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Historic Jersey buildings

Le Huquet, St Martin


Confusion over spelling here. The road is Rue du Hucquet, the house is Le Huquet. Although Le Hucquet is sometimes found in family records, Le Huquet is almost exclusively used for the family name

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Property name

Le Huquet

Other names

  • Le Huquet Farm
  • Le Huquet House
  • The Old Hayloft
  • Marchbanks (formerly Oak Tree End)
  • The Oaks (formerly a pig sty)


Rue du Hucquet, St Martin

Type of property

19th century farm group. There was an earlier house here because the ownership of the property by the Noel family is well documented in the 16th and 17th centuries


  • Le Huquet Farm was sold for £1.2 million in 2004 and £1,475,000 in 2021
  • The Old Hayloft was sold for £525,000 in 2004, £650,000 in 2012 and £858,750 in 2019
  • The Oaks was sold for £595,000 in 2004 and £1,475,000 in 2016
  • Marchbanks was sold for £495,000 in 2004 and £825,000 in 2012

Families associated with the property

  • Noel - Owners of the original house long before the road and the property were given the present name
  • Le Huquet - the family which gave its name to the road, despite the spelling variation
  • Renouf - Thomas Renouf owned and farmed at Le Huquet from the mid-1850s into the 20th century. [1]
  • Richard and Nicolle - The 1861 and 1871 censuses show only the Renouf family living at Le Huquet. In 1861 Thomas, Jane and their young family had Thomas's mother Susan Vardon in their household, wrongly described as his mother-in-law. By 1881 John and Fanny Renouf were also living at Le Huquet. John was described as a carpenter in 1881 and a farmer in 1891. The Nicolle family had gone by 1901, when the Renoufs shared Le Huquet with Pierre and Lydia Richard and family
  • La Rose - in 1941 Desire Pierre La Rose (1906- ) was living here with his wife Florence Catherine, nee Le Vannais, and their children Desire Adolphe (1928- ), Yvonne Virginie (1931- ), Catherine Janne (1933- ), Adolph Alfred (1935- ), Florence Marie (1937- ) and Margurite Maud (1939- ).


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A mid-late 19th century farm group which retains its group character and some external historic features. Of particular interest is the former farmhouse and dower wing, the pigsties and the principal elevation of the southern range.

Parallel farm group, now converted to residential, comprising original farmhouse with dower wing and two-storey outbuildings extending to the west, and single storey outbuildings and pigsties parallel to the north, forming a yard.

The farmhouse, now called Le Huquet Farm, is two-storey, three-bay. Adjoining to west gable is narrower three-bay, two-storey former dower wing (now called No.2).

Adjoining is a two-storey range of former outbuildings (now called The Old Hayloft and Marchbanks). The principal elevation of these buildings survives with historic fabric.

Old Jersey Houses

Not included

Notes and references

  1. It may be that the property was named after the road rather than the Le Huquet family. Thomas Renouf, who erected a datestone in 1877, was already living at Le Huquet in 1861. Born in Trinity, Thomas was married to Jane Dorey. The couple had 11 children between 1855 and 1875, all baptised in St Martin, which suggests that they moved to Le Huquet after their marriage in 1854. But if the house was built for them to move into it is likely that there would have been an earlier datestone. If the HER estimate of the present property's age as mid-late 19th century is correct, there must have been an earlier house here, in Renouf ownership for some time. Thomas's grandfather Isaac married Marie Le Huquet. Was the original house named after her family, to pass to the Renoufs through this marriage, and eventually to be rebuilt by Thomas in 1877? If it had not been in Le Huquet ownership before Thomas moved there, why would it have been given its name?
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