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Joseph Ahier Hamon, who lived in Kellerberrin, Western Australia, and frequently featured in newspaper reports, was born in Trinity, Jersey, in 1886, the son of Joseph John Hamon and Anne Esther Ahier. He died in Perth in 1961. Among family members to emigrate with him was his son Joseph, who moved to New Zealand in his teens.

The following newspaper reports about the two Joseph Hamons paint an interesting picture of life in Kellerberrin in the 1930s.

A peculiar accident

Our Kellerberrin correspondent writes:

“While Mr J A Hamon, of Kellerberrin, was motoring across a sand plain near Shackleton on the evening of 7 December , he noticed a mob of kangaroos on the plain. He was disagreeably surprised a few seconds later when a six-foot kangaroo leaped through the windscreen of his car and landed on the seat beside him. The glass side shields and windscreen of the car were shattered and the upholstery of the car was torn. Mr Hamon had his hands badly cut by the flying glass, but was otherwise uninjured. The kangaroo was considerably cut about, but made its escape and took to the bush again. Mr Hamon had to receive medical attention to have particles of glass removed from his hands".

Source: The West Australian , Thursday 2 June 1932

Outlook most promising

Kellerberrin, 31 May:

”As a result of stormy weather, which set in on Saturday afternoon and continued until Monday night, 109 points of rain were recorded. While the 60 points registered the previous week were sufficient to enable farmers to resume ploughing and seeding operations, it was barely enough to keep the soil moist for more than a few days. The week-end downpour thus came most opportunely for heavy land, newly seeded. Although the season has had a late start, farmers agree that the outlook is now most promising.
”With a view to encouraging the breeding of horses, cattle, sheep and pigs, the agricultural society has added three classes to the Clydesdale section, four to the sheep section, namely, Southdowns, Border Leicesters, English Leicesters and Shropshires, one to the cattle section, and two to the pig section. A sheep dog trial is also being introduced.
”Showing the returning popularity of the horse among farmers, Mr J A Hamon during the past three months has purchased over 60 heavy and medium draught horses from the South-West for farmers in the district. Mr Evan David, who of recent years has turned his attention to pedigree stock breeding, during the past 12 months has sold five Clydesdales of his own breeding for a total return of £250. Mr David recently purchased a pedigree flock of Southdown sheep. He also intends going in for pedigree cattle. Several years ago he purchased the picturesquely-situated farm of the late Mr J C Massingham (some of the first land taken up in this district), which he has improved extensively.”

Source: The West Australian, Saturday 1 September 1928

Property sales

£87,000 paid.

”Numerous sales of property were reported during the week, the majority of them relating to land in the city. The amount involved was about £87,000.
”Transactions: Four houses on a block 100 feet wide by 180 feet deep, on the southern side of Murray Street, west of Havelock Street, were purchased by a Boulder mine manager from Mr J Hamon, of Kellerberrin, for £4,500.”

Source: Western Mail, Thursday 28 August 1930

Kellerberrin businesses

”The many activities of Mr H A Hamon in his business capacity as general agent at Kellerberrin, and his intimate knowledge of local conditions, combined with his will to do the job, recommends him as one who will faithfully and with competence execute any commissions entrusted to him.”

Joseph Hamon

Sturdy East Coast settler

(By Telegraph.—Own Correspondent.) GISBORNE, Tuesday.

"The fast dwindling ranks of Maori war veterans has been further depleted by the death of Mr Joseph J Hamon, of Wairengaahika, who passed away yesterday at the homestead on the farm he had occupied for over 60 years. Deceased was a native of Jersey, Channel Islands, and came to New Zealand before he had reached his teens, spending about four years with his father, the late Joseph Hamon, in the building and contracting business,

Mr Hamon was of French extraction {Note: The family tree below shows this to be inaccurate - Ed], but when he reached the age of 16 years he was sufficiently a British colonist to a take arms against the Maori rebels, who were then occasioning serious perturbation to white settlers. He joined the forces at Napier where his father's business was located and was engaged for some time in the Hawke's Bay, Gisborne and Wairoa districts.

"Mr Hamon was only 20 years of age when the unit of which he was a member was disbanded and he became one of the military settlers at Wairengaahika, receiving from the Government a grant of land in recognition of his services. The land has remained his through the intervening years and he had become recognised as one of the most interesting identities of the district. He was in his 86th year when he passed away. He is survived by Mrs Hamon and a grown-up family.

Source: The Telegraph, Gisborne

Fire at Waerenga-a-hika

Seven-roomed house destroyed

"At about two o'clock this morning a seven roomed house owned and occupied by Mr Joseph Hamon, Waerrenga-a-hika was totally destroyed by fire. It appears that, for some days past, one of the female inmates of the house, a relation of Mr Hamon, has been suffering from a sprained ankle, and for this purpose had the light burning in her bedroom through the night. The lamp was placed on a chettioner alongside the curtain, and at about the hour named she saw it explode. The flames caught the curtain and in a few seconds the room was in a blaze. Mr Hamon, who was quickly in the room, saw no chance of saving the house and exertad all his energies to saving the furniture. In this respect he was not very successful only a few articles being saved before the building was a mass of flames. The insurances are £200 on the house and £75 on the furniture in the Standard. The loss is estimated at £100 over this sum.

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