Descendants of Johan Le Geyt

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Descendants of Johan Le Geyt


This genealogy features the principal junior branch of the Le Geyt dit Rauvet family

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  • 1 Johan Le Geyt (1507?-1533) m Guillemine Helles?
    • 2 Helier Le Geyt (1530?-1588) (St H) m Marguerite unknown
      • 3 Jean Le Geyt (1560?-1590) (St H) no issue
      • 3 George Le Geyt (1565?-1622) m (bef 1596) Marie Romeril ( -1646) d of Nicolas (St H)
        • 4 Pierre Le Geyt (1590?-1657) (St H) [1] m (1/1619) Thomasse Le Geyt dit Le Maillier ( -1660) d of Jean, s of Jean (St H)
          • 5 Jean Le Geyt (1621-bef 1674) [2] m Esther Aubin ( -1709), d of Philippe, s of Jean (St S); and Anne La Cloche, d of Edouard
            • 6 Esther Le Geyt (1645-1702?) m (1672) Mathieu Payn
            • 6 Thomasse Le Geyt (1646- ) m (1671) Jean Hooper, s of Jean (Gr)
            • 6 Marie Le Geyt (1648-1722) m Philippe Rouet
            • 6 Anne Le Geyt (1655-1719) m (1677, St S) Barthelemy Ahier [3]
            • 6 Jean Le Geyt (1660-1728) [4] m (1684/5) Marthe Le Moigne ( -1735) d of Abraham, of Rouge Bouillon and Elisabeth Le Geyt, d of Jean
              • 7 Jean Le Geyt (1687-1756) [5] m Rachel Laffoley ( -1769) d of Jean
                • 8 Philippe Le Geyt (1715-1769) [6] m (1741) Marguerite Pellier (1718-1812) d of Daniel (Tr) and Marguerite Richardson
                  • 9 Jean Le Geyt (1742-1788) [7] m (1769) Marie Fiott (1751-1781) [8] d of Nicolas
                    • 10 Jean Nicolas Le Geyt (1770-1781) drowned
                    • 10 Marie Anne Le Geyt (1772-1793)
                  • 9 Philippe Le Geyt (1744-1823) m (1769) Jeanne Mourant ( -1807) d and h of Timothée
                    • 10 Jean Le Geyt (1770-1816) [9] m (1803) Marie Falle ( -1858) (St H) [10]
                    • 10 Philippe Le Geyt (1773- ) died in the East Indies
                    • 10 Marguerite Le Geyt (1772-1847) m (1794) Thomas Falle of Highlands
                    • 10 Jeanne Le Geyt (1776-1803) m (1797) Jean Benest s of Jean (St H)
                    • 10 Anne Le Geyt (1780- ) m Pierre Simonet, Constable (Gr) [11]
                    • 10 Marie Le Geyt (1788- ) m Jean Le Scelleur
                  • 9 Daniel Le Geyt (1748-1824) [12] m (1786) Anne Millais, d of Edouard, of Tapon (St S) and Elisabeth Falle, d and h of Edouard and Elisabeth Anthoine
                    • 10 Daniel Le Geyt (1794-1864) [13] m (1839, St O) Catherine Fairbone (1801-1890) d of George, of London
                      • 11 Daniel Le Geyt (1844-1894) [14] m (1872) Fanny Julia Crossley ( -1900)
                        • 12 Fannie Julia Le Geyt (1873-1884) [15]
                      • 11 Rosalie Anne Le Geyt, heir of her brother [16]
                    • 10 Anne Le Geyt (1786-1850)
                    • 10 Marie Le Geyt (1788-1865) m (1814) Philippe Le Cornu, Seigneur of Vinchelez de Haut (1826)
                    • 10 Jeanne Le Geyt (1790-1874) m (1829, St O) Philippe Payn, Rector of St Ouen, 1827-1860
                  • 9 Edouard Le Geyt (1751-1785) [17] m (1782) Marie de Ste Croix, widow of Captain Guillaume Snow
                  • 9 George Le Geyt (1756-1794) [18]
                  • 9 Rachel Le Geyt (1753- ) m (1780) Jean Le Boutillier s of Philippe (Tr), Captain RJM
                  • 9 Marguerite Le Geyt (1743-1772)
                  • 9 Anne Le Geyt (1746-1821)
                  • 9 Susanne Le Geyt (1742- ) died in infancy?
                • 8 Rachel Le Geyt (1708-1779) m (1728) Edouard Millais of Tapon (St S)
                • 8 Anne Le Geyt (1709-1785) m (1732) Abraham Poingdestre of La Chenaie (St J)
                • 8 Jeanne Le Geyt (1722-1724)
              • 7 Philippe Le Geyt (1692-1743) [19] m Marie de Ste Croix ( -1737)
              • 7 George Le Geyt (1696-1697)
              • 7 Abraham Le Geyt (1694-1694)
              • 7 Pierre Le Geyt (1699- )
              • 7 Abraham Le Geyt (1701-1703)
              • 7 Marthe Le Geyt (1704-1740) m Henry Le Vavasseur dit Durell
              • 7 Marthe Le Geyt (1685-1690)
              • 7 Esther Le Geyt (1689- ) m (1720, Gr) Elie Néel
          • 5 George Le Geyt (1630- )
          • 5 Jeanne Le Geyt (1622- ) m (1641) Pierre Gobes (St S)
          • 5 Judith Le Geyt (1626- )
          • 5 Marguerite Le Geyt (1633-1691) m (1656, St L) Nicolas Bailhache s of Jean, s of Thomas
        • 4 Elie Le Geyt ( -1665) [20] m (1627) Judith Briard d of Thomas
        • 4 Nicolas Le Geyt (1602- )
        • 4 Marie Le Geyt (1597-1598)
        • 4 Marguerite Le Geyt (1606-1609) [21]
      • 3 Pierre Le Geyt (St S) [22]
      • 3 Isebel Le Geyt m (bef 1588) Servais Chevalier
      • 3 Thomasse Le Geyt m (1598) Brelade Le Haguais
      • 3 Anne Le Geyt (liv 1610) m Jean Binet
    • 2 Jacques Le Geyt (1532?- ) living 1581 [23]
    • 2 Daughter Le Geyt (1533?- ) m (bef 1539--1589?) Jacques Pirouet [24]
      • 3 Jean Pirouet, living 1589

