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Descendants of Thomas Anquetil

Anquetil of St Helier and afterwards of St Ouen

This tree was added in 2018 to show the ancestry of war hero Brigadier General Thomas Anquetil, who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 1842. We have not been able to establish any links between this tree and our other Anquetil trees. The links between the early generations are supported by parish records but remain somewhat speculative. All baptisms and marriages in St Helier unless otherwise shown

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  • 1 Thomas Anquetil or Guillemine [1] (N`dy.? > St H) (1665?-1729) m Elizabeth Benest ( -1753) d of Nicolas; sis. and h. of her brothers, Jean and Philippe [2]
    • 2 Thomas Anquetil (1696-1751) [3] (St H) m 1 (1719, St H) Marie Samson ( -1745) d of Isaac and Sara
      • 3 Jean Anquetil (1720-by 1769) (St H) m (1743, St B) Anne Cailletou d of Pierre and Louise Lys
        • 4 Thomas Anquetil (1744-1746) [4]
        • 4 Jean Anquetil (1746-by 1769) [5] (St H) no issue
        • 4 Anne Louise Anquetil (1748- ) Heiress of her father, 1769
        • 4 Marie Anquetil (1750- )
        • 4 Susanne Anquetil (1751- ) living 1786 [6]
        • 4 Esther Anquetil (1754-1754) [7]
        • 4 Esther Anquetil (1756- )
      • 3 Thomas Anquetil (1723-1778) (St H) [8] m (1743, Gr) Marguerite de Ste Croix d of Henry and Marguerite Nicolle
        • 4 Margueritte Anquetil (1744-1810) [9]
        • 4 Francois Anquetil (1746-1811) [10] (St H) m Elizabeth Naftel (Gsy.)
          • 5 Francois Guillaume [11] Anquetil (1805-by 1855) [12] m (1830, St H) Ann Rider (1810-1855) (St H)
          • 5 Elizabeth Marie Anquetil (1797-1809)
        • 4 Jeanne Anquetil (1748- )
        • 4 Thomas Anquetil (1750-1800) (St H) [13] m Marie Poingdestre ( -1802) [14] sis. of Jean, R.N. [15]
          • 5 Thomas John Anquetil (1784-1842) [16] Bengal Army, HEICS
          • 5 Francois Anquetil (1785- ) (St H) [17] m (1815, St H) Marguerite Le Cronier ( -1844) d of George [18] (St H) and Marguerite Laugee d of Jean
            • 6 Marguerite Catherine Anquetil (1816- )
            • 6 Henriette Anquetil (1818- )
            • 6 Julie Anquetil (1820-1820)
            • 6 Georgiana Judith Anquetil (1821-1901?)
            • 6 Jane Young Anquetil (1830-1830)
        • 4 Elizabeth Anquetil (1751-1796) m (1787, St H) Pierre Thoreau [19]
        • 4 Marie Anquetil (1754- )
      • 3 Isaac Anquetil (1725-1729)
      • 3 Marie Anquetil (1730-1733)
    • by the 2nd marriage of Thomas Anquetil, m (1746, St H) Susanne Le Masurier ( -1760) (Tr)
      • 3 Susanne Anquetil (1747- )
      • 3 Philippe Anquetil (1750-1825?) [20] (St H)
    • 2 Marie Anquetil (1698- ) [21] m (1722, St C) Philippe Rouet
    • 2 Jean Anquetil (1700?-1752) (St H) m Anne Auldel ( -1768)
      • 3 Jean Anquetil (1723- ) (St H) m (1747, Gr) Marie Le Feuvre (St H)
        • 4 Jean Anquetil (1754- ) (St H)
      • 3 Sara Anquetil (1725- ) [22] m (1753, St B) Thomas Bingam
      • 3 Thomas Anquetil (1728-1783) (St H) m Susanne Le Riche, sis. of Philippe
        • 4 Thomas Anquetil (1771-1829 ae 58) [23] (St H) m Jeanne du Bois ( -1820)
          • 5 Elizabeth Jeanne Anquetil (1799- )
        • 4 Philippe Anquetil (1775-1829?) [24] (St H) m (1800, St P) Anne Alexandre d of Amice and Francoise Le Maistre (St P)
