guy Dixon

This tree should be viewed in association with Descendants of Laurens Mallet (1470)

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  • 1 Jean Mallet (1766-1851) [1] m (1793, St P) Elizabeth Ann Marett (1766-1850) [2] daughter of Jean (St J) and Elizabeth Le Cocq
    • 2 Elizabeth Mallet (1795-1867) (St Mt) m Charles de Carteret [3]
    • 2 John Mallet (1797-1863) (St J) [4] m (1834, St H) Jeanne Anne Le Maistre (1799-1842) daughter and heiress of Charles ( -1848) [5]
      • 3 John Mallet (1836- ) (St C)
      • 3 John Paington Mallet (1838-1856) (St C) [6]
      • 3 Rachel Jane Mallet (1839-1855) (St C) [7]
      • 3 Edward Charles Malet de Carteret (1838-1914) [8] (Paignton) m (1861, Tr) Elizabeth Poingdestre (1841-1937) daughter and heiress of Abraham (1791-1861) (St J) and Jeanne Elizabeth Vibert (1799-1886) (St My)
        • 4 Marie Malet de Carteret (1862-1931)
        • 4 Reginald Malet de Carteret (1865-1935, Alessio) [9] m (1895, Sydney, NSW) Amy Ann Frances Armstrong (1865-1950)
          • 5 Ella Marie Malet de Carteret (1897-1960) [10] m (1926, Croydon) Henry Raymond Phillips [11]
          • 5 Philip Reginald Malet de Carteret (1898-1916) [12]
          • 5 Guy Malet de Carteret (1901-1972) [13] m (1930, Ormskirk) Ursula Ackroyd (1909-1993) daughter of Harold (1877-1917) [14] and Mabel Robina Smythe daughter of John
            • 6 Philip Malet de Carteret (1932-2013) [15] m (1957) Mary Patricia Burke (with issue)
            • 6 Living issue
        • 4 Margaret Malet de Carteret (1866-1950) m (1899, St O) Charles Helleur Lambert Le Cornu
        • 4 Charles Edward Malet de Carteret (1869-1942) [16]
    • 2 Edward Mallet (1798- ) (St Mt)[17]
    • 2 Mary Mallet (1801-1821) (St J) m (1819,Gr) Philip de Quetteville (St H) [18]
    • 2 Robert Philip Mallet (1805-1884) (St J) [19] m (1836, Gr) Anne Elizabeth Simonet daughter of Peter [20]
      • 3 Adolphus Robert Mallet (1837-1858) [21]
      • 3 Alfred Simonet Mallet (1839-1874) Revd. [22]
      • 3 Stanley Edwin Mallet (1841-1899) [23] m (1866) Clara Ann Malet (1840- ) [24] daughter of William Edmund Malet, MRCS of West Hill (Mont à L`Abbé) [25]
      • 3 Frederick de Carteret Mallet (1843-1912) (Jsy > NZ) [27] m (1869, NZ) Beatrice Wilson
        • 4 Leonard de Carteret Malet (1870-1938) (NZ > Gr) m (1897, NZ) Eleanor Anna Stopford
        • 4 Beatrice Ann Sibella Malet (1875- ) (NZ) m (1900, NZ) John Allan Randall
        • 4 Robert James Malet (1877-1969) (NZ > Eng) [28] m (1909, Bournemouth) Constance Anne Kidson daughter of Charles [29]
        • 4 William de Carteret Malet (1884-1933) (NZ > Eng) [30] m (1912, NZ) Gwendolyn Mariana Brockett Thomas
      • 3 Maria Octavia Mallet (1848-1879)
    • 2 William Edmund Mallet (1811-1883) (Gr > Fr) [31] m (1835, Gr) Ann Elizabeth Matthews daughter of John ( -1863) [32]
      • 3 Eliza Susannah Mallet (1836-1908) m (1857) Richard Ramsay Armstrong (1833-1910)
      • 3 Laurens Matthews Mallet (1838-1897) [33] m Elizabeth Margaret Crosbie daughter of Pearse [34]
      • 3 Clara Ann Mallet (1840-1916) m 1 (1858, Essex) Robert Philip Armstrong ( -1863); [35] 2 (1866) [36] Stanley Edwin Malet (above}
      • 3 Edith Villeneuve Mallet (1843- )
      • 3 Alice Spawforth Mallet (1844-1892, Moscow) m Georges Eugène Hardouin de Lonlay (1845-1893, Moscow) [37]

