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Jean Beauchamp with his son Charles and family. The picture was taken in Canada

John Beauchamp – 1921 obituary

In the passing of Mr John Beauchamp, who died at the Victoria Hospital on Sunday evening, at the age of 79, Guernsey loses her oldest shipwright, as well as a link between her past and present shipping industry.

Morning Star which Mr Beauchamp helped build in 1874

Mr Beauchamp was a Jerseyman by birth, first coming to the island at the age of eight when his father came over to work on the construction of the St Peter Port Harbour. Mr Beauchamp served his apprenticeship with Mr John Torode, shipwright and afterwards worked on his own account at the South Esplanade and also where the old ‘black sheds’ used to stand. He built the Silesia for Mr B Hackett, a ship which is now laid up at St Sampson’s.

Mr Beauchamp also worked in the shipyard near the Longstore and took part in the building of the Aurora and Morning Star. He went to sea in a merchant ship for some years and travelled round the world, coming home 40 years ago.

He was working at St Sampson’s for Mr Peter Ogier, the boat builder, when war broke out and soon afterwards was obliged to retire through ill-health. He was taken seriously ill in March and in July rallied again.

Quite recently Mr Beauchamp went to Weymouth to visit one of his sons for a holiday and was quite active, taking several long walking excursions. Upon his return home about a fortnight ago he was taken ill again and went to the Victoria Hospital.

Mr Beauchamp left six sons and three daughters, 31 grandchildren and 15 great0grandchildren. His eldest son, John, is a shipwright in Portsmouth; the second son, Thomas, has been 30 years in Australia; the third son William is also a shipwright at Portsmouth; the fourth, Charles, is in Canada and came to Guernsey when he joined up during the war. Arthur, the fifth son, is a ccoastguard stationed in Weymouth, came over today for the funeral and George, the youngest, resides here having retired from the Navy after 17 years service. The eldest daughter, Mrs Lock, lives at the Vrangue; Miss Beauchamp, the second daughter, with who the father resided, lives in Rose Cottage, Vrangue, and Mrs Conch, the youngest, at Mont Arrivé.

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