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Descendants of Richard Le Gallais

This tree was submitted in 2015 by user SammieB. It was subject to a major review in 2021 [1]

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  • 1 Richard Le Gallais (1678- ) (St S) [2] m (1703 St H) Jeanne Dorey ( -1737 St H)
    • 2 Richard Gallais (1704- )
    • 2 Jeanne Gallais (1705- ) [3]
    • 2 Jean Le Gallais (1706- ) (St H) m 1 (1743, St C) Jeanne Piquet ( -1753) (St H); m 2 (1754, St H) Sara Neel (1728 Gr -1798 St H) daughter of Thomas and of Elizabeth Anthoine
      • 3 Richard Le Gallais (2/1743- ) [4]
      • 3 Jean Le Gallais (12/1744- )
      • 3 Elizabeth Le Gallais (1747-1747)
      • 3 Elizabeth Le Gallais (1749-1823) m (1781, St S) John de Souslement (St C)
        • 4 Elizabeth de Soulemont (1783-1814)
        • 4 Jean Soulemont (1785- )
        • 4 Marie de Soulemont (1789- )
      • 3 Jeanne Le Gallais (1752-1791) [5]
        • 4 Marie Sbire Le Gallais (1786- )
      • 3 Francoise Le Gallais (1755-1831) [6] (St H) m (1780 Trinity) Jean Bisson (Tr)
        • 4 Jean Bisson (1781- )
      • 3 Anne Le Gallais (1758-by 1761) [7]
      • 3 Nicolas Le Gallais (1759-1818) m (1786, St H) Madelaine Sohier ( -1824)
        • 4 Nicolas Le Gallais (1792- )
      • 3 Anne Le Gallais (1761-) [8]
      • 3 Philippe Le Gallais (1765- )
      • 3 Marguerite Le Gallais (1768-1851) m (1802, St H) Edouard Gallichan
        • 4 Edouard John Gallichan (1803-1849 ) (St H) m (1831, St S) Esther Renouf (1809-1841) (St H)
          • 5 Edward Clement Gallichan (1835- )
          • 5 Richard (Edouard?) Gallichan (1837-1837)
      • 3 Richard Le Gallais (1772-1814) m (1796, St H) Susanne Sorel (1774-1862) daughter of Jean and of Marguerite Thacker (St H)
        • 4 Susanne Anne Le Gallais (1798- ) m (1818, St H) William Wellman (1783-1830)
        • 4 Richard Nicolas Le Gallais (1801-1802)
        • 4 Richard Le Gallais (1803-by 1804)
        • 4 Richard Le Gallais (1804-1870) (St H) m (1825, St H) Susan Nason (1806-1888) (Eng)
          • 5 Susanne Le Gallais (1825-1895)
          • 5 Amelia Le Gallais (1827-1829)
          • 5 Richard Le Gallais (1829- )
          • 5 Philip Le Gallais (1830-1877)
          • 5 William Le Gallais (1832-1832)
          • 5 Wellman William Le Gallais (1833-1869)
          • 5 Mary Farqueharson Le Gallais (1835-1914)
          • 5 Amelia Frances Le Gallais (1836-1852)
          • 5 Charles Edward Le Gallais (1838-1897) m (1865) Jane Morris (1837-1897)
            • 6 Alfred William Le Gallais (1866-1953)
            • 6 Charles Edward Le Gallais (1868-1894)
            • 6 Francis Edwin Le Gallais (1871-1929)
            • 6 Ann Ida Le Gallais (1874- )
            • 6 Alice Maud Le Gallais (1876- )
            • 6 Morris Wellman Le Gallais (1878-1950) m (1902) Mary Matthews (c1875-1943)
              • 7 Nason Le Gallais (1903- )
              • 7 Frank Le Gallais (1904- )
              • 7 Alice Le Gallais (1906-1988)
              • 7 Alfred Le Gallais (1909-1984) m (1934) Dorothy May Gilbert
              • 7 Wellman Le Gallais (1911-1916)
              • 7 Trevor Sinclair Le Gallais (1914-1990)
            • 6 Horatio Le Gallais (1880-1970) m (1903) Catherine Duffy (1877- )
              • 7 Charles Edward Le Gallais (1903-2002)
              • 7 Leo Francis Le Gallais (1908-1980) m Margery Toombs (1911- )
              • 7 Wilfred Le Gallais (1915-1997)
          • 5 Horatio Nason Le Gallais (1840-1923)[9] m (1881, NZ) Eliza Maria Wallis
          • 5 Alfred Eustace Le Gallais (1842- )
          • 5 Unknown Le Gallais (1844)
          • 5 Alice Maud Le Gallais (1847- ) twin
          • 5 Francis Edwin Le Gallais (1847- ) twin m Amelia Holt
            • 6 William Le Gallais (1879- ) m Gertrude Elizabeth Westbury
              • 7 Richard Lyle Le Gallais (1916-1983) [11] m Juliette Forsythe (South Africa)
            • 6 Carlyle Le Gallais (1881-1967) m Madeleine Picquet, d of F G Picquet
              • 7 Frank Le Gallais
            • 6 Geoffrey Le Gallais (1883- )
            • 6 Norman Le Gallais (1889- )
          • 5 Julia Charlotte Le Gallais (1849- )
    • 2 Philippe Le Gallais (1707- ) m (3/1742/3, St S) Jeanne Gavey, daughter of Gedeon (St S)
      • 3 Jeanne Le Gallais (1743-by 1747)
      • 3 Elizabeth Le Gallais (1744- ) [12] m (1771, St P) William Gregory junr.
