Descendants of Noel de Gruchy and Jeanne Langlois

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Descendants of Noel de Gruchy


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  • 1 Noel de Gruchy (1535-1593) of Rozel, Trinity m 1. Jeanne Robin (1540) d of Jean and Perrotine; 2. (1564) Jeanne Langlois (1540- ) d and co-h of Guillaume of St Lawrence
    • 2 Matthieu de Gruchy (1570-1612) [1] m Perronelle du Feu d of Jean, of Trinity
    • 2 Jean de Gruchy (1575- ) [2] m Elizabeth du Feu d of Collas, of Trinity
    • 2 Abraham de Gruchy (1580- ) m Marguerite unknown
    • 2 Thomas de Gruchy (1585- ) [3] m Rachel de Soulemont d of Thomas [4] and Jeanne Lemprière d of Nicolas, Jurat
      • 3 Philippe de Gruchy (1625-1702) [5]
      • 3 Gedeon de Gruchy (1627- )
      • 3 Jeanne de Gruchy
      • 3 Sara de Gruchy m 1 Jean Cabot of Trinity; 2 (by 1702) Elias Feaver, (Le Feuvre)
    • 2 Gilles de Gruchy (1587?- ) [6] m Marie Romeril d of Martin [7] and Sara Lemprière, d of Michel, Seigneur of Dielament
      • 3 Philippe de Gruchy ( -1659) m Constance Pignée ( -1675)
        • 4 Philippe de Gruchy (1650?-c.1690) [8]
        • 4 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1653?- ) m Jean Vic
      • 3 Gilles de Gruchy ( -1658) [9]
      • 3 Elie de Gruchy ( -1707) [10] m (1669, Eng.) Judith de la Motte [11]
        • 4 Anne de Gruchy (1671- ) m (1696, Eng.) Jean Fassett
        • 4 Delamotte de Gruchy (1673- )
        • 4 Marie de Gruchy (1674- ) m Peter Delamotte
        • 4 Judith de Gruchy (1677- ) m William Joliffe
        • 4 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1678- ) m Thomas Bernard
      • 3 Martin de Gruchy, ( -1668) [12] m (1664, St P) Rachel de Carteret d of Helier, Attorney-General, and Rachel La Cloche [13]
        • 4 Martin de Gruchy (1666-1720) [14] m (1685, St H) Sara Le Gallais, elder d and principal h of Jean (s of Pierre) and Sara de la Garde, of St Helier
          • 5 Rachel de Gruchy (1687- ) m (1705, Gr) Jean Gavey [15]
          • 5 Jeanne de Gruchy (1689- ) Liv. 1712 ?mJean Le Maistre [16]
          • 5 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1692- ) m (1721, Eng.) Paul Gourdon
          • 5 Martin de Gruchy, (1694-1742) B.A. (Oxon) [17] m (1720, Eng.) Brigetta Tuer; m 2 Unknown Le Geyt d of Jean
          • 5 Jean de Gruchy (1696- )
          • 5 Philippe de Gruchy, (1699-1747) [18] m (1721, Eng.) Elizabth Roumyeu ( -1738)
            • 6 Francoise de Gruchy (1730- ) m (1753, Oxon.) Charles Price
            • 6 Anne de Gruchy (1730- )
            • 6 Philippe Pierre de Gruchy (1733-1784) [19]
            • 6 Abraham James de Gruchy (1735-1737)
            • 6 Jean de Gruchy, (1738- ) [20] m (1763, London) Anne Maze
              • 7 John Philip de Gruchy (1764- ) [21] m (1791, Portsmouth) Catherine Grant
                • 8 ?Sophia de Gruchy ( -1818) died in Philadelphia, USA
              • 7 James de Gruchy (1765- ) [22]
              • 7 Philip de Gruchy (1767?- ) living 1784
              • 7 Anne de Gruchy (1770?- ) living 1784
              • 7 Martin de Gruchy (1771-1773)
              • 7 Elizabeth de Gruchy (1778-1778)
          • 5 Elie de Gruchy (1702-1735) [23]
          • 5 Anne de Gruchy (1704- ) m (1733, London) Peter Montesquint
          • 5 Florence de Gruchy (1705- )
        • 4 Rachel de Gruchy (1667-1719) m (1687, Gr) Thomas Poingdestre [24] s of Thomas
      • 3 Jeanne de Gruchy m Jean Belin
      • 3 Elizabeth de Gruchy m Philippe Le Boutillier [25]
      • 3 Marie de Gruchy m Philippe Anley [26]
      • 3 Sara de Gruchy (1615- ) m Pierre Le Breton [27]
    • 2 Noel de Gruchy ( -1597) [28]
    • 2 Marguerite de Gruchy (1570?-1643)
    • 2 Genette de Gruchy (1577?- ) m François de la Lande

