Descendants of John Bentlif

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Descendants of John Bentlif

This tree was added to the site in 2016. It was reviewed by Guy Dixon in 2020 and a further generation added at the top, as well as considerable extra detail

Jersey doctor Graeme Bentlif's grandfather's brush factory at 7 Winchester Street, Salisbury in 1897

Surgeon Lt-Col Philip Barnett Bentlif moved to Jersey in 1891, the year after his marriage, and was appointed surgeon in the Jersey Artillery by Lieut-Governor General Sir Charles Ewart. His son Philip Graeme Bentlif, who followed him into the medical profession, was born in Jersey in 1902. He was medical officer at Jersey's prison when the last execution took place in 1959

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  • 1 George Bentlif (1750?-1825) [1] m (1775, Maidstone, Kent) Elizabeth Meason
    • 2 Margaret Bentlif (10/1775- ) m (1799, Maidstone) John Byram
    • 2 George Bentlif (1778?-1824) [2] m (1805, London) Sara Amatt
      • 3 George Amatt Bentlif (1806- ) [3] unmarried (1861)
      • 3 Caroline Bentlif (1815?- ) living 1851
      • 3 Mary Ann Bentlif (1817- ) unmarried
      • 3 Samuel Bentlif (1818- ) [4] unmarried (1861)
      • 3 Emily Bentlif (1820?
    • 2 David Bentlif (1782- ) m ( -- )
      • 3 Sara Bentlif [5]
    • 2 John Bentlif (1784- ) [6] m (1814, Rochester, Kent) Jane Laker
      • 3 John Bentlif (1814- )
      • 3 Jane Bentlif (1816- ) m (1844, Maidstone) Philip James Woolley [7]
      • 3 Mary Bentlif (1819- )
      • 3 Sara Ann Bentlif (1823- ) m (1850, Maidstone) William Simons
      • 3 Philip Bentlif (1827-1905) (Maidstone, Kent) [8] m (1856, Wilton, Wiltshire) Mary Ann Dredge (1839- ) d of Robert, Farmer
        • 4 Florence Bessie Bentlif (1857- ) m (1881, Salisbury) Henry Arnold [9]
        • 4 Philip Barnett Bentlif (1859-1933) FRCS, LSA [10] m (1890, Richmond, Sy) Agnes Houston Thomson (1870-1921) d of George and Jane Boreland, née Bell [11]
          • 5 Phyllis Bentlif m Lionel Henry Frederick Whiston [12]
          • 5 Beryl Barnett Bentlif (1896-1983) m (1925, St H) Graeme Ogilvie Fairlie [13]
            • 6 Jean Evelyn Fairlie (1926- ) m Felix Edward Neville-Towle, DSC [14]
            • 6 Ray Philippe Fairlie (1928- )
            • 6 Alastair Graeme Fairlie
          • 5 Philip Graeme Bentlif (1902-1986) [15] m Cynthia Joy King-Farlow (1904-2000) [16] d of Sir Sidney Charles King-Farlow (later King Farlow Nettleton), Chief Justice of Gibraltar [17]
            • 6 Philip Sidney Bentlif (1932- ) (USA) [18] m Wendy Ann Williams
            • 6 Alys Virginia Bentlif (1940- )
        • 4 Charles Augustus Bentlif (1865-1912) m (1899, Salisbury) Gertrude Constance Brown
        • 4 Catherine Maud Bentlif (1868- ) m (1899, Wiltshire) Charles Frederick South (1850-1916) [19]
    • 2 Sara Bentlif (1786- ) m James Stanger [20]
    • 2 Harriet Bentlif (1788-by 1789)
    • 2 Harriet Bentlif (1889- ) unmarried
    • 2 Fanny Bentlif (1791- ) unmarried
    • 2 James Bentlif [21]

Notes and References

  1. Cordwainer (Shoemaker), High Street, Maidstone, as "George Bentlif and Son": Holden`s Directory (1811)
  2. George Bentlif the younger of Maidstone, Shoemaker, was appointed one of three executors of his father`s Will, dated 7 July 1818. He was described in a codicil, dated 27 April 1824 as my "late son George Bentlif." His own PCC Will, dated 30 September1818 and proved in 1824, mentions his beloved wife Sarah, his trade in co-partnership with his father and brother, John Bentlif, and shares in two cotton mills, one in Derbyshire and one in Nottinghamshire. His father, who had then retired, was described as George Bentlif of Maidstone, Gentleman. He and the testator`s widow were executors
  3. Currier and Leatherseller at 89, High Street, Maidstone: Census (1861)
  4. Boot and Shoe Maker, sharing the above address, employing 30 men: ibid. In 1890, Samuel Bentlif, a deeply religious Baptist, as were most of his family, who had been a keen art collector, erected and paid for the Bentlif Art Gallery at Maidstone, in memory of his late brother George. It is now housed with and called The Maidstone Museum and Bentlif Art Gallery
  5. Living in 1824, mentioned in the codicil dated 24 April 1824, of her grandfather George`s PCC Will
  6. Currier, of Bank Street, Maidstone: Census (1841)
  7. Of Maidstone, Dyer
  8. Surveyor in 1856, then builder`s clerk, 1861-71, and finally brushmaker in Salisbury
  9. Of Walcot, Bath, Brewer
  10. A medical student in Bloomsbury in 1881, P.B. Bentlif became a doctor in Jersey and was granted in 1891, the rank of Captain RJMA. A major in 1904, he volunteered for service in the Great War, becoming a Lieutenant-Colonel, Royal Army Medical Corps, for which he was awarded the OBE. Dr Bentlif was a mild man, who was both well-liked and respected
  11. Baker and Flour Dealer, of 24, English Street, Dumfries
  12. Captain, 3rd Hussars (1933 Will of Philip Barnett Bentlif)
  13. Accountant
  14. Commander, R.N., son of Edward Henry Neville-Towle and Augusta Violet Briard (1894-1950)
  15. MA, MD, MRCP. OV, of Les Jardins, St Lawrence
  16. Marriage dissolved. She married secondly, (1954, Oxford) George D. Smith
  17. This mid-19th and early-20th century family of lawyers, which became eminent, descended from William Farlow (1757- ) of 6, Mitre Court, Chancery Lane, Citizen and Stationer of London and Law Bookseller. He had married in 1780 Ann King. Their second son, John King Farlow (1783-1858), Solicitor, was the first lawyer. Two grandsons, John and Charles King Farlow, founded in 1842 the renowned Farlows of Pall Mall, makers and retailers of fishing rods, sporting equipment and clothing
  18. Physician, settled in the United States of America in 1958
  19. Organist at Salisbury Cathedral (1901), living at 6 The Close, Salisbury, with their son Charles J. B. South, aged 11 months and Catherine`s father, Philip Bentlif, aged 73
  20. Of Maidstone, Kent, Ironmonger; one of his father-in-law`s executors in 1825
  21. Of Maidstone, Cordwainer (1824), one of the executors of his father`s PCC will, proved in 1825
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