      • 3 Jeanne Le Gallais (1747- )
      • 3 Philippe Le Gallais (1752- ) [13]
      • 3 Daniel Le Gallais (1755- )
      • 3 William Le Gallais (1757- ) [14]
    • 2 Elizabeth Le Gallais (10/1710- ) (St S) [15] m (1743, St P) William Gregory ( -1774) [16] (St H)
      • 3 Anne Gregory (ca. 1745-1790) m Jean Vallord [17]
      • 3 William Gregory junr. (ca.1750-1793) m (1771, St P) Elizabeth Le Gallais [18]
        • 4 William Gregory (1772-by 1775) [19]
        • 4 William Gregory (1775- ) [20] m Anne Greenaway (issue)
        • 4 Philip Gregory (1778- ) [21] m Elizabeth Le Brun (issue)
        • 4 Elizabeth Gregory (1782- )
    • 2 Jeanne Le Gallais (1713- )
    • 2 Esther Le Gallais (1716- ) (St S) [22] living 1775 m (1736, St S) Jean Le Grand (St P)

Notes and references

  1. The godparents of Richard Nicolas Le Gallais (1801-1802) were Nicolas Le Gallais and Madelaine Sohier, his wife (uncle and aunt), meaning that Richard (husband of Susanne Sorel) must have had a brother named Nicolas. The will of Nicolas Le Gallais, written in 1817 and proven in 1818, mentions his wife Madelaine Sohier and his sisters Elizabeth, widow of John Soullemont; Francoise, widow of Jean Bisson; and Margueritte, widow of Edouard Gallichan. The only Richard I could find with a brother Nicolas was the son of of Jean Le Gallais and Sara Neel, who did also have a daughter Marguerite - but no Francoise or Elizabeth. There was, however, a Francois. Jersey Archive checked the original church record and confirmed that the transcribed record of a baptism in St Helier of Francois in 1755, as suspected, was an error and the original reads Francoise. It appears to have been misread due to ink coming through from the other side of the page. I found a will of Jeanne Le Gallais written in 1790 and proven in 1791 that mentions her sister Elizabeth Le Gallais wife of John Soulemont. So now there are two sisters of Richard and Nicolas still to find. Having searched for all baptisms of Elizabeth, the only one who was a daughter of a Jean Le Gallais and had a sister Jeanne were children of Jean Le Gallais and Jeanne Piquet. My conclusion is that Richard's father Jean was first married to Jeanne Piquet (who died in 1753) before marrying his mother Sara Neel in 1754. The only thing that seems perhaps unusual is that if Jean Le Gallais was the one baptised in 1706 (as the baptism records of Jeanne Piquet's children suggests) then he would have fathered his last child aged 66. I have not yet proven my theory so I have marked the earlier generations, which may prove to be unconnected, in red. Some other records noted when putting together this tree: Will of Richard Le Gallais written in 1803 and proven in 1815 mentions his wife Susanne Sorel and his father as Jean Le Gallais. PCC attachment (dated 14 July 1818) to the probate of the will of Nicholas Le Gallais says "son of John". Richard Le Gallais (1829- ) – Godparents were Edward Gallichan and Marguerite Le Gallais (though no relationship is stated, if this tree is correct, they would have been his father’s aunt and her son, his father’s cousin) Charles Edward Le Gallais (1838-1897) – Godparents, represented by his father Richard, were Edward John Gallichan and Esther Renouf (though no relationship is stated, if this tree is correct they would have been his father’s cousin and his father’s cousin’s wife) Edourd Jean Gallichan (1803-1849) – Godparents were Jean Bisson and Francoise Le Gallais, widow of Jean Bisson (though no relationship is stated, if this tree is correct they would have been his cousin and his aunt) Baptism records of Richard Le Gallais (1744- ) and Elizabeth Le Gallais (1747-1747) say fils/ fille de Jean Le Gallais, fils de feu Richard Le Gallais, et Jeanne Piquet
