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Langlois family page

This name, which can be traced back to at least the 14th century, signifies an Englishman


The Langlois family of Sion Hall

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Langlois arms

Origin of Surname

Langlois means 'the Englishman', which suggests that in the post-Norman conquest era, holders of the name were those originating in England who moved to France. Whether the first Jersey Langlois moved direct from England, or via France, is not known.

Early records

Philip Langlois was a Jurat of the Royal Court in 1331. The family name appears in the Assize Roll of 1309 and Richard Langlois is mentioned in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550

Although the name goes back to the 14th century, further Langlois families originating in France settled in Jersey at a later date, including the descendants of Jean Langlois, from Normandy.

A property sale in 1504 St Peter Port, Guernsey to Joun Langlois can be found in the Rough Index to the Le Mesurier Family, 2010, page 15.

The name is well known in both Jersey and Guernsey to this day, although the pronunciation differs markedly between the islands. Jersey pronunciation is 'long-wa', the same as is France, whereas in Guernsey it is 'long-lay'.


  • Langlois, 1299
  • Lengles 1528
  • Langlis 1479
  • Lengleys c1340
  • Lengleiz 1348
  • Lenglesche, 1299
  • Lenglois 1299
  • Lengley
  • Lenglois
  • Lenglo
  • L'Anglois
  • Langly

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Great War service

This photograph, taken in 1917, shows the family of Alfred Langlois (1861-1935)and his wife Victorine, nee Lelion (1863-1949), reunited with the return from war service for a brief period of home leave of Sergeants Georges and Henri Langlois. The picture was sent to us by a Langlois descendant who said that it was published on the cover of the April 2006 Journal of the Channel Island Family History Society. The Journal's caption for the photograph said that the brothers were both in the Intelligence Department of the Jersey Contingent. However, neither is listed in the database of Contingent members and it appears that these are the Georges and Henri who were sergeants in the Manchester Regiment and Royal Fusiliers, respectively. Before being sent this photograph we had not been able to discover any details of the brothers' family. By combining the information in the Journal with census returns and French records, we have been able to piece together family details. The photograph shows Georges (1890- ) (left), his wife Berthe, nee Le Miere; Alfred; Victorine, with George and Berthe's daughter Yvonne on her knee; and Henri (1893-1949), with his younger brother Alfred and sister Madeleine (1896-1969) in front of him. Service records suggest that both brothers worked in intelligence and were formerly in the Royal Militia Island of Jersey, although they joined the Army before the Jersey Contingent was formed. Details of the background of this branch of the Langlois family were hard to find. The 1911 census showed the family living at 63 New St John's Road. Georges was 21 and an 'epysgraph' operator. Also living at home were his brother Henri and sister Madeleine. The youngest son, Alfred, was not born until 1912. He was the Fred Langlois who founded Langlois Home Furnishings and Auction Rooms in Don Road. We were initially unable to find a marriage record for Alfred and Victorine. The census return shows that Alfred was born in St Helier, and that his father came from Avranches in Normandy, which might suggest that Alfred, and his children, were baptised in a Catholic church. Victorine was born in Paris and her family came from St Sauveur de Pierrepont. French online sources eventually revealed that they were married in Jersey on 18 January 1888, presumably in a Catholic church. Victorine was the daughter of Jean Louis Augustin Lelion and Victorine Marie Lenoir.

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Langlois arms at Chestnut Grove, St John, photographed by Emile Guiton

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Family gravestone in St Lawrence Church cemetery

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