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Descendants of Simon Le Sebirel/ Lesbirel

This tree featuring the Le Sebirel family of St Peter - most of that name are to be found historically in St John - was added in 2021 by Guy Dixon. Originally intended as a study of the Cromwellian Jurat, Simon Le Sebirel and his immediate family, collaterals were added, but time did not permit the completion of that part of the project. Work is still, to some extent, in progress

The tree was reviewed in 2022 by Mike Bisson who added a descent from Elie at generation 7

All early dates are approximate, as usual

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  • 1 Simon Le Sebirel (1475-1560) [1] (St P)
    • 2 Simon Le Sebirel (1500- ) [2] (1571)
    • 2 Katherine Le Sebirel (1502- ) [3] m Roger Dumaresq
      • 3 Marie Dumaresq (1525- ) m Jean Vibert (St P)
        • 4 George Vibert (1550- ) [4]
    • 2 Collas Le Sebirel (1505- ) [5] (St P) m Susanne Laurens daughter of Collas
      • 3 Simon Le Sebirel (1530-by 1589) [6] (St P) [7] m Catherine Fondan daughter of Jean, Jurat [8] (St P)
        • 4 Richard Le Sebirel (1560?-1624) (St P) m Marthe Pipon daughter of Richard [9] and Philippine Gosselin daughter of Guillaume [10]
          • 5 Jean Le Sebirel (1590-1631) [11] (St P) m Jeanne (Balleine?) (1600-1688). [12]
            • 6 Richard Le Sebirel (1627-1673) (St P) [13] m 1 (1663, St P) Marie Robin ( -1664); 2 (1666, St P) Marie Le Brocq (1646- ) daughter of Jean and Perrine Le Maistre (St P)
              • 7 Perrine Le Sebirel (1667- ) (St P)
              • 7 Marie Le Sebirel (1670- ) (St P)
              • 7 Judy Le Sebirel (1673- ) (St P)
            • 6 Elizabeth Le Sebirel (1628- ) (St P)
            • 6 Jeanne Le Sebirel (1629- ) (St P) [14] m (1649, St P) Jean Le Brocq (St P)
            • 6 Jean Le Sebirel (1630- ) (St P) [15] m Marie Bichard (St P) [16]
              • 7 Elie Le Sebirel (1687- ) (St P) m (1701, St L) Sara Le Brocq (St P)
                • 8 Elie Le Sebirel (1711, St P) m (1733, St H) Susanne Toque (1714- )
                  • 9 Elie Le Sebirel (1734, St P) m (1760, St P) Jeanne Le Brocq (1731- )
                    • 10 Jeanne Le Sebirel (1760- ) (St P)
                    • 10 Susanne Le Sebirel (1763- ) (St P)
                    • 10 Elie Le Sebirel (1765- ) (St P)
                    • 10 Jean Le Sebirel (1768- ) (St P)
                    • 10 Josue Le Sebirel (1771- ) (St P) m (1800, St P) Anne Le Feuvre dit Filiastre
                      • 11 Josue Le Sebirel (1801- ) (St P)
                      • 11 Anne Le Sebirel (1804- ) (St P)
                      • 11 Marie Le Sebirel (1806- ) (St P)
                      • 11 Jean Le Sebirel (1809- ) (St P)
                      • 11 Elizabeth Le Sebirel (1812- ) (St P)
                      • 11 Josue Le Sebirel (1815- ) (St P)
                    • 10 Edouard Le Sebirel (1774- ) (St P)
                    • 10 Thomas Le Sebirel (1777- ) (St P)
                  • 9 Susanne Le Sebirel (1743- ) (St P) m Jean de Carteret (1730- )
          • 5 Marie Le Sebirel (1593-1649) (St P) m Pierre Le Brun ( -1636) son of Nicolas (St P)
          • 5 Simon Le Sebirel (1595-1667) (St P) [17] m Jeanne Ficquet (1610-1658) daughter of Jean, son of Isaac, and Marthe Langlois (St H)
            • 6 Marthe Le Sebirel (1629- ) (St P) [18] m (1655, St P) Jean Arthur (St My)
            • 6 Jean Le Sebirel (1632-1679) (St P) [19] m Marie Bichard (St P) [20]
              • 7 Jean Le Sebirel (1710- ) [21]
            • 6 Jeanne Le Sebirel (1635- ) (St P) m (1670, St P) Thomas Renouf (St L)
