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Jersey index - N

This is Jerripedia's index to nearly 4,000 entries for Jersey graves on the commercial website Find A Grave.

The website, established in 1995, claims to be the 'world's largest gravesite collection' and contains millions of entries for graves around the world. These have all been added by registered contributors.

The idea is that researchers who have discovered graves of their ancestors add the available information to the site, with a photograph of the grave, wherever possible. Unfortunately the site seems to be dominated by people (mainly in the USA) who have made a hobby out of adding graves which have nothing to do with their family; the entries containing very little information other than the name of the grave's occupant and the cemetery where it is to be found. This information has clearly been drawn from other genealogy websites' burial records. We have encountered one contributor of records for 17th century graves in Jersey churchyards who has added over 100,000 records to Find A Grave over six years, and continues to add over 200 every week.

This has little or no value for researchers of Jersey families, but the records added by descendants, often accompanied by photographs, and with a potted history of their ancestors, are of infinitely greater value. We have produced this index to all the Jersey records on Find A Grave at the end of March 2018, for the 12 cemeteries with 12 or more records. We hope to update the index from time to time as the number of Jersey records on Find A Grave grows

To check for possible grave photographs and more information, go to Find A Grave, select the appropriate cemetery from the list

The cemeteries currently included in this index are

St Brelade
St Clement
St John
St Lawrence
St Ouen
St Martin
St Saviour
Mont à l'Abbé Old
Mont à l'Abbé New
St Matthew's RC

Index to Jersey cemetery burials on Find a Grave

Surname Forenames Dates Cemetery
Namon Harold Namon unknown – 19 Jun Mont a l'Abbe New
Neale Arnold Neale unknown – 8 Mar 1927 Almorah
Neale Mary Ann Le Ray Neale unknown – 2 Jul 1910 Almorah
Neil Elizabeth Neil 16 Nov 1904 – 20 May 1991 St Ouen
Neil George Neil 16 Jul 1901 – 5 Jul 1990 St Ouen
Newman Eliza Skelton Newman unknown – 1922 Mont a l'Abbe New
Newman Elizabeth Newman unknown – 23 Apr 1882 Mont a l'Abbe New
Newman Sidney Thomas Newman Birth and death dates unknown Mont a l'Abbe New
Newman Thomas George Newman unknown – 16 Apr Mont a l'Abbe New
Nicolas Agnes Rose Whelan Nicolas unknown – 9 Jun 1949 Mont a l'Abbe New
Nicolas Patricia Ann Nicolas unknown – 22 Jul 1979 Mont a l'Abbe New
Nicole Emma Nicole Sep 1888 – 17 Jul 1974 St Lawrence
Nicolle Charles Stanley Nicolle unknown – 19 Jan 1988 St Lawrence
Nicolle Elen Florence “Ellen” Nicolle 13 ??? 1886 – 2 Jan 1948 St John
Nicolle Emma Nicolle 26 Sep 1888 – 17 Jul 1974 St Lawrence
Nicolle Francis Nicolle unknown – 9 Apr 1901 Mont a l'Abbe Old
Nicolle Jane Nicolle unknown – 17 Jun 1999 St Lawrence
Nicolle J F Nicolle unknown – 13 Sep 1919 Almorah
Nicolle Jeanne Le Breton Nicolle unknown – 14 Apr 1901 Almorah
Nightingale Philip Rooney Nightingale 1896 – unknown St Lawrence
Nobes Myrtle Agnes Nobes unknown – 9 Apr 1998 St Lawrence
Noel Alan Noel unknown – 9 Jun 1961 St Matthew's Roman Catholic Church
Noel Blanche Noel 17 Oct 1952 – unknown St Matthew's Roman Catholic Church
Noel Catherine Valerie “Kitty” Maly Noel 1914 – 2006 St Lawrence
Noel Doreen Angele Desiree Raimbault Noel 16 May 1932 – 5 Dec 2008 St Matthew's Roman Catholic Church
Noel John Noel unknown – 7 Feb 1891 Mont a l'Abbe New
Noel Marjorie May Noel unknown – 2008 St Lawrence
Noel Mary De Caen Noel unknown – 5 Jan 1886 Mont a l'Abbe New
Noel Philip Bentley “Peter” Noel 1920 – 1992 St Lawrence
Noel Philip Noel unknown – 23 Oct Mont a l'Abbe Old
Noel Adele Noel Le Marquand Noel unknown – Jul 2003 St Clement
Noel Anne Mary Cabot Noel unknown – May 1958 St Clement
Noel Anne Vaudin Noel unknown – Feb 1871 St Clement
Noel Annie Louisa Noel unknown – Mar 1951 St Clement
Noel Arthur Edmund Noel unknown – Jul 1948 St Clement
Noel Esther Noel unknown – May 1844 St Clement
Noel Harold John Noel unknown – Aug 2015 St Clement
Noel Margaret Joyce Noel unknown – May 1995 St Clement
Noel Marie Noel unknown – Jun 1842 St Clement
Noel Marie Noel unknown – Jul 1830 St Clement
Noel Phyllis Mary Webb Noel unknown – Jun 2001 St Clement
Norman A J Norman unknown – 7 Jul 1915AJ Norman Mont a l'Abbe New
Norman Ann Julia Norman unknown – 22 Aug 1907 Mont a l'Abbe New
Norman Annie Lillian Norman 1890 – 1921 Almorah
Norman Albert John Norman unknown – 27 Jul 1945 Mont a l'Abbe New
Novak Jaroslav Novak unknown – 6 Mar 1962 St Matthew's Roman Catholic Church
Nugent Christine Louise Ahier Nugent unknown – 9 May 1936 Almorah
Nugent George Walter Nugent 6 Aug 1848 – 27 Jan 1889 Almorah
Nugent John Edmond Nugent 1842 – 6 Dec 1892 Mont a l'Abbe New
Nugent John James Nugent unknown – 16 Jan 1924 Almorah
Nugent Mary Ann Waldron Nugent unknown – 28 Oct 1948 Almorah
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