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A Mrs Gibaut photographed by Ernest Baudoux

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Origin of Surname

Gibaut is old French for a billhook, although how that became a surname is difficult to imagine.

Early records

The name appears in the Extente of 1528 and Jean, Philipot, Johan, Sire Louys and Piers are mentioned in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550.

Jean Gibaut (see link to family tree below) was born in St John about 1506 and married Marguerite Sarre, daughter of Simon and Catherine Larbalestier. Sire Louys Gibaut (1534- ) and Edouard Gibaut (1530 -) were their sons, and Marie Gibaut (1536- ) their daughter

Louis Gibaut was born in St Lawrence about 1575 and died there before 1619. He married Marguerite Balleine, daughter of Pierre and Marie Robin.

Catherine Gibaut was born in St Lawrence about 1504 and was the daughter of Jean (1478- ). She married Jean du Parcq and they had a son Guillaume

Catherine Gibaut was born in St Lawrence in 1595, the daughter of Nicolas and Catherine Le Brocq. They also had a daughter Mauricette (1588- )

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

Emigrating at the commencement of the 15th century from Flanders, this family settled in the parish of St Lawrence, where its representative still lives. Nicholas Gihaut, or Gyhault, as the name was then spelt, was Rector of the parish of St Saviour so early as 1497. Louis Gybault was Vice-Dean of Jersey in 1514. And a namesake and collateral relative, another Louis Gybault, possessed the living of St Clement in 1567.

From this ecclesiastic, who was born about 1530, the existing family of the name directly descend. Its chief representatives are Abraham Gibaut, of La Vallée, Colonel Moses Gibaut, Philip Gibaut, Constable of St John, and Moses Gibaut, of Mainland. The junior branch descended from a second son of the Rev Louis Gybault, of St Clement, is extinct.

The estate of La Vallée, in the parish of St Lawrence, comprised at one period four hundred vergées of land, and has been held by the ancestors of its present possessor for at least 450 years. The house, perhaps one of the most antique in the island, still stands, being now used as an outhouse.

Two parishes

Nearly 400 of the 492 Gibaut baptisms in Jersey were in the parishes of St Lawrence (225) and Trinity (160). What is currently a mystery to us is that only one burial is recorded in the transcription of the Trinity register, although there must have others. Most of the family trees below are for the St Lawrence branch of the family. We are working to establish more trees for the Trinity branch, which was the older of the two.


  • Gibaut, 1668
  • Gibault, 1474
  • Gybault, 1497
  • Gibaux 1433
  • Gibeaux
  • Gibaud
  • Gibert
  • Gebault

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