            • 6 Elizabeth Le Sebirel (1639- ) (St P) living 1669
            • 6 Marie Le Sebirel (1641- ) (St P)
            • 6 Richard Le Sebirel (1643- ) (St P) living 1669
            • 6 Judy Le Sebirel (1646- ) (St P) living 1669
            • 6 Simon Le Sebirel (1653- ) (St P)
          • 5 Marie Le Sebirel (1598?- ) [22] m Pierre Tocque (St P)
        • 4 Jean Le Sebirel (1570?- ) [23] (living 1624) m Perrine Pipon (St P) daughter of Jean and Perrine Payn
        • 4 Simon Le Sebirel (living 1601)
        • 4 Three daughters
      • 3 Daughter Le Sebirel (1533- ) m Unknown Fallu (St P)
        • 4 Collas Fallu (1555- ) [25]
      • 3 Jean Le Sebirel (1535?- ) [26]
      • 3 Servais Le Sebirel (1530-by 1602) (St P) [27] m Guillemette Robin daughter of Raulin and Thomasse Pipon (St P)
        • 4 Matthieu Le Sebirel (1555?-by 1616) “fils aine” (St P) [28] m Marthe Unknown ( -1648)
          • 5 Nicolas (Collas) Le Sebirel (1585-1634) (St P) m Marie Le Grand ( -1651)
            • 6 Marthe Le Sebirel (1620?- ) (St P) m (1646, St P) Jacques Le Cornu (St P)
            • 6 Sara Le Sebirel (1633- ) (St P) m (1658, St P) Elie Mauger (St P)
          • 5 Matthieu Le Sebirel (1590?-1631) (St P) [29] m Marie Unknown ( -1648)
            • 6 Jean Le Sebirel (1615?- ) (St P) [30] m Unknown
              • 7 Jeanne Le Sebirel (1640- ) (St P)
              • 7 Elizabeth Le Sebirel (1642- ) (St P) m (1665, St P) Elie Remon (St P)
              • 7 Sara Le Sebirel (1646- ) (St P) m (1676, St P) Hugh Noel son of Julien (St Mt)
              • 7 Judy Le Sebirel (1651- ) (St P)
            • 6 Susanne Le Sebirel (1620- ) (St P) m (1638, St P) Nicolas Le Brun son of Pierre (St P)
        • 4 Guillaume Le Sebirel (1560-by 1630) (St P) [31] m Jeanne Le Roulx ( -1630) (St P)
          • 5 Matthieu Le Sebirel (1590- ) (St P) no issue [32]
          • 5 Guillemette Le Sebirel (1595- ) m (1631, St P) Philippe Le Couteur (St P)
        • 4 Nicolas Le Sebirel (1565-by 1631) [33] (St P) m Magdeleine Bechervaise, daughter of Jean, son of Francois (St P) and Collette Le Bailly daughter of Raulin (St L)
          • 5 Matthieu Le Sebirel (1590-1646) (St P) m Jeanne Unknown ( -1646) [34]
            • 6 Thomas Le Sebirel (1620-1655) (St P) [35]
            • 6 Rachel Le Sebirel (1626-1698) (St P) m (1646, St P) Nicolas Vibert (St P)
            • 6 Marthe Le Sebirel (1629- ) (St P)
            • 6 Jeanne Le Sebirel (1634- ) (St P)
          • 5 Michel Le Sebirel (1595- ) (St P) m (1638, St P) Elizabeth Noel ( -1654) (St P)
            • 6 Michel Le Sebirel (1640- ) m (1664, St P) Anne Le Brocq (St P) living 1688
              • 7 Jean Le Sebirel (1666- ) (St P)
            • 6 Jacques Le Sebirel (1643- ) [36] (St P)
            • 6 Elizabeth Le Sebirel (1647- ) (St P)
          • 5 Jean Le Sebirel (1597-by 1631)
          • 5 Nicolas Le Sebirel ( -1633) (St P) [37]
          • 5 Denize Le Sebirel (1605?- ) [38] (St P) m (1631, St P) Thomas Guillaume
        • 4 Michel Le Sebirel (1570-by 1614) m Marie Unknown [39] living 1614
          • 5 Michel Le Sebirel (1594- ) [40] living 1614
        • 4 Jean Le Sebirel (1573- ) living 1614
        • 4 Marie Le Sebirel (1575- ) [41] m Abraham Rondel
        • 4 Jeanne Le Sebirel, living 1615 [42]
      • 3 Jasper Le Sebirel (1530?- ) [43] (St P) m Unknown

Notes and references

  1. Le plus Viel
  2. Le Viel
  3. Mentioned as being the daughter of Simon Le Sebirel le plus viel, in a case before the Cour d`Heritage (1571). Previously, in C.H. 1565, Roger Dumaresq and his wife were described merely as "Roger Dumaresq et ....."
