Gosselins in Jersey and Guernsey

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Gosselins in Jersey and Guernsey

This article by the Rev J A Messervy was first published in the 1899 Annual Bulletin of La Société Jersiaise and has been translated from the French by Mike Bisson

Gosselin family page

The History of Guernsey, by Berry, and Payne's Armorial of Jersey devote quite extensive articles to this ancient family which, originally from Jersey, has had a high rank in Guernsey. None of these works, however, gives a complete genealogy of the ancient Jersey family. We have tried to construct one using notes taken mainly from the 16th century Rolls of the Royal Court.

Extente jurors

According to the Extente of 1331, Robert Gosselin, one of the jurors of St Helier and Seigneur of Hoquin in that parish, was also a land owner at St Peter and St Brelade. Pierre Gosselin was at the same time one of the jurors of St Clement.

In 1500 we find the Gosselins established in St Helier. Their inheritance, situated on the Fief du Prieur, was called la grande maison de Gosselin en ville (the large Gosselin town house). It was inherited by Nicolas de Soulemont, and passed eventually to the Herault, du Hamel and Dumaresq families. Charles Dumaresq, father-in-law of the second Lieut-Bailiff Le Geyt , was owner in 1704, having the rights of George Dumaresq, son of Jean.

The grand clos de Gosselin, situated on the Fief de la Reine, or close to this fief in St Lawrence, belonged in 1609 to Jean Benest, son of Noel, having the rights of Thomas Lempriere.

First in Guernsey

The first of this name who settled in Guernsey was Helier Gosselin, who became Chief-Magistrate in this island in 1549. We note in passing that, in the space of half a century, two Jerseymen, Helier Gosselin and Amice de Carteret, were Bailiffs of their sister island.

The elder brother of Helier, Jurat Guillaume Gosselin, was for some years Lieut-Bailiff of Jersey.

Sire Clement Gosselin, Rector of St Martin 1543-49, also belonged to this family, although we have been able to link him to the family tree. He died before 1550.

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