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La Vieille Maison, Trinity


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Property name

La Vieille Maison

Other names


Rue du Vieux Moulin, Trinity

Type of property

Restored 17th century cottage


The property was sold for £405,000 in 2009 and £1,040,000 in 2013. The property changed hands again in 2019 with no price recorded

Families associated with the property


  • I ◊ D 1679 [2]

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

17th century cottage (restored) and fontaine which retains external interest. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Restored (circa 2010) building embodying the substantive remains of two single-storey 17th century cottages (later formed into a single dwelling) of a type which was once common in Jersey, but is now extremely rare.

Of particular interest are two integral granite fireplaces with quadrant-shaped corbels with moulded bands, and a decorated gable-kneeler at the south-east corner of the cottage, carved in Mont Mado granite.

The setting of the cottage is interesting, being built in a small ancient quarry, the rock face of which forms a partial screen around the south and west sides. A stream flows past the cottage on the east side. In the small yard adjoining on the south of the cottage is a stone-built well fronted by a shallow basin - the whole forming a fontaine.

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Notes and references

  1. In 2007, when the property was being restored, the Planning Department issued owner Mr A Ybert with an order for the work to stop, because the restoration was not being undertaken using materials and work of the required standard. The enforcement notice read:'La Vieille Maison, a derelict and ruinous building, is an SSI, and is currently being restored and extended. Owing to the building’s historic and architectural importance strict conditions have been imposed in the Planning Permit in respect of the material, methods and techniques to be used and employed in its restoration. It requires those responsible for carrying out the development to obtain the prior approval of the Department before proceeding with various stages of the construction. A recent site visit by officers of the department established that substantial work had been carried out without prior approval, and that materials had been used that were not in accordance with those described in the approved drawings. It is feared that these breaches of development control may have compromised the historic and architectural integrity of the building
  2. The property was not named when this stone was recorded in the datestone register as 'East gable end corbel on a deserted and overgrown building next to Brook Cottage, Vallée des Vaux'. The stone has not been interpreted
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