  4. Attorney of his father in 1571, in a case before the Cour d`Heritage (CH) regarding the estate of Simon Le Sebirel le plus viel
  5. Probable son
  6. Le Jeune
  7. CH 5/267
  8. ABSJ, V, 353-4: Jean Fondan ( -1536) was Seigneur of the Fief es Hormans and Constable of St Peter, -1531- , becoming a Jurat in 1534
  9. Of La Moye; Constable of St Brelade, 1566-1586--
  10. Greffier, 1524-1541, Jurat, 1541-1564, Lieutenant-Bailiff
  11. Fils aine. Guardian appointed for the children of Jean Le Sebirel (1634), electors: Guillaume Balleine, Symon Le Sebirel, Pierre Le Brun, Pierre Tocque, Jean Hamptonne and Jean Pipon. The first-named may have been Jean`s father-in-law, the grandfather of the children; second to fourth were brother and brothers-in-law of the deceased, the last two probably merely parishioners. Symon Le Sebirel was chosen as guardian
  12. She was buried as “Jeanne, veuve Jean Le Sebirel”. After the death in 1631 of Jean Le Sebirel, a guardian was elected. Foremost in the list of electors was Guillaume Balleine, who was no doubt the man of this name who had stood, with his wife, as godparents, in 1627, of Richard Le Sebirel, the first child born of the marriage
  13. Thomas Renouf owed the Crown Extente (1668), 94, 4 cabots of annual wheat rente on behalf of Richard L`Esbirel fs Jean fs Richard on behalf of Symon L`Esbirel, in St Peter. The said Richard Le Sebirel was one of two Richards who could have married in this generation;, the other being Richard, son of Simon. There was no issue of this marriage after 1673, pointing to the father being the Richard who was buried in that year. The exact identity of the father needs further research
  14. In a sale, by way of partage, dated 18/01/1658 and registered in 1662, the siblings Richard Le Sebirel fils Jean, Jean Le Sebirel and Jeanne Le Sebirel, wife of Jean Le Brocq, of the first party, sold part of their inheritance to [their uncle] Simon Le Sebirel, the second party
  15. Godfather: Jean Balleine
  16. Two Jean Le Sebirels married in St Peter, within eight years of each other, Marie Bichards. The marriages were dated 1658 and 1666. Each had issue, which can be distinguished one family from the other, using the Jersey Land Registry
  17. Jurat under Cromwell. Lawyer, then Advocate, 1644-1655. He was among those Jerseymen who had fled to St Malo on the Royalist`s temporary return to power under Sir George Carteret. There he invested, in 1650, in ships trading with Newfoundland. As such, he was part owner of the vessels Amity and Esperance, owned in partnership with Jacques Lempriere: A G Jamieson (ed) A People of the Sea (London: Methuen and Co, 1986), 94. Back in Jersey, he was Lieutenant, in 1652, of the St Peter company of the Jersey militia: ABSJ, V, 155. He was nominated Jurat by Cromwell, in 1655, an office he held until the Restoration of the Monarchy, in 1660
  18. Jean Arthur of St Mary was as likely to have married a Le Sebirel from St John, as much as from St Peter, but the bride was stated as being of the latter parish, where the ceremony took place. “Thomas Renouf and Jeanne Le Sebirel, his wife, daughter of Simon” were godparents of Elizabeth Arthur in 1671, which confirms their placement
  19. Buried as Jean Le Sebirel, fils Symon, which distinguishes the deceased from his first cousin and namesake
  20. She was one of the two Marie Bichards to have married Jean Le Sebirels, in St Peter, within eight years of each other. Both had families. The children of each can be disentangled using the Jersey Land Registry
  21. Fils Jean, fils Simon. Sale of two Quartiers wheat rente and two chicken, for 644 livres tournois; Michel Lempriere, one party, and Jean Le Sebirel, son of Jean, son of Simon, the other party : L/C/111/A4/22 - Jersey Archive
  22. It was not unusual in Jersey, at that date, to have two surviving siblings of the same name
  23. Fils Simon
  24. Of Ville au Neveu, St Ouen
  25. Procureur of his mother in 1591, suing Richard Le Sebirel, fils Simon, as aine, regarding the inheritance of their mutual grandmother, Susanne Laurens, widow of Collas Le Sebirel: CH 6/15 (1591)
