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The following is a list of tenants of Jethou. Jethou is an island in the Channel Islands owned by the States of Guernsey. In 1416 AD, it became part of the estate of Henry V, and remains a Crown lease.

List of tenants

Date Name Notes Ref
1028–1055 Restauld
1055–1414 the Abbots of Mont Saint Michel
1158–? Guillaume Chesney Reverting to the Abbots of Mont Saint Michel on his death. [1]
1270–? Sir William de Chesney Reverting to the Abbots of Mont Saint Michel on his death. [1]
1414–? Benedictine monks According to Jethou guide book, "other Benedictine Monks occupied the Island for another 100 years". [1]
?–1717 uninhabited [1]
1717–1737 Charles Nowall
1737–1758 Charles Mauger Died 1758.
1758–1779 Thomas Guille & Thomas Le Marchant (jointly)
1779–1781 Henry de Jersey Died 1781.
1781–1800 Henry de Jersey II
1800–1821 Phillip de Quesnel
1821–1822 Edward Falla,Peter Le Cocq,Nicholas Le Feuvre & Peter de Lisle
1822–1846 Jean Allaire
1846–1852 Marie Allaire Collings Died 1853.
1852–1856 States of Guernsey Island used for quarrying.
1856–1863 George Charles Gee
1863–1867 Messrs Perry, Lindell & Giffard (jointly)
1867–1877 Lt-Col. Montague Fielden
1877–1880 caretakers
1880–1885 W.H.B. Moullin
1885–1890 caretakers
1890–1918-11-07 Sir Henry Austin Lee Died 1918.
1899–1910 F.J. Guy Subtenant
1919–1920 John Drillot Caretaker
1920–1934 Sir Edward Montague Compton Mackenzie
1934–1944 Harold Fortington Died 1944.
1940–1945 (George MacDonald Subtenant during German Occupation of WW2
1944–1948 Mrs Fortington (widow of Harold)
1948–1955 Lt-Col. William Gill Withycombe
1955–1957 Philip Steer Watkins
1957–1958 Herman Stockey
1958-12–1964 Group Captain William Hedley Cliff DSO
1964-09-29–1971-12-06 Susan Faed
1971-12–1983-02-03 Sir Charles Hayward Died 1983.
1984–1991 Anthony Duckworth
1991–1995 Peter Ogden & Philip Hulme
1995— States of Guernsey
1995— :Subtenants: Sir Peter Ogden & Philip Hulme


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