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John Arthur Balleine (1859-1942) was the son of Captain Jean Balleine and Adelaide Arthur. He because Rector of St Brelade and was appointed Vice-Dean after the retirement of his cousin, Dean George Orange Balleine.

Born in St Mary, he went to King's College, London and was ordained deacon in the diocese of Rochester in 1888, and priest a year later. He was appointed vicar of All Saints, Jersey, in 1891 and moved to St Brelade as Rector the following year.

He was a firm friend of Dean Samuel Falle, who succeeded his cousin, and was appointed his vice-Dean in 1907, remaining in the role when Dean Le Marinel succeeded Dean Falle in 1937.

John Arthur Balleine spent much time on restoration work in St Brelade's Parish Church between 1895 and 1900 and also made the adjoining Fishermen's Chapel suitable as a place of worship again.

He was an active member of the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society, La Société Jersiaise and the Jersey Eisteddfod.

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