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Historic Jersey buildings

Hughlea, St Lawrence


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Property name


Other names

  • Brimborion
  • High Lea
  • Ida's (new name for Hughlea)


Victoria Avenue, Bel Royal, St Lawrence

Type of property

Pair of mirrored art deco semi-detached houses designed by Arthur Grayson in 1934 for Cyril Le Marquand


  • Brimborian sold for £470,000 in 2003
  • Idas sold for £400,000 in 2013

Families associated with the property

  • Le Marquand: The houses were built for Cyril Le Marquand, who was living at Brimborion when he died in 1980
  • Faiers: Cecil Henry Faiers and his family were living at Hughlea in 1941
  • Sangan: Bernard Louis Sangan was living at Hughlea when his will was registered in 1957

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

An interesting pair of semi-detached houses, carefully composed and well-detailed, in the International Modern style, by A B Grayson, 1936 [1]. Two-storey with penthouse. Plain rendered with flat roofs. At the centre of the roadside façade are paired doorways under a shared canopy, flanked by porthole windows, with a vertical fin dividing the penthouse floor above. The outer bays project forward with corner windows to both floors, with sun terrace above accessed via the penthouse.

Notes and references

  1. Other sources, including a history of Grayson's work, suggest that the date is 1934

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