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It is not clear which came first - the name of the farm or the 'ivy stone' menhir found nearby, also known as La Dame Blanche. It's also not clear whether it was an owner of the property, or another farmer, who took a sledgehammer to the menhir in 1982, breaking off two large chunks before, presumably, it was suggested that he cease his vandalism

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Property name

Ivystone Farm

Other names

  • Ivystone
  • Ivystone House
  • Ivystone Cottage


Rue de La Croix, St Clement

Type of property

Georgian farm, now divided into separate units of accommodation


Ivystone Cottage was sold for £650,000 in 2004 and £200,000 the following year. Either the second transaction was not at market value, or the property had been further sub-divided

Families associated with the property

  • Le Jeune: The family was still living at Ivystone in 1917 when the will of Albert Philip Le Jeune was registered


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Two features at the property date to the Georgian period. Stones from the site of La Chapelle de St Jean L’Evangeliste were at one point on this property. Little remains of historical interest at this property. Two features are still significant: the mounting steps and the datestone. The datestone is inscribed: ILI 1820.

Old Jersey Houses

Adjoining the farmland is also a field called Clos de la Chapelle, referring to a medieval chapel dedicated to St John the Evangelist. The chapel has long disappeared but in the grounds of the farm there are fragments of moulded stone that are reputed to be remnants of the building.

On the north of the central of three buildings, now demolished, were sash windows of a pattern older than the datestone

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