  26. Jean Le Sebirel, fils Collas of St Peter, in an action brought by Jean Le Goupil, procureur of Guillaume Le Goupil, against Simon Le Sebirel, regarding the latter`s purchase of the house and land of Jean Le Sebirel, the Le Goupils reclaiming what had been a part of their family`s inheritance, 1601. The identity of the purchaser is uncertain
  27. Servais was almost certainly a grandson of generation 1, and probably son of Collas, in generation 2. His death by 1602 is indicated in RP 1/23 (26 December 1602): “John Le Sebirel fils Servays, and of Guillemette, his wife [here called Guillotte] sold to Nicolas, his brother, his share of the inheritance [resulting from] the death of his father and mother, for the price of 9½ cabots of annual wheat rente.” Pointers as to the whereabouts of Servais Le Sebirel`s land are found in: RP 4/75 (1610), being a Bechervaise family partage, mentions La Piece de Trois Vergees adjoining “the land of Servays Le Sebirel on Le Mont de St Pierre” and half the Costil du Codrel, adjoining Tesson Mill. This Costil du Codrel was former Le Sebirel land: Stevens, Arthur and Stevens, Jersey Place Names, Volume 1,154. Le Mont de St Pierre was the old name of the high land situated between the valley lying to the west of Beaumont and that lying to the east of Beaumont, from Tesson Mill, northwards. Coming from Town, this hill was reached at the foot of Le Mont des Grupeaux, near the former Sandybrooke House, itself probably a Le Sebirel, or Lesbirel, property, later inherited by a branch of the Poingdestre family. When approaching from the west, from St Aubin, one could walk or ride up Le Mont de St Pierre using Le Vieux Beaumont. Servais` son, Nicolas Le Sebirel, bought in 1619, (RP 5/271), a field containing 30 perches “en haultes de la paroisse de St Pierre”, being the said high land, and a piece of land, adjoining the late Francois Bechervaise`s land, “called Les Crouteaulx.” The latter was, in fact, “Les (G)rou(p)eaulx”. The St Peter Tithe List, 1598, shows that the Le Sebirels already owned land on this hill, “Le Champ es Gruppeaux” being listed in their name
  28. Matthieu Le Sebirel had died by 1616, as shown by RP 5/65 (1616): “Nicolas Le Sebyrel, fils Servays, in right of the late Matthieu, his elder brother, sold to Edouard Le Couteur, fils Richard, a `clos de terre` of 1 vergee, in St Peter, Fieu au Prieur.” Matthieu`s brothers, Guillaume, Nicolas, the late Michel, represented by his widow Marie and son Michel, and Jean are mentioned as the sons of Servays and his wife, in RP 4/160 (1614)
  29. Probable placement
  30. RP 12/113 (1641): Jean Le Sebirel eldest son of Matthieu Le Sebirel senr. [to distinguish him from his surviving 1st cousin] sold to Nicolas Le Brun and Susanne, his wife, daughter of Matthieu, land at La Vallette de Beaumont between the land of Philippe Le Brocq and of Matthieu Le Sebirel, in St Peter. The latter Matthieu will have been the surviving Matthieu, who features in contracts dated 1635, 1636, 1639 and this contract. This deed shows that his land, also, was in the Beaumont area. Today`s village is essentially a 19th century construction for housing shipyard workers. The `beau` mont (hill) is the previously attractive hill known also as Le Mont de St Nicolas, that overlooks the village that is situated on former water-meadows. Matthieu Le Sebirel`s land could have been in the vallette on either side of the hill. However, as the rest of the St Peter Le Sebirels` land was to the east of the hill, so probably was his
  31. Guillaume, whose name was imported from the Robin family, was described as his father`s “second nay” in 1622: RP 6/110 [translated]: “Guillaume Le Sebirel, second-born son of Servays Le Sebirel, owes Nicolas Le Sebirel, a younger son....3 quarchonniers of wheat rente, in adjustment of the partage. [At the same time] Guillaume sold to Nicolas, his brother, 2 cabots, 1 quarchonnier of wheat rente to be received from Jean Le Sebirel fils Richard.” Just as the partage between the brothers Guillaume and Nicolas involved adjustments and charges [rentes] to be annually paid, this charge, to the credit of the heirs of Servais Le Sebirel, due from the grandson of Simon Le Sebirel, suggests a partage in the previous generation, which will have been shortly before the start of the Jersey Land Registry in 1602. A minor transaction thus provides evidence of a link between the two branches of a family prior to their parish`s earliest surviving register. In the final agreement between the brothers, Guillaume`s wife, named as Jeanne Le Roulx, quits her dowry entitlement upon the rentes
