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Historic Jersey buildings

Herupe Farm, St John


There are at least three, if not more properties in the Herupe district of the Vingtaine de Herupe, St John, known as Herupe Farm. This one is in Chemin de Herupe

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Property name

Herupe Farm. There is more confusion over properties known as Herupe, Herupe Farm, Herupe Cottage and Herupe Farm Cottage than probably any other duplication of house names and postal addresses. The property shown in the box on the right is definitely in Chemin de Herupe, it is called Herupe Farm, and we believe that the datestones listed below are on this property, which has also been known simply as Herupe.

Listed separately in recent almanacs, but probably originally part of the farm, is Herupe Farm Cottage. Just along the same road are Herupe Farm Flats, identified on the roadside by a sign showing Herupe Farm, followed by Herupe Cottage. In the opposite direction at the western end of Chemin de Herupe is Herupe House.

The names are repeated in nearby Rue du Bouillon, where there is another listed building called Herupe Farm, which is now believed to be the location of the old photograph previously identified on this page as part of this property.

Other names

  • Herupe


Chemin de Herupe

Type of property

Late 18th century farm


There are no records of sales which can be positively linked to this Herupe Farm. Herupe House, along the road, which is not a listed property, sold for £1.8 million in 2018

Families associated with the property

There are numerous records at Jersey Archive relating to Herupe Farm, or Herupe, but because it is not at all clear which property is referred to in each, we are omitting them at this stage


  • IVD 1782 - Not identified but probably for Jean Vaudin
  • IVD 1793 - Not identified but probably for Jean Vaudin
  • JGLC MBP 1869 - For Jean Gallichan and Marie Blampied
  • JGLC♥♥SLS 1878 - For Jean Gallichan, son of the above, and Sophie Le Sueur [1]
  • JLP SLGLC 1905 - For Josué Lemprière and Sophia Laura Gallichan, daughter of Jean

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A late 18th century farmstead, possibly rebuilt on earlier site, retaining historic character and features. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Two-storey, five bay farmhouse with outbuildings set back from road behind yard. Bake/wash house detached to north-west of house. Outbuilding attached at right angles to south-west corner. Single storey extension to south on west elevation. Barn detached to south-east at corner of yard.

Old Jersey Houses

Volume One refers to a property called Herupe with the less than helpful location of St John. That has now been shown to be a reference to the property in Rue du Bouillon.

Volume Two refers to a second property, also called Herupe, said to be situated 'west of the main Herupe Farm'. However, the datestones mentioned are also located at the Rue du Bouillon property.

Notes and references

  1. HER refers to an 1832 datestone for this couple, but that is probably a misprint. There is a second reference in the listing to the correct inscription
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