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The costs of keeping Jerripedia (including the substantial Guernsey section starting on this page) running on the Web are considerable, and for ten years they were met by the Guernsey Society. That arrangement is now ended and, if we are to continue, we have to secure the necessary funding in other ways.

The promise made when the site launched, that it will always be free to access, is being maintained and we have ruled out advertising and commercial sponsorship, or a link to any other organisation, to ensure our continuing independence.

We hope that regular visitors to the site and anybody whom it has helped in their family history research will make a small donation, by clicking on the Donate button at the bottom of the left column. This process uses PayPal and is totally secure. We will not see any of your card details.

Please help us maintain your independent website and keep it growing for the benefit of all researchers and those who are interested in these islands.



Jerripedia was launched alongside Donkipedia, the Guernsey online encyclopedia, and the two sites operated side-by-side under the banner of for a number of years

The hosting of the two sites was sponsored by the Guernsey Society from their launch in 2010, but that arrangement has ended and the Donkipedia domain is no longer active.

Although has now been rebranded as, it retains most of the original Bailiwick of Guernsey content, linked from this page, and we intend to update the existing content, develop it and extend its range in the future, for the benefit of all those who are researching their family history across the Channel Islands.

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