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History of Jersey

Jersey is a small island with a fascinating history, which has included an influence throughout the world totally out of proportion to its size. Follow the links below to the biggest history of Jersey available on the Web, and possibly the most comprehensive ever published. This history is growing all the time and Jerripedia users are encouraged to add their own tales of the island's past. Just follow the instructions in the box below and become a Jerripedia contributor

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You can make your own contribution to Jerripedia's history pages. Although they already contain one of the most comprehensive histories of the island so far assembled, there is a wealth of information yet to be unearthed, researched and added. Are you a specialist in a particular area of Jersey history which is not yet covered? Have you already written books, articles, essays and other material which you think deserves a place here? Then visit the Community portal to register and find out how to go about amending and creating pages. Good luck.

A timeline of the past


Our Jersey Chronology is a brief history of the island from the arrival of Neanderthal Man in 100,000BC (or thereabouts) to the present day. From the martyrdom of St Helier to the split with Normandy; from the construction of Mont Orgueil Castle to its capture by French invaders; from the establishment of the States to the arrival of Huguenot refugees; from the colonisation of Sark to currency devaluation and riots; from the Battle of Jersey to the opening of Jersey Airport, German occupation and a law permitting divorce - read a potted history of a fascinating island.

Feature article


The Battle of Jersey

Since King John lost England's French territories in 1204 and the Channel Islands split with Normandy, the French have made several attempts to reconquer them, the last in 1781 when a brief battle, which became known as The Battle of Jersey was fought in St Helier's Royal Square, the defenders emerging triumphant. Read about the battle and associated events.

The English Civil War


The English Civil War was one of the most traumatic periods in Jersey's history. It was arguably a far more difficult time for the island than earlier French occupations or the German Occupation of the 20th century, involving invasions and counter-invasions, and setting islander against islander, and even brother against brother and cousin against cousin. Although it is commonly stated that Jersey remained staunchly Royalist throughout the Civil War, that is a very misleading simplification of what actually happened. Jerripedia's new section on the Civil War brings together a number of existing articles, to which new material is currently being added.

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