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J R G Stroud


An 1888 portrait of Birdie Malzard by Stroud

J R G Stroud bought the photography business of Ernest Baudoux and Sons, of 59 New Street, in 1888, but was only in business there for four years before he, in turn, sold out to Albert Smith, which is why such a large number of Baudoux photographs became part of Smith's collection.

An album of photographs published by Stroud - this was in the days before postcards could be bought in Jersey

Stroud also had an outlet in Guernsey. Before buying Baudoux's business he had already made a considerable name for himself as a photographer, winning a Gold Medal at the London Universal Exhibition at Crystal Palace in 1884, a bronze medal at the Paris Exhibition in 1878, and a silver medal from the Paris National Academy of Art in the same year. He also exhibited in Italy, winning a first class medal from the Society of Science in Voltri in 1878 and earning the Diploma of the Royal Museum of Turin.

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