Notes and references

  1. Of Sous Les Bois, Vingtenier of Rozel 1593
  2. La Contrée des Bouillons, Rozel, Trinity
  3. Merchant and Shipowner in St Aubin, where he had bought in two parts, firstly on the 12th February 1613 and secondly on the 17th October 1623 from Richard Dumaresq, a house, quay and dependencies on the Fief de Noirmont, these being on the Bulwarks. He sold these in 1659 jointly to his nephews Elie and Martin de Gruchy, sons of his brother Gilles, himself formerly a merchant in St Aubin. In a surviving notebook, once the property of Martin de Gruchy junior (1666-1720), remnants of early pages describe the trade conducted by Elie de Gruchy and his brother as being that of Wool Merchants. Centenier of St Lawrence, 1645; Sermenté, Trinity 1668
  4. Constable of St Helier and Deputy of the States, 1590-1
  5. His P.C.C. Administration (1702) describes his state at death as being "Celebis", bachelor. He died in Chelsea, his sister Sara, being granted administration
  6. Merchant and Shipowner (1644); settled in St Lawrence (1614), Deacon (1619), Procureur (1626), Centenier (1634) and Constable of St Lawrence 1637-1643
  7. Constable of Trinity
  8. Died by 1690, without issue. His sister, Elizabeth, wife of Jean Vic, was then mentioned in a deed as his heiress
  9. Of London, Merchant. Died without issue
  10. Of Southampton; Ancien (Elder) of the French Church; Member of the Paper-Makers` Guild and Wool Merchant; Sheriff (1677), then Mayor (1682 and 1697), of Southampton. Elie de Gruchy, his brother Martin having died in 1668, sold the above mentioned St Aubin house and quay in 1683 to Jean Le Cras, although his nephew, Martin de Gruchy junior, reclaimed it, selling it himself in 1689, to the said Le Cras
  11. Daughter of Joseph de la Motte, Mayor of Southampton
  12. Wool Merchant, jointly purchasing with his brother Elie in 1659, from their uncle Thomas de Gruchy, his house, quay and dependencies in St Aubin. Centenier of St Lawrence, 1664-1668, the date of his death
  13. Rachel de Carteret married secondly Philippe Payn of Grouville, Colonel RJM
  14. Solicitor and first Jersey Notary Public (1703). Vingtenier de la Ville 1690-; Procureur du Bien Public, St Helier, 1698-; Greffier of the Ecclesiastical Court, 1705. Settled in London in 1708, following his feud with the Bailiff, Sir Charles de Carteret. See Balleine, A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey (Staples Press (1948)), 199-201
  15. Whose sons were partners in Fiott, de Gruchy and Co. of London
  16. Jean Le Maistre`s wife, Jeanne de Gruchy, was buried in St Lawrence in 1735
  17. Ordained 1716; Perpetual Curate of Elstead and Seale, Surrey and Schoolmaster
  18. Attended Pembroke College, Oxford; Rector of St Lawrence, 1730-1747
  19. Merchant, (de Gruchy, Le Breton and Company), of College Hill, London
  20. Goldsmith in Oxford (1763) and London. Le Quesne and Dixon, in The de Gruchys of Jersey, Second Edition, (2000), 6, question the identity of "Jean de Gruchy junior, of Oxford, Goldsmith" who was listed in the Parliamentary Return of 1773. Further research has shown this Jean as having been both of Oxford and a goldsmith. He was, though, after his marriage to a London Huguenot, based primarily in London but seems to have retained for some years, the Oxford connection. Jean de Gruchy senior, probably his uncle Jean (1696- ), will have been, by implication, also a goldsmith and may have taught his nephew the trade
  21. Of Fenchurch Street, London, Merchant, (Fiott, de Gruchy and Co.). In personal debt, he fled from his creditors to the USA in 1796. His Oath of Allegiance as a citizen of that country is dated 15th December 1798. He is described as a merchant, aged thirty-four years [Pennsylvania State Archives, USA]
  22. Officer of the Hon. East India Company Maritime Service, 1780-1786
  23. Factor and then Merchant in London, buried in the North-West Vault of St Swithin`s Church, on April 16th 1735
  24. Dénonciateur, R. C.
  25. Of Augrès, Constable of Trinity 1653-1660, a zealous royalist. Their son, Josué Le Boutillier was Constable 1688-1690, the year of his death
  26. Believed drowned 1656, having not returned from Newfoundland
  27. Of the property called `Beechwood` in Croiserie, Trinity, where there is engraved: "PLB.SDG 1640" and on another lintel: "SDG.PLB.TLB.MLB.SLB.ELB.ELB" for the same couple and their five children
  28. Killed by a falling tree, near Trinity Church
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