  32. Genealogie de la Famille Le Couteur by the Rev J A Messervy at the Library of La Societe Jersiaise
  33. R.P. 3/274 (1611): "Nicolas Le Sebyrel, son of Servays and of Guillemette Robin, his wife, daughter of Raulin Robin and of Thomasse, his wife, sells to Jean Robin son of Guillaume, his share of the inheritance of his [late] mother, for a price of 17 cabots annual wheat rente
  34. Jeanne was buried on 27 September 1646 in St Peter, as the femme Matthieu Le Sebirel. The next entry in the register, in the same hand, is that of her husband, Matthieu Le Sebirel, one month and six days later
  35. Thomas` eldest sister, Rachel, wife of Nicolas Vibert, was, by law, automatically his principal heir. She sold the estate that had come to Thomas from their father, Matthieu, and grandfather, Nicolas, in 1656 (RP 15/260), to her brother-in-law, Guillaume Vibert, consisting of a farmhouse, outhouses, stack-yard and orchards, with the adjoining Clos de L`Espinette. Also mentioned was the Clos du Mesnage, lying to the SW of the house, the lane lying between the two; the Camp de Magdollaine, le Costil des Cedres [Codrel?], lying SE and NW one to the other, and the said costil lying by the north of the Costils “de L`Etat” [belonging to the State, the new English Republic, having beforehand belonged to the King] and abutting the millstream, being the mill-leat, of Tesson Mill, all in St Peter, in the Vingtaine of St Nicolas. There was also a field at Quennevais, two further fields and wasteland, used for rough grazing, the latter four in St Brelade. The sale was for a price of 7 Quartiers 12 cabots annual wheat rente, indicating a property of slightly above average means
  36. Jacques does not, seemingly, reappear in his parish records or elsewhere in Jersey, after his baptismal entry
  37. Possible placement
  38. RP 9/93 (1631): “Denize Le Sebirel, daughter of Nicolas Le Sebirel and of Magdolaine Bechervaise, daughter of Jean, and wife of Thomas Guillaume [they had married two days before] sold to Matthieu Le Sebirel, her elder brother, all that she had inherited from her parents, for a price of 9 cabots annual wheat rente; with a condition that in case Jean Le Sebirel, their brother, supposed deceased viewing his long absence..from this Island, be confirmed dead...”
  39. Marie was a widow in 1614 [RP 4/160], with just the one son, Michel, mentioned in the partage. She is not, therefore, to be confused in court records with her contemporary, Marie Hocquard, wife of Michel Le Sebirel, son of Edouard, of St John who, in 1640, had an eldest son named Thomas: RP 12/17 and RP 11/81. In the latter record, the said eldest son, Thomas, was described as fils Michel, fils Edouard
  40. There were two contemporary Michels. Which of these had married with issue is still uncertain
  41. RP 3/239 (1611): “Abraham Rondel and Marie, his wife, daughter of Servays Le Sebyrel and of Guillemette, his wife, daughter of Raulin Robin, sells to Nicolas Le Sebyrel, her brother, her inheritance”
  42. RP 4/273 (1615): “Jeanne Le Sebirel, fille Servays et de Guillemette sa femme, fille de feu Raulin Robin” sells her inheritance to Nicolas Le Sebirel, her brother, for the price of 18 crowns
  43. Provisional placement: see transactions between his grandson, Philippe Le Couteur, and Richard Le Sebirel, son of Simon, who was then (1607/8) the head of this family
  44. R.P. 2/182 (1607) [translated]: "Philippe Le Couteur, eldest son of Jean Le Couteur and Susanne Le Sebirel, his wife, daughter of Jasper Le Sebirel, the said Philippe being the procureur of Susanne, his mother, sells to Richard Le Sebirel of St Peter, 11 cabots 4 hens annual rente". Also, R.P.2/235 (1608), in which the same Philippe Le Couteur sells to the said Richard Le Sebirel, fils Symon, 3 vergées of land in St Peter, on the Franc Fieu, the land being called Les Landes
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