          • 5 Philippe Jean Anquetil (1805-by 1871) (St H > St O) [25] m (1829, St H) Susanne de Caen d of Philippe, s of Philippe, s of Simon (St O)
            • 6 Susanne Alexandre Anquetil (1831- ) living 1891
              • 7 Edmund Andrew Anquetil (1862?-1934) [26] m (1886, St O) Isabel Fauvel
                • 8 Edmund (Ted) Mortimer Anquetil (1886- ) (St O) [27] m (1910, St S) Olivia Beatrice Buesnel d of John Gallichan Buesnel, Farmer (St S)
                  • 9 Olga Beatrice Anquetil (1912- ) m (1932, St Lk) Benjamin Frederick Wilkins [28]
                • 8 Isabella Annie Anquetil (1887- )
                • 8 Ida Annie Anquetil (1889- ) m (1908, St O) John Philip Lempriere [29] s o George Philip
                • 8 Albert (Bert) John Dumaresq Anquetil (1890-1946) [30] m (1920, St O) Bella du Feu (1898-1948) d of Peter
                  • 9 Enid Joyce Anquetil (1921- ) m Jack Burch
                  • 9 Roy Albert Anquetil (1924- ) [31] m D. Le Cornu [32] (with issue)
                  • 9 Doreen May Anquetil (1927- ) m 1 ( -- ); 2 Tony Hogan
                • 8 Florence Adela Anquetil (1892- ) m ( -- ) Malzard
                • 8 Gladys Isabel Anquetil (1893- )
                • 8 Olive Matilda Anquetil (1896- ) m (1916, Reading) Walter Joseph Adams, senr.
                • 8 Edith Maude Anquetil (1896- ) m (1923, Lancs.) George Wakefield
                • 8 Irene Evelyn Anquetil (1897- ) m ( -- ) Emmett
                • 8 Clarence Henry Anquetil (1900-1970) m (1926, St B) Florence Anne Huchet (Augerez, St P)
                  • 9 Living Anquetil
                  • 9 Brian Clarence Anquetil, died an infant
                  • 9 Margaret Rose Anquetil, died an infant
                  • 9 June Mary Anquetil, died an infant
            • 6 Mary de Caen Anquetil (1834- ) m (1866, St H) Edmond Pierre, Marin (Fr.)
            • 6 Jane Anquetil (1837- ) (St O) [33] m (1867, St O) George Renyard
            • 6 Anne Francoise Anquetil (11/1839-12/1839)
            • 6 Anne Francoise Anquetil (12/1840-1841)
            • 6 Philippe Jean George Anquetil (1842-1880) [34] (St O) m 1 (1873, St O) Jane Elizabeth Le Ruez d of Abraham [35] (St O); 2 (1876, St H) Caroline Jane Selous, Widow of Francois Alexandre [36]
            • 6 Jean Anquetil (1843?- ) no issue
            • 6 Anne Anquetil (1845- ) (St O)
            • 6 Elizabeth Susanne Anquetil (1850- ) (St O) m Joseph Sergent [37]
        • 4 Jeanne Anquetil (1778-1815?) [38] (St H)
        • 4 Elizabeth Anquetil (1781- ) (St H)
      • 3 Anne Anquetil (1731-1734) [39]
      • 3 Aaron Anquetil (1734- ) [40] (St H)
      • 3 Marie Anquetil (1736- ) [41] (St H)
        • 4 Anne Anquetil (1759- ) [42] (St H)
    • 2 Nicolas Anquetil/Guillemine (1706-1710) [43] (St H)
    • 2 Jeanne Guillemin (sic) ( -1712) [44] (St H)
    • 2 Elie "Anquetil ou Guillmine" (1713-1767) (St H) m (1746, St H) Elizabeth Gibbs ( -1780) d of Thomas (St H)
      • 3 Elie Anquetil (1749- ) [45] (St H)
      • 3 Philippe Anquetil (1753- ) (St H)
      • 3 Jean Anquetil (1761- ) [46] (St H)

Notes and references