  2. Although the author of the tree was not certain about the relationships in the early generations formerly shown in red, we no longer have any doubts that Jean (generation 2) was the son of Richard and Jeanne Dorey, as shown in the St Helier baptism register. Richard, himself, (generation 1) was evidently baptised in St Saviour in 1678, the son of Aaron Le Gallais, who also had two sons named Aaron, born in 1681 and 1689. The latter was probably the Aaron Le Gallais, Master Mariner in 1733: see John Jean, Jersey Sailing Ships, (Chichester: Phillimore, 1982), 141. Aaron Le Gallais senr. (ca. 1650- ) was probably he who married Rachel Cabot in 1675, at St Saviour. There were also born in that parish to Aaron, Marie Le Gallais (1684), Jean (1695) and Collette (1698)
  3. Godparents: Philippe Dorey and Catherine, his daughter
  4. Richard and his sister Elizabeth are each described on christening as son and daughter "of Jean Le Gallais (son of the late Richard Le Gallais) and Jeanne Picquet, his wife," which removes any ambiguity
  5. Jeanne`s godparents were Jean Le Grand and her aunt, Jeanne Le Gallais, after whom she was named. The choice of Jean Le Grand as godfather, who had in 1736 married Esther Le Gallais, fille Richard, is important, as it directly links the child and her siblings to the family of Richard Le Gallais and Jeanne Dorey
  6. Francoise`s godparents were Mr Elie Neel and Mse Francoise Neel, wife of Charles de Ste Croix
  7. Godparents: Thomas Neel, Grandfather, and Anne Neel, Aunt of the child
  8. Godparents: Philippe Le Gallais and Jeanne Gavey, his wife, representing Anne Gregory
  9. Emigrated to NZ
  10. Killed in action Gallipoli
  11. Judge, H.M. Colonial Service
  12. Godparents: Me Gedeon Gavey, Grandfather, of St Saviour, and Mse Elizabeth Gavey, his daughter, Aunt of the child
  13. "Philippe Le Gallais junr." was the godfather, described as uncle, of William Gregory (son of William, son of William) in 1775
  14. Whose godparents were his "uncle" and "aunt", being respectively, William Gregory and Elizabeth Le Gallais
  15. Elizabeth`s godparents were Aaron [Le] Gallais and Elizabeth Dorey
  16. Often written in Jersey registers as Grigri. William Gregory and Elizabeth Le Gallais were godparents, described as uncle and aunt, of William Le Gallais, in 1757, the son of Mr Philippe Le Gallais and Jeanne Gavey, his wife
  17. Me Jean Valleur [Vallord] and Mse Anne Grigri (sic), his wife, were the godparents of Jean Bisson (1781), son of Jean and of his wife, Francoise Le Gallais, daughter of Jean and of Sara Neel
  18. His first cousin
  19. "Son of Me William Gregory junr. and Mse Elizabeth Le Gallais, his wife," his godparents were Me Jean Vallord, Uncle, representing Me William Gregory senr., Grandfather, and Mse Esther Le Grand of St Peter, representing Mse Elizabeth Le Gallais. There was yet another party, Mse Sara de Rue of St Martin, also representing Mse Elizabeth Le Gallais
  20. Godparents were "Philippe Le Gallais junior, Uncle" and Esther Le Gallais, wife of Jean Le Grand, Great-Aunt, who was representing Esther Le Grand (above), Aunt of the child
  21. Godparents: Me Jean Vallord and Mse Anne Gregory, his wife, Uncle and Aunt of the child
  22. Christened as "Esther fille Richard Gallais". The godparents of Esther and Le Grand`s children, in St Peter, include Philippe Le Gallais and his sister Elizabeth (1738), Jeanne Le Gallais (1740) and William Gregory (1744). The relationship of Esther Le Gallais "fille Richard" to the Gregorys and their labyrinthine relationships to and with the families of Philippe Le Gallais and Jeanne Gavey, and Jean Le Gallais and Sara Neel, confirm the equal descent of each party from Richard Le Gallais and Jeanne Dorey
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