Descendants of Matthieu de Gruchy and Marie Mollet

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Descendants of Matthieu de Gruchy

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  • 1 Matthieu de Gruchy (1646-1695) m Marie Mollet
    • 2 Philippe de Gruchy (1693- ) of La Maison du Buisson [1] m (1716, Tr) Marie Hocquard
      • 3 Philippe de Gruchy (1717-1767) m (1757), Tr) Anne du Feu
        • 4 Anne de Gruchy (1758-1783) [2] m (1780) Philippe Hocquard
        • 4 Philippe de Gruchy (1759-1774)
        • 4 Matthieu de Gruchy ((1761-1797) Priest [3]
        • 4 Marie de Gruchy (1763-1782) m (1782, St S) Philippe Le Brun
        • 4 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1765-1827) m (1793, St S) Philippe de Gruchy
        • 4 Jeanne de Gruchy (1767-1795) m (1795, St S) George Vardon
      • 3 Matthieu de Gruchy (1719-1780) of St Helier [4] m (1751, St H) Anne Canivet (no issue)
        • 4 Anne de Gruchy (1757-1758)
      • 3 Marie de Gruchy (1721-1727?) [5]
      • 3 Jean de Gruchy (1723-1724)
      • 3 Jean de Gruchy (1725- )
      • 3 Clement de Gruchy (1726-1741)
      • 3 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1727-1729?) [6]
      • 3 Marie de Gruchy (1728- )
      • 3 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1730- )
      • 3 Elie de Gruchy (1731-1793) of St Helier [7]
      • 3 Thomas de Gruchy (1734- )
      • 3 Michel de Gruchy (1736-1737)
      • 3 Child de Gruchy (1738- )
      • 3 Jeanne de Gruchy (1739- ) m (1759, Tr) Philippe Hocquard
      • 3 Charles de Gruchy (1740- ) m (1765, Tr) Elizabeth Picot
        • 4 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1766-1844) m (1796, St H) William Muck
        • 4 Charles de Gruchy (1769-1844) Cutler m (1793, St S) Elizabeth Falle
          • 5 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1798-1848)
          • 5 Nancy de Gruchy (1795- )
          • 5 Charles de Gruchy (1797-1834)
          • 5 Jane Mary Vernon de Gruchy (1801- ) m (1831, St H) John Stone
          • 5 Anne de Gruchy (1803-1823), of St Helier, drowned (20 years)
          • 5 Marie Le Geyt de Gruchy (1804- )
          • 5 Elie Philippe de Gruchy (1805-1875) Coal Merchant [8] m (1835, Tr) Nancy Marianne Falle
          • 5 Thomas George Vernon de Gruchy (1806- ) [9] m (1843, Gr) Jane Elizabeth Le Riche
            • 6 Jane Elizabeth de Gruchy (1846- ) m (1867, St Lk) George John Mourant, Mariner
            • 6 Thomas George Vernon de Gruchy (1848-1887) [10] m (Aus.) Susannah Rumble
            • 6 Mary Jane de Gruchy (1859-1860)
          • 5 Julie Jane de Gruchy (1808-1859) m (1832, St H) Edouard Gavey
          • 5 Harriet Ann Vernon de Gruchy (1811- )
          • 5 Caroline Susan Vernon de Gruchy (1814-1857) m (1839, St H) Edouard William Huelin
          • 5 George William Vernon de Gruchy (1817- ) [11]
          • 5 Ann de Gruchy (1803- )

Notes and references

  1. Formerly Le Clos Bisson, which he built in 1733, on land purchased from Michel Lemprière in 1732. This house and its land is in Maufant, St Saviour, with the lane passing within one metre to the west of the house being the Trinity border. Philippe and Marie Hocquard, his wife, had a stone at their home engraved: "PDG.MHC 1733" to commemorate the completion of their house
  2. Inherited La Maison du Buisson
  3. Intended for the Anglican church by his two merchant uncles, he went, instead, to sea. He became a Prisoner of War when forming part of a prize crew, under instructions to sail a captured French ship back to England. When a prisoner at the Castle of Angers, he became the hospital orderly and, speaking both French and English, was made interpreter between the sick English prisoners and their French nurses. It was the example set by the latter, who were Sisters of the Order of St Vincent de Paul, that led to his conversion to the Roman Catholic faith. He was ordained a Priest (1788), and then became Vicar of Beauvoir-sur-Mer, in the diocese of Luçon. He latterly combined his duties as a priest with being a French Royalist spy and courier in his district, being La Vendée. He was caught by the republicans and executed by firing squad in 1797. He is credited with having re-introduced the Roman Catholic faith to Jersey. See Balleine, G.R., A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey, (Staples Press (1948)), 199-201. He has, since this publication, been beatified by the Roman Catholic Church, along with various others, who also met their deaths as a result of atheism during the first French Revolution
  4. Merchant in St Helier
  5. Living in the 18th century, this Marie had probably died as an infant, to be replaced in 1728 by another Marie. Note: In the 17th century and earlier, however, a new-born child in Jersey, was frequently named after a dying child, to preserve family Christian names and economise on christening silver! It was not unheard of for the ailing infant to then survive, leaving two siblings with the same name! Lawyers got around the problem of legal ambiguity by referring to them in deeds as, for example, "Marie de Gruchy senr. daughter of Philippe" and "Marie de Gruchy junr. daughter of Philippe". Not unsurprisingly, this custom fell into disuse. By the 18th century, a new-born was usually given either a different name or that of a child that had already, actually, died!
  6. Presumably, at this date, an infant death--replaced by another Elizabeth (1730)
  7. Merchant in St Helier
  8. Elie Philippe`s home, however, was La Solitude, Sous L`Eglise, St Saviour. He was for many years a Constable`s Officer
  9. Of St Helier, Painter
  10. Settled in Victoria, Australia
  11. Sailmaker, in 1851, 30, Colomberie, St Helier, (Census). His full name is absent from later Island or U.K. censuses or Jersey burial records. He is referred to, however, both in that census and the following source as merely "George de Gruchy": U.K. and Ireland Masters and Mates Certificates, at The latter source has: "George de Gruchy...of 30, Colomberie, St Helier, in the Merchant Service...17 years...Sailmaker and Mate, Foreign Trade." The entry is dated the 6th August 1851. His voyages far abroad are listed, from 1834 to 1850, and his rating recorded as Sailmaker, Seaman, 2nd Mate and Mate, (see also De Gruchy ships` captains within these pages). His date and place of birth is given as "27th May 1815, Jersey." Given that his immediate elder within the family, Caroline Susan Vernon de Gruchy, appears not to have had any christening at an early age, his own, on the 15th January 1817, was also presumably dilatory. His actual date of birth was no doubt as stated, especially as he gave his age as "35" at the time of the 1851 census. Where he died is not known
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