Descendants of Symon Dolbel

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Descendants of Symon Dolbel


Dolbel of St Etienne, St Saviour

This tree was added to the site in 2011 and considerably expanded by Guy Dixon in 2019. Research is ongoing, so this tree must be regarded as provisional

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  • 1 Symon Dolbel (1440?- ) (St S) m Unknown Hue, sister of Sire Jehan Hue, Rector (St S) [1]
    • 2 Thomas Dolbel (1465?- ) [2]
      • 3 Thomas Dolbel (1490?- )
        • 4 Thomas Dolbel (1520?- ) m Elizabeth Unknown ( -19/11/1554) (St S) [3]
          • 5 Guillaume Dolbel (1547-1579) [4] m (1570, St S) Thomasse Baudains ( -1593) [5] d of Edouard, of `Le Taillis`, Fouageur of St Martin [6]
            • 6 Edouard Dolbel (1572- ) died an infant?
            • 6 Thomas Dolbel (1574-by 1577) [7]
            • 6 Jean Dolbel (1576- ) [8] m (1612, St S) Rebecca Bertram
              • 7 Jean Dolbel (1614- ) [9] m (1643, St S) Elizabeth Besnard
                • 8 Jean Dolbel (1643?- ) of St Etienne (St S) [10]
                • 8 Elizabeth Dolbel (1644- )
                • 8 Philippe Dolbel (1645- )
              • 7 Marguerite Dolbel (1615/6- )
              • 7 Elizabeth Dolbel (1617- )
              • 7 Thomas Dolbel (1621- )
            • 6 Thomas Dolbel (1577- )
            • 6 Elizabeth Dolbel (1579- )
          • 5 John Dolbel (1549- ) [11]
          • 5 Thomas Dolbel, living 1595 [12]
          • 5 Child Dolbel ( -17/11/1554) [13]
        • 4 Julien Dolbel (1530?-1582) Rector, 1567-1582 (St S) [14] m (1561, St S) Yolande Gavey d of Guillaume (St S)
          • 5 John Dolbel (1565- ) B.A. (Oxon) [15]
          • 5 Daniel Dolbel (1568-by 1576?)
          • 5 Matthieu Dolbel (1570-1570)
          • 5 Marie Dolbel (1572- )
          • 5 Jeanne Dolbel (1573- ) m Jean Falle
            • 6 Lucas Falle (1609- )
          • 5 Susanne Dolbel (1575-1580)
          • 5 Daniel Dolbel (1576- ) [16]
          • 5 Elizabeth Dolbel (1580- )
          • 5 Marthe Dolbel (1582- )
    • 2 Guillaume Dolbel (1475?- ) (St S) [17]
    • 2 Alignor Dolbel , living 1502