  1. At first called "Anquetil ou Guillemine", he was almost certainly a Huguenot refugee from Normandy, where the surname has been common since Viking times. He signed the Jersey Oath of Association Roll, in St Helier, 1696. His, was probably the abjuration from the Roman Catholic Church, before the Jersey Ecclesiastical Court, on November 1st 1690: "Anquetil, Gilonne, [Guillemine?] of Cheffrêne, Bishopric of Coutances, [now of] St Helier." Guillemins, in their own right, also abjured in 1687/8, being Francois, Cutler, of Châtelleraut, Marie Guilemin, widow of René Le Roi, Merchant, of Saumur, and Esther, wife of André Guillemin, Merchant, of Saumur. Thomas` name does not appear in the Jersey Land Register, so it seems that he was not able to bring with him to Jersey much money. His wife, on the other hand, had property
  2. R.P.43/131 (1751) mentions Elizabeth Benest as heiress of her two brothers, whilst the christening of her son Thomas in 1696, names her father. In the 1751 deed, Elizabeth sells to her "grandson and presumptive principal heir", Jean Anquetil, son of Thomas, her house in St Helier on the Fief de la Fosse, on the condition that he will care for her the rest of her life and give her 16 sols 8 deniers pocket-money a week. A deed dated 28/1/1769 (R.P.52/43), describes the house on the Fief de la Fosse, as being to the east of Town Hill (which now features Fort Regent), and to the west of the public road. It was sold, on that date, by Elizabeth`s great-grand-daughter to the merchant and shipowner Pierre Mallet. The house was La Maison du Mont, described as having been formerly the property of Elizabeth`s brother, Jean Benest. The house was demolished, not too long ago, to make way for the Fort Regent Tunnel`s approach road. Part of the garden and outbuildings were situated almost exactly where today, there stands Maison La Corderie. For further information on the subject of this interesting old property, see: ABSJ, (1969), 63-69
  3. Godparents: Nicolas Benest, Grandfather, and Elizabeth Mollet, Grandmother
  4. Godparents: Thomas Anquetil, Grandfather, and Louise Lys, Grandmother, widow of Pierre Cailletou
  5. Godparents: Mr George Cailletou, Uncle, and Mse Susanne Le Masurier, wife of Thomas Anquetil, Grandmother [step-grandmother]. He was, perhaps, the "Jean Anquetil, fils Jean" buried in 1755, although his father`s 1st cousin, Jean (1723- ), also matched the description
  6. In 1786 (R.P.69/207), Mse Susanne Anquetil, evidently then single, the daughter of Jean, bought from Mr George Cailletou, his part of an inheritance. She may possibly have been, however, the Susanne Anquetil, wife of Nicolas Bailhache, who was buried in 1788, in St Helier
  7. Godfather: Nicolas Mallet (sic), Uncle, Lecteur of St Helier. Nicolas, a Huguenot, had married Marie Cailletou, the baby`s aunt
  8. Captain of Elizabeth, a 60 ton schooner, 1777-1778. His son, Thomas (1750-1800), was also, by 1784, a captain. However, the Anquetil captaincy of Elizabeth having ceased in 1778, when Thomas senior was buried in St Helier, points to his having been this specific captain
  9. Godparents: Thomas Anquetil senr., Grandfather, and Marguerite Nicolle, widow of Henry de Ste Croix, Grandmother
  10. Will dated and proved, 1811. Francois was Commander of the privateer Argus, 1779 [Cour du Samedi, cited in Langton Miscellany], and was afterwards a Merchant, in partnership with his brother Thomas. He was a Lieutenant, RJM
  11. "Francis William"
  12. Captain, RJMA; he appears to have died outside the Island by 1855, as his wife was buried then in St Helier, as a widow. No children are recorded, of their marriage
