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John de Bordili was appointed dean and archdeacon of Jersey on 16 August 1389 by King Richard II. The patent rolls record:

"Grant to John de Bordili, Doctor of Laws, of the Deanery of the Isle of Jerseye, otherwise called the archdeaconry of the isle of Jerseye in the Diocese of Coutances, in the King's gift by reason of the temporalities of that bishopric being in his hands on account of the war with France.
"Mandate in pursuance to Hugh de Calvyley, governor of the islands of Jerseye, Gerneseye, Serk and Aurneye."

In his 2012 The Channel Islands 1370-1640 Tim Thornton suggests that this was more an administrative than a clerical appointment:'Reinforcing the connections along the western seaboard, given his prominent role in Guienne from that time'.

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