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Le Catel


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The property seen from the road

Property name

Le Catel


Rue du Catel

Type of property

Former farm


One database of house sales shows Le Catel, Rue du Catel, to have sold in 2010 for £1,575,000. The other identifies the same sale as relating to the Le Catel in Rue des Cotes du Nord

Families associated with the property

  • Godfray


These two stones both appear to be inscribed for Philippe Godfray. The upper one is quite clear. 18 PGF ♥ MGD 22 is for Philippe Godfray and Marie Gaudin, who married in Trinity in 1818. The lower one is more difficult to read, because it is at roof level on the south side of the property (not visible from public land) and partially concealed by a downpipe. Although the initial P is much less clearly engraved than the remainder of the initials, the husband's initials would again seem to be PGF. After much research it was eventually deciphered as PGF♥RRN, representing Philippe Godfray and Rachel Renaut, who married in Trinity in 1792 and were the parents of the other Philippe

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Historic farm group with early-mid 19th century granite house retaining its historical character and proportions. The outbuildings add significance to the group as a whole. Early-mid 19th century house with later additions. 1970s extension to north. Two-storey, five-bay former farmhouse with two-storey, two-bay wing to east; range of two-storey outbuildings adjoining to west; and detached outbuilding to east.

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