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An unknown Mr Gallichan, photographed by Ernest Baudoux

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George, Sydney, Herbert and Donald Gallichan

Origin of Surname

Gallichan is an interesting example of the need of going back to the earliest form of a name. One writer derives it from two Latin words, gallus, a cock, and cano, I sing. Perhaps he guessed that the first Monsieur Gallichan was famous for rising at cock-crow.

But in 1269 and 1306 the name was spelt Le Galicien, showing that he came from Galicia, probably the one in Spain. We hear more than once of Spanish traders settling in Jersey. A further clue is that the name does not appear in works giving the derivation of French surnames.

Early records

The name is one of the oldest in Jersey, found in the Short Inquisition of 1274. Collas, Johan, Phulipot, Rauf and Serves are listed in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550. With over 1,200 baptisms on record, it is also one of the most frequently encountered names in the Jersey church registers.

Drouet Gallichan was born in Trinity in 1505 and Jean Gallichan in the same parish in 1513.

Gallichan remains a common name in Jersey today.


  • Gallichan, 1240
  • Galichien
  • Gallichen
  • Galicen, 1331
  • Galissian c1340
  • Le Galicien, 1306
  • Galicien pre-1292
  • Le Galycien 1309
  • Galichan 1299
  • de Gallycen 1274
  • Galician 1254, Gallicien 1240
  • Galitan
  • Galliceanus 1186
  • Legalitien 1180

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Matthew and Catherine Gallichan

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Gladys Rose Gallichan was born in St Helier in 1889 and emigrated to Newfoundland in 1914. She married Fridelain Chaine (1890-1964) in Edmonton, ALberta in 1917 and they had two daughters Lily (1919-1977) and Gladys Mary (1921-2004). The family are pictured here on holiday on a Canadian National train. Gladys was the daughter of Henry Thomas (1857- ) and Mary, nee Hayes (1856-1895). Henry Thomas was the illegitimate son of Jane Gallichan (1818- )

Family gravestones

Family gravestone in St Lawrence Church cemetery

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