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Descendants of Philippe Le Feuvre

This tree for the Le Febvres of St Peter was added to the site in 2018 by Guy Dixon

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  • 1 Philippe Jean Le Feuvre (1777-1853) of St Aubin [1] m Anne Balleine
    • 2 Philippe Jean Le Feuvre (1813-1891) [2] m (1838) Elizabeth Horton (1816-1891) d and principal h of Matthieu of La Fosse and of Elizabeth Le Brocq
      • 3 William Francis Le Feuvre (1840- ) [3] m Alice Blampied daughter of John (St B) [4]
      • 3 Philip Horton Le Febvre (1841- ) [5] m (1873) Louisa Maria Pipon (1852-1932) d of Thomas Henry [6]
        • 4 Horton Pipon Le Febvre (1874- ) [7]
        • 4 Philip Llewellyn Le Febvre (1875- ) [8] m Mary d of Walter Brumage of the Orange Free State
          • 5 Richard Harleston Le Febvre (1919- )
          • 5 Mervyn Robin Le Febvre (1921- )
        • 4 Denys Le Febvre (1878- ) [9]
        • 4 Marion Le Febvre (1879- ) [10]
        • 4 Elaine Le Febvre (1881-1963) [11]
        • 4 Rolf Le Febvre (1887- ) [12] m Caroline Herford daughter of W Herford [13]
          • 5 Rolf Horton Le Febvre (1916- ) [14]
          • 5 Margaret Caroline Le Febvre (1919- )
        • 4 Hugh Le Febvre (1892-1965) [15] m Unknown Pape [16]
      • 3 Eliza Anne Le Feuvre (1844- ) m (1863) George de Carteret [17]
      • 3 Anne Le Feuvre (1846- ) m John Bigrel [18]
      • 3 John Le Feuvre (1847- )
      • 3 Emma Le Feuvre (1849- )
      • 3 Jane Le Feuvre (1851- )
      • 3 Mary Le Feuvre (1853- )
      • 3 Francis Balleine Le Feuvre (1855-1945) [19] m (March 1877) Anne Gallichan d of Jean and of Marie Le Geyt
        • 4 Eva Ann le Feuvre (1877-1959) m William Baskin of Ontario, Canada
        • 4 Florence Beeton Le Feuvre (1882-1957) m (Vancouver) Charles Henry Gillis [20]
      • 3 Charles Clement Le Feuvre (1857- ) [21]

Notes and references

  1. Master mariner and (1831-1836) owner of the 118 ton brig Enterprise. Formerly of St Peter, he was baptised there on 6 October 1777, son of Philippe and Susanne Esnouf. This family appears to be connected with the Vingtaine of Augerez
  2. Settled at La Fosse, St Peter. He was a Deputy, 1865-1875
  3. Of La Fosse, St Peter and then La Robinette, St Aubin
  4. Merchant. Died without issue
  5. MA (Oxon); Chaplain, Indian Army. Senior Chaplain, Bombay Ecclesiastical Establishment, 1869-1889. He served with the Kandahar Field Force, 1880
  6. Seigneur of La Hague. Formerly Lieutenant 97th Foot Regiment
  7. OV. He was born in India and settled in South Africa but later went to Australia. He served in the Natal Carabineers in the Boer War and during 1914-18 with the South African Mounted Rifles. He married but died without issue
  8. Of Cape Town, OV. He joined the Cape Civil Service and became a Justice of the Peace, Cape Town. After settling in the Orange River County, South Africa, he was also there, from 1916, a magistrate
  9. Lived in Johannesburg, South Africa. No issue.
  10. No issue
  11. Of La Chaumière, St Aubin. She was a popular teacher at The Jersey Ladies College, nicknamed 'Phoebe'` as a result of her regular statements that her surname was 'Le Fee-ver' with a 'b', hence 'Fee-bee'. Hope de Gruchy recorded the frequently entertaining distractions, during geography, occasioned by asking .fee-bee. whether or not she had a relative in any certain country. As her relatives were in South Africa, Australia, Canada, the United States of America, Japan and at one time in Rhodesia, little work was done, especially as the anecdotes were both long, numerous and admittedly most interesting
  12. OV. Joined the Cape Civil Service. During WW1 he served as a Lieutenant, South African Forces. He was afterwards Assistant Chief Secretary, South-West African Protectorate (now Namibia).
  13. Sub-Dean of Cape Town
  14. Stayed with his Aunt Elaine in St Aubin in about 1934, visiting Island relatives. He saw active service in WW2
  15. OV. He was living in Canada prior to 1914 and served as a Private, Canadian Army, during WWI. Between the wars, he was employed in Japan by the Asiatic Petroleum Company
  16. Issue uncertain
  17. Of Vale Farm, St Peter. Great-grandparents of the late Roger de Carteret, of Vale Farm and of Marguerite, his sister
  18. Of La Retraite, St Peter
  19. Settled and died in Canada
  20. Descendants in Canada
  21. Went to San José, California
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