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Great Western at Weymouth

Sometimes found as Great Western I in references which ignore an earlier paddle steamer with this name, the second Great Western to operate to the Channel Islands was built for the Great Western Railway in 1867 by W Simons and Co, of Renfrew. She was of 447 tons when built, and underwent a number of alterations during the course of her life.

She was built for Ford and Jackson, who operated steamer services for the GWR before the railways were given the right to own their own ships in 1872. She operated from Weymouth to Cherbourg from 1878 until 1885. She was later chartered by Weymouth and Channel Islands Steamship Company and started on the service to the islands in 1887, remaining on the route for nearly two years until new vessels entered service.

She later operated across the Irish Sea to the Isle of Man, her name changed to Lovedale, before she was broken up in 1904.

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