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Laurel Cottage, St Saviour


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Property name

Laurel Cottage

Original property name

La Vieille Maison


Rue de La Piece Mauger, St Saviour

Type of property

Single storey cottage, 18th century or earlier


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • de Gruchy: Trinity-born Jean de Gruchy (1768- ) was farming 20 vergees here, aged 83, in 1851. With him in the household were his unmarried daughter Betsey, his son Jean, and daughter-in-law, Susanne, nee de la Haye, and their five children. As all but the father were born in St Saviour, Jean had perhaps bought the house in 1801, when he married. Jean de Gruchy (1802-by 1884), the son, farmed here with his wife, after the death of his father. As they had nine children, the single-storey house would have been quite crowded, despite one of the children having died in infancy. In 1884 a partage, or division of the inheritance, saw a third Jean (1833-1920), a mason, inherit the house. By his wife, Jane Mary Langlois, he had two sons, one of whom settled in Liverpool. The other, Walter Alfred (1868-1910), though married, was childless, so this family's ownership ended in the early 20th century

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A single-storey cottage, of early origins, retaining interior and exterior features of significance and character. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Five-bay cottage perpendicular to road; single bay addition to east gable.

Notes and references

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