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Giefrey Brasdefer, Bailiff of Jersey 1395-1401

Little is known of the Brasdefer (Bras-de-Fer) family, three members of which were Bailiffs of Jersey in the 14th century. Thomas, who was Bailiff in 1378, and again from 1380-1391, may have been son or grandson of the earlier Bailiff Guillaume Brasdefer, but he is otherwise a complete mystery, which is unusual for someone who apparently held the office for so long. His term of office was interrupted in 1378 for some unknown reason and Geoffroi de St Martin, an earlier Bailiff, stood in as juge-délégué.

Giefrey (Giefroy/Geoffrey) was appointed on 6 Nov 1395 by Warden of the Isles Sir John Golafre. He had Colin le Petit as lieut-Bailiff and was succeeded by him in September 1401.

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