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Hemery family page

This was one of the richest families in Jersey in the early 19th century


Julia Hemery photographed by Ernest Baudoux

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Origin of Surname

The name is derived from a baptismal name. Hemery is really Aimeri from the Frankish Amalric. Aimeri de Thouars commanded one division at Hastings. Aimeri de Narbonnes is the hero of a famous French epic. The core meaning appears to be from the French word ami meaning ‘friend’.

Today the vast majority of people with this surname live in France. Historically the name is more common in the North West of France. There are an estimated 4600 people bearing the name Hemery in France today. Outside of France it is a rare name with only an estimated 100 – 200 Hemerys worldwide. A high proportion of those can trace their roots back to France.

Early records

There is no dispute over the founder of the Hemery family in Jersey. He was Jacques Hemery, who married Anne Chevalier in St Helier in October 1742. What is disputed is who his father was.

The family tree below is based on the view put forward by Hemery researcher Richard Hemery. An alternative view has been proposed by another Hemery researcher, Trevor Labey.

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

Jacob Hemery, of the parish of Vidouville, Bishopric of Bayeux, Normandy, settled in Jersey at the period of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, and was traditionally supposed to have descended from the Seigneurs of Villiers.

In the attack made upon Jersey by the French, under the Baron Rullecourt, in 1781, Capt Clement Hemery, of the Town Battery of Artillery, particularly distinguished himself by his zeal and bravery in the proceedings that led to the final defeat and expulsion of the enemy. Some of the female and youthful members of this family are immortalized in Copley's picture of the battle that ensued, in the Royal Square of St Helier, on that occasion, by being represented in the foreground, as taking refuge in their house, adjacent to the scene of action.

The late Very Rev James Hemery, Dean of Jersey, was a member of the family, to whom a memorial window is erected in the extra-parochial church of St Luke.

Its present representative, Clement Hemery, is the Lieutenant-Colonel commanding the St Helier Battalion, Royal Jersey Militia and is Deputy for the same parish in the States of Jersey.


As borne by Mrs Clement Hemery: Sable, a crescent between five mullets of six points, pierced, or, On an escutcheon of pretension: Azure, a lion, rampant, errainois, ducally crowned, or, for Durell Crest of Hemery : A stag's head, argent Motto : Flecti, non fraugi


  • Hemery
  • Emery
  • d’Emery
  • d’Hemery
  • Aimeri
  • Aymeric

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Family histories

The following histories have been provided by Richard Hemery


Newspaper records


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Family wills

These wills created by members of the Hemery family are now held by Jersey Archive. By visiting the archive site and using the names, dates and reference numbers shown here, it is possible to view a copy of each will. You will have to subscribe to the Archive's online service to do this. To find out more about this collection, which covers the period from 1663 to 1980, and how to search for your family's wills there, visit our Jersey wills page

  • Ann Hemery of St Helier, bequeaths to St Luke's School £30, to Jersey National School £10, to the Institute for trained nurses £25, to Julia Jane Hemery for life the dividends of shares in the London and Westminster Bank and shares in the Horn Silver Mine, to Kate and Leonora Hemery 70 shares in the London and County Bank, the shares in the Chartered Mercantile Bank to be sold off to pay off debts and legacies Also as part of her personal estate bequeaths some East Indian Railway shares - 1 November 1888, D/Y/A/47
  • Clement Hemery of Plaisance, Jersey, bequeaths to the eldest representative of the family a portrait by Fisher, to Cornelia Robinson Owen a portrait by Fisher, bequeaths to the Jersey National School £200, to St Mark's and St Luke's Schools £50 each, to Cornelia Robinson Owen £50 for religious purposes at Campobello, New Brunswick - 22 January 1877, D/Y/A/39
  • Clement Hemery, Merchant 24 April 1851 - D/Y/A/27
  • David Hemery 26 July 1742 - D/Y/A/7
  • James Hemery, Merchant, bequeaths to the poor of St Helier, £500 of French currency Includes a number of bequests of 5% French stock 16 May 1831 - D/Y/A/22
  • Julia Hemery, Colomberie House, St Helier, spinster bequeaths to the Jersey National School, Halkett Place £50; to the Jersey General Dispensary £20; to the Infirmary £20; to the Jersey Female Orphans Home £25 6 May 1908- 9 May 1911, D/Y/A/70
  • Peter Hemery, bequeaths to the poor of St Saviour, £10 13 June 1831 - D/Y/A/22

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