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Lawyers who do most of the work performed by Solicitors in England. Formerly admitted by the Bailiff without any test. Since 1867 they must have worked five years in an Advocate's or Ecrivain's office, and then have passed a local law examination.

Jersey's legal profession is fused in that advocates may appear in all Courts and may perform all the work of a solicitor. A solicitor or ecrivain performs all the usual work of a solicitor but may appear only in the Petty Debts Court. To qualify as an advocate it is necessary to have passed the English or French bar exams, or the English solicitors final exams and in either case a set of Jersey exams which may include exams at Caen University. Alternatively solicitors may qualify by only taking Jersey exams. Many of the locally qualified advocates and solicitors have worked outside Jersey. There are presently approximately 92 practising advocates and 42 practising solicitors. In addition, many offices have English qualified assistants. There are also about 26 English qualified solicitors practising as English solicitors in Jersey.

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