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Halkett Place School was located in St Helier on the site now occupied by the Public Library

Staff of the school in the 1930s

Jersey National School

The school started out as Jersey National School in 1813 in Grove Place and an item in the Jersey Gazette of 25 September 1813 records the "Establishment and support of a Public School for the Education of the Infant Poor". It was funded by subscriptions and donations from those who were better off.

The school premises were extended and enlarged as more children joined. The name changed to Halkett Place School and continued to provide education for those who needed it in that part of town for 169 years, before the school closed in 1982.

In 1924 the school merged with New Street School, which had started life as St Paul's School

In 1982 there were just 145 boys and girls, aged five to eleven. They and their headteacher, with some other staff, moved to Rouge Bouillon along with students from Vauxhall / Val Plaisant to form the new school created in the buildings in Brighton Road.

The Jersey National School initials on the memorial scroll
The Jersey National School war mrmorial

War memorial

A memorial to former pupils of the school who died in the First World War was mounted on the Don Street wall of the school and has now been incorporated into the Library building in the same position. The scroll incorporates the initials 'JCN' for Jersey National School.


The following names appear on the monument

Andrews, V Allen, E Bennett, E Bartlett, F Baxter, E Bakes, S
Breban, L Bartlett, C Bree, A Bewray, C Blampied, S Buckingham, A
Bisson, W Bisson, C Carver, H Catelinet, J Catelinet, H Carter, A
Coutanche, S Churchill, S Cornick, P Courcoux, J Dorkins, C De La Lande, A
De Veulle, C Denis, F Drelaud, W De Caen, O Ferris, W Gaudion, G
Gaudion, J Glendewar, G Gold, A Gallie, A Gulley, G Hutchings, A
Hutchings, P Hall, J Hotton, H Hacking, C H Herve, A Igo, F
De Caen, W Rodda, A Taylor, W Johnson, D Jerrard, A Jerrard, C
Jordon, B Keeping, A Lock, W Le Masurier, J Le Feuvre, A Lindsay, S
Le Maistre, C Le Claire, L Le Feuvre, C Le Feuvre, W Le Herissier, J Mallet, S
Marshall, W Male, A Mallett, P Marshall, H Mourant, J Mallettt, C
Maguire, A Noel, W Nicolle, C Osmond, C Purkiss, H Peney, H
Parker, C Poingdestre, A Rumsey, S Reed, A Risebridger, W Richards, H
Robinson, H Tisson, P Taylor, S Trachy, G F Underhill, R Vasselin, E
Williams, A Warren, A Youlton, H Lakeman, W Moody, A Le Monnier, E
Atkins, R
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