L'Abri des Hougues

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L'Abri des Hougues


This property was previously wrongly included among our St Martin Houses, based on an incorrect address given in La Société Jersiaise's photographic archive

We have been able to find very little information about this traditional Jersey cottage which is situated just off Route des Cotes du Nord on the Trinity side of Rozel.

It is described in its entry in the Jersey Heritage Historic Environment Record as a much altered single-storey three-bay cottage with a wellhead in the front garden.

La Société Jersiaise's photographic archive, which wrongly places it in St Martin, describes the property cottage, photographed in 1893, as 'granite, with thatched roof, wooden shutters, well at right hand side, flower pots and granite troughs - previously belonging to Starck family, later called L'Abri des Hougues.

Another view of the house
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