Gerard de Lambersard, Guillaume de Dampierre and Guillaume Blom

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Wardens of the Isles 1235

The island seems to have had a surfeit of Wardens in 1235. According to the recognised lists by 19th and early 20th century historians, Henri de Trubleville served a second term in the role from 1234 to 1239, and Nicholas de Meules was also Warden from 1234 to 1235, apparently succeeded by Drouet de Barentin, who served his first term of office from 1235 to 1239.

The names of Gerard de Lambersard, Guillaume de Dampierre and Guillaume Blom appear in some Web listings of Wardens as having held office in 1235, but are not mentioned by the recognised authorities.

However, in the Annual Bulletin of La Société Jersiaise concerning the Vinchelez family, Julia Marett wrote: "In 1235 we find Alain de Vincheles and Philippe de Vincheles among the men at arms put at the disposal of Gerard de Lambarsard, Guillaume de Lamperre and Guillaume Blom, to whom the King had given the guardianship of the Iles." Her reference is 'Rolls Series Vol 1, p466'.

Save for the Web lists, this is apparently the only mention of any of these three men in connection with the position of Warden of the Isles and nothing else is known about them. It would seem likely that the correct spelling of the surnames would be Lambersard, or possibly Lambersart; de Dampierre and Blom.

Henri de Trubleville

The apparent existence of several Wardens in the same year can be explained by the unusual circumstances surrounding the appointment of Henri de Trubleville.

On 22 June 1230 Henri, then Senechal of Gascony, was appointed Warden of the Isles for life. The terms employed in the letters patent of his appointment were "commisimus (insulas)... custodiendas et tenendas toto tempore vite sue ad se sustentandum in servicio nostro". On 31 July this appointment was notified to the Warden he replaced, Richard de Gray.

Afterwards the king appears to have wanted Henri to have the revenues of the islands without the work of Warden because, in 1232, he nominated other Wardens. By 22 November 1234 Henri is being referred to in correspondence as Lord of the Isles rather than Warden.

Archives in the French départment of Manche include letters from Henri dominus insularum of 8 June 1238, bearing his seal. A mould of this seal is in the French National Archives.

It is quite possible that Gerard de Lambersard, Guillaume de Dampierre and Guillaume Blom could have been sent to Jersey by the King, perhaps while en route to Gascony, to deal with a specific issue, in between the appointments of Nicholas de Meules and Drouet de Barentin.

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