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Jersey Places

Although only a small island of approximately 15x8 kilometres, Jersey is full of fascinating places and has varied and beautiful views. Although the intending visitor to the island will find much of interest in this section of Jerripedia, the emphasis is on things historical; what remains from Jersey's past, from prehistoric days to the German Occupation, rather than the island's scenic beauty and holiday attractions. But it is impossible entirely to divorce the two, so be prepared to discover Jersey's history and beauty

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Jersey's Underground Hospital, a relic of the German Occupation
You can make your own contribution to Jerripedia's pages about places of historical interest in Jersey. Have you got information about a location which has not yet been covered? Have you already written books, articles, essays and other material which you think deserves a place here? Then visit the Community portal to register and find out how to go about amending and creating pages. Good luck.

Coast - historical tours around Jersey


Since the earliest guidebooks to Jersey were published the authors have taken their readers on tours of the island, usually, but not always, confining their journey to a coastal route.

Join Jerripedia's own virtual tour around Jersey's historical coastline, calling at old forts and castles, even older earthwork fortifications, small fishing harbours, Miliita training grounds, pre-historic menhirs and dolmens, manor houses and German bunkers, to mention but a few of the historic locations on the island's coast. Enjoy 360-degree panoramic views of many of Jersey's attractive, sandy bays and steep cliffs as we trace a route through thousands of years of history.

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Featured location


Grosnez Castle

Standing in ruins on top of the cliffs in the north-west corner of Jersey, Grosnez Castle is something of a mystery. Nobody knows when it was built, or exactly why, nor when it was ruined. It could not have been intended to keep invaders out of the island, but perhaps it was a safe refuge for the population after they had arrived.

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