Notes and References

  1. Of Mont au Prêtre, St Helier, owning also property at the foot of St Saviour`s Hill. Buried as "Pierre Rauvet". He was Vingtenier of Mont au Prêtre, St Helier, 1635-1651
  2. Vingtenier of Mont au Prêtre, 1660
  3. Reg. Pub. 24/72 (1687)
  4. Vingtenier of Mont au Prêtre, 1727-8
  5. Note amended date of death. Jean was Officier du Connétable
  6. Centenier of St Saviour, 1753
  7. Of Rouge Bouillon in 1788, [Gazette de Jersey], Jean Le Geyt was by 1783 a Merchant engaged in the Labrador cod, salmon and seal fisheries. He also owned the trading brig Betty. His brother, Captain Edouard Le Geyt, was his agent on the Canadian coast: H.W. Le Mesurier, the historian
  8. Marie Fiott`s brother Edouard, was at one time an officer of the H.E.I.C.M.S. He was also commander and owner of the privateer Tartar, 1774-1780 and Seigneur of Mélêches
  9. Master Mariner in the Labrador trade; commander of the privateer Tartar (1799): Gazette de Jersey 13/04/1799
  10. Marie Falle married secondly, the Comte de Tilly and thirdly, James Goodridge, Captain R.N., a member of a Devonshire family
  11. Pierre Simonet, Colonel RJM, was the Island`s principal tobacco importer
  12. Master Mariner 1776 to 1786, then Shipowner. Le Geyt had a fishery at Bonaventure Island, Gaspé (1800): Turk, Marian, The Quiet Adventurers in Canada, 338, 337. He was also a Captain RJMA and Procureur du Bien Public, (St S) 1805-1810
  13. Daniel Le Geyt junior was an Ensign, 96th Regiment of Foot and then a Lieutenant RJM. Either Daniel or his father, built "Bon Air", Rue de Froide Vent, (St S), which was in the 1960s a nursing home, being one of the scores of Georgian houses in Jersey built from the proceeds of the North American fisheries
  14. OV; Captain RJMA. A memorial inscription in St Saviour`s churchyard records his death (in Omaha) in the United States of America and describes him as "le dernier de sa famille." The St Saviour Register records his death in Omaha, 20/11/1894, but adds that [his remains] were "buried in this cemetery on the 1st May 1895"
  15. The St Saviour Register reads: "Fanny Julia Le Geyt died at Omaha, … 24/10/1884, aged 11 years...and was buried in [St Saviour] 31/05/1895""
  16. A very resolute old lady, Miss Le Geyt was determined to build residential homes in St Saviour for the elderly, despite The States having a similar plan. In fact, she beat them to it, becoming the Founder of The Le Geyt Residential Homes, near Five Oaks
  17. Master Mariner commanding his brother Daniel`s brig Molly, (1783) and his brother Jean`s brig Betty, (1783-1785). He was also the latter`s agent in 1783. He died without issue
  18. Master Mariner and commander of the privateers Molly (1783) and L`Union (1787-1792) which in peace-time was a trading vessel of 115 tons in the Virginia trade, (John Jean, Jersey Sailing Ships, 69). Died without issue
  19. Settled in St Helier; Centenier (St H) 1743. Died without issue
  20. Officier des Chemins, 1646-1650 (St S); died without issue
  21. Buried as "Marguerite Rauvet"
  22. Of Le Ménage du Pied de la Rocque, in 1601. This house and land was at the foot of La Rocque Mollet, which is at the bottom of St Saviour`s Hill. It was later owned by Pierre`s nephew, Jean Le Geyt, so Pierre probably did die without surviving issue, as Messervy thought: ABSJ V, 247. Today "Le Geyt Flats" occupy the site
  23. See footnotes to Descendants of Raulet Le Geyt - 2
  24. "1589" has probably been read as "1539" being the date before which Jean`s parents were married
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