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French amateur

photographer's images


These photographs of Jersey taken in 1896 by a French amateur photographer are part of a collection held by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. There is some confusion about who the photographer was

These photographs of coastal locations in Jersey were taken in 1896 and form part of an extensive album of images of France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg by a French amateur photographer.

There is some confusion about who this photographer was. The images appear on the website, which features collections in many European museums and archives, including a substantial number from Jersey Archive.

They come from the collection of the principal Dutch museum, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterday. names the photographer as Claude Francois Tachet; but the Rijksmuseum's own website says that they are 'attributed to Delizy'.

Whichever is the correct attribution, we have been able to find no other references to either Mr Tachet or Delizy.

The album also includes images of St Malo, Cancale and Mont St Michel, as well as more distant French locations.

Archive's copyright claim

The Jersey Archive images are mainly of postcards of Jersey from the early 1900s, but virtually all of them are blacked out on, although there are links enabling subscribers to view the images on the Archive website. Jersey Archive claim that the images are copyright. The whole exercise seems rather pointless because images taken over 110 years ago for publication as postcards are most unlikely still to be copyright, but even if they were, copyright would be owned by the original publisher or the photographers' heirs.

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