Notes and references

  1. Born at Ville Brée, St Martin. Of Exeter College, Oxford, he "matriculated on 9th December 1788, aged 23." He was ordained 1789, Rector of St Peter 1789-1800, St John 1800-1808 and Grouville 1808-1851
  2. Widow, in November 1782, of Richard Babington, Surgeon, 18th Regiment, whom she had married in the previous month
  3. Seigneur of Vincheles de Bas; Major, HEICS
  4. Of the Honourable East India Company`s Civil Service. He was living at Mon Plaisir, St Brelade, at the time of his death, aged 66, but was buried in St Ouen
  5. Seigneur of the Fief Haubert, St Ouen
  6. Seigneur of St Ouen, 1848-1856; Lieutenant, 47th Regiment
  7. Died in Paris of typhoid fever: Chronique de Jersey (1855)
  8. Name changed in 1859 from Edward Mallet; Seigneur of St Ouen, 1856-1914; Lieutenant 88th Regiment and veteran of the Crimean War and Indian Mutiny. He left the Army in 1861, becoming a Captain, RJM in that year and Lieutenant-Colonel in 1863. He was ADC to three Lieutenant-Governors. He was a Jurat, 1886-1914 and Lieutenant-Bailiff, 1889-1901. He was President of La Société Jersiaise, 1906-1914. A major feat of his was the restoration, in a somewhat Gothic style of his home, St Ouen`s Manor
  9. Seigneur of St Ouen, 1914-1935; Jurat, 1915-1935
  10. Nurse at Oakdale Hospital, Blackwood, Monmouthshire (1926). She and her husband retired to Les Près, Grouville, Jersey. Ella (Ellie) died at Fauvic Nursing Home and is buried in Grouville
  11. Superintendent of Education, N. Nigeria
  12. Killed in action, as a Midshipman, RN
  13. OV, MA (Oxon), CStJ. Schoolmaster, then Seigneur of St Ouen, 1935-1972; Jurat, 1949-1964, Lieutenant-Bailiff, 1955-1964
  14. VC, MC, Captain RAMC, who died on active service, Ypres, 1917; MD, MRCS, engaged in Biochemical Research (1911)
  15. Stockbroker and Seigneur of St Ouen
  16. Bailiff of Jersey. Charles Edward Malet de Carteret, known to most people as `Charlie de Carteret`, was an OV, who was then sent to Westminster School and on to Sandhurst. Commissioned in the Inniskilling Dragoons, he served as a Lieutenant in Natal and Zululand. Leaving the Army, he became in 1896 a Barrister-at-Law (Inner Temple) and in 1898 a Jersey Advocate. He was Receiver-General in 1903, Solicitor-General in 1912 and Attorney-General in 1925. From 1931-1935 he was Bailiff. He was described by G.R. Balleine, in his A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey (London: Staples Press, 1948), 470, as being possessed of a quick discerning mind. He was "a fluent speaker and probably the most self-effacing man who ever occupied this office [Bailiff]". A modest man, his resignation in 1935 was believed to have been "to escape the ceremonies of the Prince of Wales` [forthcoming] visit". He never married
  17. Captain, 61st Regiment. He died without issue
  18. Lieutenant-Colonel, RJMA; Constable of St Helier
  19. MA (Oxon). Robert Philip Malet studied at Pembroke College, Oxford, where he obtained his BA (1830) and MA (1849): Alumni Oxoniensis. Returning to Jersey, he was for many years Regent of St Mannelier
  20. Of Radier, Lieutenant-Colonel, RJM; Constable of Grouville
  21. Ensign, 38th Regiment, dying without issue
  22. BA (Oxon). He died a bachelor on the 23rd April 1874, aboard the vessel Avoca near Singapore: National Probate Calendar (1874)
  23. MRCS. He was living in Paramé, France, in 1866. Returning to Jersey, he was Constable of St Saviour, 1884-1886
  24. His 1st cousin, the widow of Robert Philip Armstrong ( -1863)
  25. Surgeon at Jersey`s General Hospital
  26. Barrister-at-Law
  27. Lawyer and Chairman of the Bank of New Zealand. He arrived in Auckland, New Zealand, when aged about 23 and was regarded in Christchurch as a leader in business, church and educational matters
  28. Retired Colonel, Indian Army, living in 1939, together with his wife, Constance Anne Malet: 1939 England and Wales Register (Bournemouth, Hampshire). At the time of his marriage, in 1909, he was an Indian Army captain. He served in WW1
  29. Lawyer
  30. Major, Indian Army. He was educated in New Zealand and served in WWI as a Captain, 14th Jat Lancers. He was in 1821 Brigade-Major, Jhansi Brigade, 5th Division, Indian Army, a rank he held in 1922. He retired to Hampshire, dying there and being buried in Church Crookham: Christ College Grammar School List, 1850-1921; Indian Army List, July 1922 and National Probate Calendar (1933)
  31. MRCS, of West Hill, (which is now a leading Jersey hotel), Mont à L`Abbé; one-time Surgeon at The General Hospital. He died in Paris
  32. Major, RJM
  33. Lieutenant, RN, serving in the Crimean, Turkish and Chinese campaigns. He settled in Ireland, where he died
  34. Of Ballyheigue Castle, Co. Kerry
  35. Captain, 23rd Regiment, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, who died at Agra, India
  36. Her 1st cousin
  37. St Malo-born French lawyer and Journalist, with the pseudonym Dick de Lonlay
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