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Les Ifs, Trinity


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Property name

Les Ifs [1]

Other names

  • Les Ifs Farm
  • Les Ifs Cottage


Route de La Trinite, Trinity

Type of property

This 15th century house, evidently enlarged in subsequent centuries, was demolished and rebuilt with the original stone in 1970.


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Le Breton: This property was owned from the 15th century until the early 18th century by a branch of the Le Breton family
  • du Feu: It then passed to Nicolas du Feu, son of Richard, when he married Marie Le Breton in 1709
  • Cabot: Towards the end of the 18th century the house again passed by marriage, from the du Feu to the Cabot family. The Cabots still owned the property in the mid 19th century, when J Cabot was shown as occupier on the 1849 Godfray Map
  • Le Mettez: In 1941 John Francis Le Mettez (1887- ), his wife Alice Jane, nee Le Cocq (1865- ) and their son Francis Richard (1911- ) were living here


  • ICB ♥ EDF 1789 - For Jean Cabot and Elizabeth du Feu, who married in 1769, and had three children, Elizabeth (1770- ), Jean (1772- ) and Marie (1775- )
  • 17 RDF 35 - For Richard du Feu, the then unmarried son of the above Nicolas du Feu and Marie Le Breton
  • RDF ♥ 1746 EG - For the same Richard, who had now married, in 1737, Elizabeth Gruchy
  • IFCB ♥♥ MAJN 1852 for Jean Francois Cabot and Marie Ann Journeaux

Historic Environment Record entry

House rebuilt but retains some interesting stone features. Earlier house shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

There is a round arch with acorn chamfer stop on the left and a cross on the right - placed there for protection from the Church, and against witchcraft. There is a projecting window sill to the window above the arch.

Old Jersey Houses

There is a brief entry in Vol One from which the HER record information has been copied

Notes and references

  1. The name means yew trees
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