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Henry Gosset's coat of arms

Rear-Admiral Henry Gosset 1796-1877


Rear-Admiral Henry Gosset was the second son of Matthew and Grace Frankland Gosset. She was the daughter of a baron, Sir Thomas Frankland (5th Baronet of Thirkleby, Yorkshire). Henry was born on 12 May 1796, Matthew Gosset was from Bagot, Jersey. He was for many years Viscount of Jersey, until his death in 1842. He was a grandson of Abraham Gosset, who was a brother of John and Peter Gosset, emigrants to America.

Henry Gosset was a close cousin of Major Generals James William Gosset, William Gosset and William Driscoll Gosset

He entered the Royal Navy in June 1809 as a First Class Volunteer in the frigate ‘’Euryalus’’. Soon after taking part in the expedition against Flushing, his ship was sent to the Mediterranean where Gosset saw considerable action, first off Toulon, and then in the Adriatic, where he fought at the unsuccessful assault on Leghorn, the capture of several enemy forts and at the taking of Genoa.

Chesapeake Bay

By now a Midshipman, he was transferred into HMS Havannah which took him to North America, where he participated in many of the operations in and around Chesapeake Bay during the War of 1812-14.

Returning to Europe just in time, he took part in one of the very last actions of the War - the cutting out of a valuable convoy and several armed vessels from Corrijou, near Brest, on 18 July 1815, before joining the ‘’Northumberland’’, in which vessel he helped escort Napoleon to exile on St Helena.

On his way home, Gosset disembarked at Ascension Island, where he remained for just over a year, by which time he had been promoted Lieutenant.

Afterwards serving in the Irish Sea and the West Indies, where he was given his first command, he was made Captain in 1829 but invalided home thereafter and did not return to sea. He finally retired as Admiral in 1865 and died at his London home in March 1877, aged 82.

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