Notes and references

  1. Founder of St Mannelier Grammar School
  2. Mentioned in a partage in 1498. He was probably the Thomas Dolbel, who was a St Saviour Sermenté, juror, assisting Crown Commissioners in 1515: Rapport des Commissaires (1515)
  3. Thomas` wife was provisionally thought to be Catherine Hubert, daughter of Simon, of St Saviour. However, a deed dated 10 January 1608 [R.P. 3/60] gives all her family namely, her eldest son, Thomas Dolbel and his eldest son, Jean Dolbel; her three daughters were Denyze Dolbel ( -1595), wife of André Pallot, Catherine Dolbel, widow of Hugh Yden, and Jacquette Dolbel, wife of Regnauld Horman. Of the daughters, Catherine was baptized in St Savior in 1548 and at least one of the children will have been baptized prior to the earliest Dolbel register entry in that parish, which was in 1542. The St Saviour register also shows that, between 1543 and 1552, two Thomas Dolbels were presenting children in baptism. The wife of this other Thomas was named Elizabeth, as now shown on the tree. Those mentioned in the 1608 contract, moreover, do not match the known St Etienne family, and are now to be found in Descendants of Thomas Dolbel and Catherine Hubert
  4. Chef-Sergent de St Sauveur, 1567: ABSJ, V, 149. To distinguish him from the other Guillaume Dolbel (see below), he was buried at St Saviour on the 16/09/1579 as "Guillaume Dolbel fils Thomas"
  5. There were two almost contemporary marriages in St Saviour, with Guillaume Dolbel as the bridegroom. The first was in 1570, to Thomasse Baudains. The second was to Anne Martin, in 1573. Jean Dolbel, son of Guillaume, who is known to have continued the St Etienne line, was baptized in 1576, with Edouard Baudains as godfather
  6. ABSJ, V, 149. Thomasse was sister to Laurens Baudains, founder of Le Don Baudains. Thomasse married secondly (in 1587) Damyan Poingdestre
  7. Godfather: Julian Dolbel
  8. Jean Dolbel, despite his comparative youth, followed his late father as Chef-Sergent of St Saviour. However, on the 28th April 1597, he was answering for not having attended the sitting of the court: Cour d`Héritage 6/260r (1597), St Saviour. Also, "Jean Dolbel, fils Guillaume de St Etienne" was involved in an action in 1631, being sued by François de Carteret and Benjamin La Cloche regarding an acquisition he had made: L/C/65/B8/7, at the Jersey Archive
  9. "Jean Dolbel, fils Jean, de St Etienne," St Saviour, owed the Crown, to be collected in St Martin, for the Priory of St Clement 1 Quartier of annual wheat rentes and 4 cabots for the forfeiture of Nicolas Valpy: Extente (1668). This exact sum was owed in the Extente of 1749, by his then representative, Mse Rachel Dolbel "for John Dolbel, in right of his wife, daughter of Richard, heir of John Dolbel (de St Estienne)..en deux instances"
  10. Jean Dolbel of St Etienne was engaged in litigation in 1691 against Mr Helier Hue, regarding who had the legal representation of Sire John Hue, Rector of St Saviour and Founder of St Mannelier. ABSJ, V, 117, 123, mentions the action. Furthermore, an unsigned manuscript genealogy in the Lord Coutanche Library, Société Jersiaise, links the 1691 plaintiff, Jean Dolbel, to the Hue family of the late 15th century, but is plainly erroneous on one point. Deriving most of its information from the court proceedings, it records that the plaintiff, Jean Dolbel of St Etienne, was son of Jean, son of Jean, son of Guillaume. The writer assumes that this last Guillaume will be the Guillaume who was of age, and thus able to be a party to the partage of 1498 (above). There are clearly two generations missing between the plaintiff`s great-grandfather Guillaume Dolbel and Thomas Dolbel (fils Symon), who is, by way of contradiction, described on the same manuscript tree as "ancestor of the Dolbels of St Etienne". The only way the 1691 Jean "of St Etienne" could be descended from that family and hence be able to represent them in these proceedings, would be if he were a descendant of Thomas (fils Symon), the plainly stated forbear of the subsequent family. Regarding the missing generations, generation 3 is revealed by the parentage of the rector, Julien Dolbel, who was described by Messervy (below) as being "fils Etienne"
  11. Godparents: Dom John Dolbel (priest), Dom Philippe Dolbel (priest) and others. John may have been the below-mentioned "enfant de Thomas Dolbel de St Etienne" buried at St Saviour on the 17th November 1554
  12. C.Hér. 6/188 (30/04/1595), St Saviour: "Jehan Dolbel, eldest son of Guillaume Dolbel, the said Guillaume, eldest son of Thomas Dolbel", being sued by Thomas Dolbel younger son of the said Thomas, regarding the inheritance of the said "Thomas Dolbel Le Viel"
  13. "Enfant de Thomas Dolbel de St Etienne," buried two days before the mother
  14. Messervy states, in his "List of Rectors of St Saviour", that Julien was "fils Thomas.. of..St Etienne": ABSJ, VII, 134-5
  15. Alumni Oxoniensis: "Dolbell, John, of `Gersey,` cler. fil. [clergyman`s son], Christ Church, matric. 23 Nov. 1581 @ 16. B.A. 10/06/1585 as Dolobell". Julian Dolbel was the only Jersey clergyman of this surname at the time. Where he was a curate, or held a living, prior to St Saviour in 1567 and therefore, where John was baptised, is not known
  16. Daniel Dolbel, younger son of Julian Dolbel, Rector of St Saviour, was one of those "three children who are the most advanced and capable of study...proposed to be supported, [in order] to be rendered capable of the [Island] ministry," selected on the 17th December 1593: Actes des Etats 3, (Société Jersiaise, 1897), 1524-1596, 68. Ibid., 77: On the 8th September 1596, the States agreed to refund the moneys advanced by the parishes of St Helier and St Saviour for the support of Daniel Dolbel. The primary sources cited were the Cour du Samedi, Volumes 19 and 20, for the respective dates
  17. Mentioned in the partage of 1498. Guillaume Dolbel of St Saviour features, as discussed above, in the unsigned manuscript Dolbel genealogy at the Lord Coutanche Library, Société Jersiaise. He is shown as a younger brother of Thomas (fils Symon). Guillaume was mentioned in the Extente of 1528
  18. Marie Falle, her mother Helière Dolbel, her grandfather, Thomas Dolbel and her great-grandfather, Guillaume Dolbel (above), are extracted from the research of the Reverend J.A. Messervy: ABSJ, V, 217
  19. See Charles Langton`s genealogy of the Hubert family, at the above library
  20. C.Hér. 5/77 (1585): Marie being the "fille puisney" of Jean Dolbel, elder son of Guillaume; and Jenette Dolbel, the eldest daughter of the same
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