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Historic Jersey buildings

Le Bocage, St Brelade


Le Bocage in 1900, by which time the original thatch has been replaced by a taller tiled roof

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A wedding at Le Bocage in 1872

Property name

Le Bocage


Rue du Bocage, St Brelade [1]

Type of property

Cottage Orné


The property sold for £1,775,000 in 2002

Families associated with the property

  • Le Couteur
  • Dumaresq
  • Mauger - in 1941 Arnold John Mauger (1885- ), his wife Ethel Marie, nee Dart (1884- ) and their daughter Roselle Ethel (1916- ) were living here [2]


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A substantial farm group with a good survival of buildings from various periods of its development, including an unusual cottage ornee. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

18th century house, with possible earlier origins, purchased by General Le Couteur in 1793. Cottage ornee built by Sir John Le Couteur in 1818. Early 19th century house, with an older cottage immediately to the north.

Old Jersey Houses

According to the entry in Volume 2, Le Bocage is the neighbouring property of Belle Vue on Mont au Roux, St Brelade. This is incorrect, because the house is definitely on Rue de Bocage, a short but significant distance from Mont au Roux.

The house, which was once thatched, was built for Lieut-General Sir John Le Couteur, who moved there with his new wife Harriet Janvrin in 1818, and their children were born there.

The situation is somewhat confusing, because, the first volume states that on his retirement from the Army, General Le Couteur moved into Belle Vue in 1816. Belle Vue is the grander of the two properties, and it may be that the General bought Le Bocage to live in while extensive rebuilding was carried out next door at Belle Vue.

Whatever the sequence of events, Le Bocage at the time was an 18th century cottage, behind the site where the new house pictured on this page was built. General Le Couteur bought both Belle Vue and Le Bocage in 1793 from his father-in-law Jean Dumaresq, who bought both properties from his younger brother Philippe Dumaresq the previous year. Philippe had bought Le Bocage from Elie Le Bas and his wife Elizabeth Alexandre in 1787.

Notes and references

  1. Shown in Old Jersey Houses as on nearby Mont au Roux, which is incorrect
  2. We have not been able to place Arnold John Mauger in any of our family trees. He was the son of Theophile Philippe Mauger, born in St Peter in 1843, the son of Pierre Mauger and Jeanne, nee Jouet. Pierre was baptised Mauger, in St Peter in 1804, but his father's name was not given. He appears to have been the illegitimate son of Jeanne Le Gresley
A distant view of the earlier cottage in an early 19th century sketch by Henry Irwin
Le Bocage in the 1880s, photographed by Ernest Baudoux

Le Bocage today

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