Jersey in the 1860s

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Jersey in the 1860s


Vinchelez Lane, a favourite subject for early photographers

These photographs are from a French album which came to light in 2020, some 150 years after they were taken.

They are mostly Carte de Visite size images taken by photographers Asplet and Green and William and Caroline Slater They date from the late 1860s, a time long before postcards could be purchased as holiday souvenirs, when very few early tourists had their own cameras, and commercial photographers offered series of pictures of island views for sale.

Asplet and Green were in business from 1866 to 1875, but their photographs and those taken by Mr and Mrs Slater, assuming that they were all taken at about the same time, must date from before 1870. That is because the large Slater photograph of St Aubin's Harbour does not include the terminal building for the Jersey Railway, which opened in that year.

The husband-and-wife partnership were in business at 56 King Street from 1861 to 1871

St Aubin's Harbour, photographed by William Slater in the late 1860s
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