  13. Will dated 1790, with probate granted in 1800. He was Captain of Ceres, 1784, Nancy, 1786 and Captain and owner of Two Friends, 1790. He became a successful merchant and shipowner, with his brother, Francois. Their trade will have been with Newfoundland, as the Almanach Historique (1790) includes Thomas Anquetil, "Master and owner" of the 71 ton vessel Two Friends in a list, for that year, of those sailing each spring from Jersey to Newfoundland
  14. No record of this marriage has been found, but Thomas and Marie are known to have been the parents of Brigadier General Thomas, and this is supported by baptism records
  15. Lieutenant
  16. Godparents: Jean Poingdestre, Gent., and Elizabeth Anquetil, Uncle and Aunt
  17. Godparents: Francois Anquetil, Uncle, and Elizabeth Nicolle, wife of Jean Poingdestre Gent., Aunt. Francois, to judge by his title of Gentleman, was probably the man of this name who was a Lieutenant, RJM
  18. Merchant (1804-1826)
  19. Born of this marriage were Pierre and Elizabeth Thoreau, who were both left £2,000 sterling, in the 1811 Will of Francois Anquetil, their uncle
  20. There were two Philippe Anquetils then living in St Helier, this man and his 1st cousin, Thomas`s son, Philippe. One died in 1825, one in 1829
  21. Baptized as "Marie fille Thomas Anquetil and Elizabeth Benest" [sa femme]
  22. Godfather: Me Thomas Denton, of St Brelade [merchant]
  23. Died at the Hospital
  24. Godfather: Philippe Le Riche, Uncle. See above, regarding the two Philippes, one dying in 1825, one in 1829
  25. Settled in St Ouen, at Le Marais. A one-time Master Mariner (1866), he was the first of his family to be recorded as a Farmer (1873: son`s marriage register entry) and was, by then, the senior male representative of this family
  26. Of Le Marais, St Ouen; Postman and Cycle shop proprietor, St Ouen
  27. Motor Mechanic (1932)) and Guest House Owner, St Helier
  28. Of "Fetch and Carry," and formerly a Stationer
  29. Shoemaker. Their son, Jack Lempriere (John Philip), settled in Canada
  30. Dental Mechanic
  31. Legal Assistant, Messrs. Le Masurier, Giffard and Poch
  32. Schoolmistress, First Tower School
  33. "Principal heiress of her mother", Susanne de Caen, in 1898
  34. Mariner in 1873, and afterwards a Farmer. Will dated 12/3/1878, proved 31/3/1880
  35. Mariner
  36. There was no issue of this marriage
  37. Elizabeth Susanne Anquetil was, in 1898, living in the United States of America, with her husband. A Jersey partage shows that she was the "younger daughter and co-heiress" of her mother, Susanne de Caen, which establishes that both of her brothers had died without issue
  38. Died in the Hospital
  39. Godparents: Thomas Anquetil and Marie Sampson, his wife, Uncle and Aunt
  40. Godparents: Me Aaron de Ste Croix and Mse Sara L`Isle, his wife
  41. Same godparents as her sister Anne, in 1731
  42. Godparents: Her mother`s 1st cousin, Jean Anquetil and Anne Cailleteau, his wife
  43. Baptized as [translated]: "Nicolas son of Thomas Guillemine" and buried as "Nicolas Anquetil, son of Thomas Anquetil"
  44. Buried as "Jeanne, daughter of Thomas Guillemin"
  45. Godparents: Thomas Gibbs, Grandfather, and Elizabeth, Grandmother
  46. It seems that he and his siblings left the Island?
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