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Alberta Isabel Gaudin, the daughter of Adolphus and granddaughter of Elias she was born in New Zealand in 1897 and died there at the age of six

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Wash day for the Gaudin family

Origin of Surname

This name is thought to derive from an early French personal name Gaudin, which itself originated with the Germanic Waldin, a diminuative of Waldo. Alternatively it might come from the Germanic Godino, which translates as "son of God".

A completely different French derivation is said to be from the early French gaudere (to rejoice)

Early records

Philip Guodin was a witness at the Somerset Assize Court, Taunton, during the reign of King Edward 1 in 1208.

There are suggestions that the spelling Gaudin is of Huguenot origin, but it was known in Jersey several centuries before Huguenot refugees arrived in the island.

It is a common name in Normandy and there is a record of Reginaldi Gaudin at Lisieux in 1321.

Philip Gaudin was born in St Martin about 1540 (see tree below) where by far the greatest number of the early Gaudins were born/baptised. In subsequent generations Gaudins spread to Canada and New Zealand as well as to other countries.


  • Godin
  • Goddin
  • Godden
  • Gooden
  • Guiden
  • Goodoune
  • Godain
  • Guedon
  • Guodin

Family records


Family trees

There is considerable overlap between the two trees above, but because each contains information which is not in the other, and they are from different sources, both have been included here. The second tree had a substantial number of glaring errors in the spelling of Jersey names, which have mostly been corrected. The much shorter tree below appears to fit into the others, but there are significant differences. It has been included with the warning that some of the names of wives may be incorrect

The tree below is an extension of Descendants of Philip Gaudin (1540)-2

The following tree is a further variation on the trees above. It should be viewed in conjunction with the notes on the early Gaudins below.


Church records


Family histories


Newspaper records


Great War service


Family wills

Prominent family members

Family album

A four generation portrait of a Gaudin family. On the left is Martha Tarr, who was born in 1823 in Cornwall and lived to 94. She married Jersey sea captain William Charles Gaudin. Martha’s daughter, Martha Mary Gaudin (1853-1940) is on the right. She married a distant cousin, John Francis Gaudin, and so retained the Gaudin name. Her daughter Texina Beech Gaudin (1882-1960) is at the back. 'Texie' married Guernsey newspaper editor Ted Davis. Her son, Norman Davis (1907-1961), is at the front. He served in World War Two as a British Navy Commander. This photo was taken in about 1910 in Guernsey
Elie Gaudin's commission in the Militia in 1712
A previously unidentified Mr Gaudin, photographed by Ernest Baudoux whom we now believe to be Capt James Gaudin (1838-1913) born in St Martin the son of Thomas and Marie, nee Payn. Capt Gaudin is quite famous in British Columbia history. He served his apprenticeship on British merchantmen working on vessels in the East Indian and Australian trade until 1865, when he joined the Hudson's Bay Company's service, sailing between London and Victoria. He was appointed master of the Lady Lampson on 21 February 1869. On his first voyage to Victoria he met Agnes Anderson, daughter of A C Anderson. On his next voyage he married her at St Stephens Church, North Saanich, and Agnes sailed with him on the return voyage to London. He was appointed pilot in 1884 in Victoria and Nanaimo districts, then in Yale-New Westminster district in 1886. He retired in 1887 and joined the lighthouse service. In 1892 he was appointed Agent of Marine at the Victoria Custom House. He became Examiner of Masters and Mates and Receiver of Wrecks and also had the oversight of the lighthouse service.

Family businesses

William Valpy Gaudin's King Street business in 1910

Family gravestones

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