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Gérard Derous, Warden of the Isles 1223-1326 Derous was appointed to look after the Channel Islands by Lord of the Isles Otto de Grandison, but whether present or not, has did not appear to be functioning to the satisfaction of King Edward II in the early years of his appointment because the King sent Jean de Clyvedon as Warden. Clyvedon told him that no special warden was required because de Grandison had appointed Derous.

There were complaints against Derous during his period of office by the Abbot and monks of Mont St Michel.

He first visited the islands as an itinerant justice in 1323.

His actual name is far from certain, appearing as Gérard Derous, Dorme, Oronis or de Evrons. He is mentioned in "Ancient petitions of the Chancery and the Exchequer" relating to the Channel Islands and kept at the "Public Record Office" in London as having been de Grandison's lieutenant from 1321 to 1328.

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